Saturday, December 22, 2007


... was one of the most BEST days of my life. NO kidding. Well to start off, camp was ending, which WASNT good. You see, thinktank held a competition for a storywriting contest in less than ten words. Being the KEPOCHI that i am, i submit TWO entries.
THe first one goes:
Random isnt ALWAYS random. Just RATHER unexpected. Like chickens sprinting.

The SECOND one goes:
We were hunting. I shot you. I Thought you PIG.

Guess which one won? LOL. The SECOND ONE. so i got a lovely tshirt. WAS exhausted so on the way down from camp AFTER getting everyone phone numbers and emails (I met a bunch of lovely people there. Lovely boys and girls) i slept. Mom fetched me and jeanne from the church where i saw my sister had highlighted her hair (No not using the fluorescent green highlighter, or the lighter that is high or OKAY SARAH SHUSH ) light brown!! :D woohoo! Ate honey oranges all the way back after fetching brother.
Oh! OH! OH!! HEre comes the exciting bit! (no im not talking about the character in the computer. u know, bit, byte, megabyte? ah nevermind) As i drew nearer to my house (i dont draw near my house, i meant the car) I noticed a group of people grouped, wait u got the group thing when i said the group of people, WAIT. i mean i saw a group of people in front of my house la okay thats the point. THen i was like all  
yeah. so then i was all  again cos then..
then suddenly as my slow slow mind registered what i saw in front of me, i went..
Sarah:    .... are those my FRIENDS?!!!!!!!! WHAT THE?!!!!
And i see them crying. I felt like i was in a daze as i walked over to my fake sobbing friends and demanded to know what they were doing here. APPARENTLY THEY PLANNED A SURPRISE EARLY BIRTHDAY BASH FOR ME!! IT WAS A BASH! AHAHA!! here is the part i go saying "THANK YOU ALL U GUYS I LOVE U I HUG U AND I SQUISH YOUUU!!"  BTW michelle darling could not come. :( Jing tao proffessed his love for her then by saying "AIYaa i wish michelle came la..:( ) woohh.
So we are go into the house where i stand stupidly watching them set up everything and my sister and mother looking normal (my brother never normal wan lah). Apparently they knew. my mom asked me after that who JOHNSON WAS!! HAHAAHAHHA!! WAH! FUNY LOR! then i said "oh its the lotion!" AHAHHHAH! wah chun lor. okay. so. right. then i start snapping photos. As my camera is super lousy, all my friends did their action stopped and hung in mid air. so it looked like this:

funny. kay. then so we wait for Sarah And Tim to come. While waiting we eat some food, talk alot, laugh alot and of course, take photos! My cousing Jeanne is there too. :) Sooo yeah then we just couldnt take it anymore and STARTED EATING HAHAAHH! Wah so sudden. anyway. yeahhh.. so pictures pictures pictures!!! I had alot of fun lah. seriously... i mean. seriously??!! Then not fun liao! WHAT KINDA WORD IM USING AH! i mean.. jokingly!! I had alot of fun, jokingly!! (ah pssh.)
i seriously dont know what i was doing. eh i mean JOKINGLY JOKINGLY.
we know u are eating, jie cong. -________-                     lol.
the super crazy amount of food these amazingly wonderful crazy friends brought.
the warrior of the knife. thats me tho. i dont know bout the rest.
at LAAASSSTT everyone togetha i dont know why johnson likes cuddling my brother, he can take my brother back for all  i care. XD
the AMAZINGLY DELISH and pretty oreo filled cake that my face got smashed into!!! And we couldnt find a place to put the candles so we just...
*points frantically* UFO UFO UFO, MOM, UFO!!!!!
IMG_1617 /
we cut the cake together but i dont know what is up with sarah yong. OOH I KNOW!!! =/ EVIL SARAH!
SHE WAS GESTURING FOR THEM TO DO THIS TO ME! EVIL! EVIL! btw my face really GOT smashed. it wasnt a nice feeling. very suffocating especially since it all went up my nose. Dont worry, i ate that part of the cake. i gave them some on their face after that tho. hoorah.
so After that we had a christmas carol singing time!! YAY! me, sarah y, tim, alison and jing tao gave a performance!! :) and ming hui oops johnson did his christmas card writing. -___- so appropriate.
all of them watching HAPPYSLIP ON JING TAO's PHONE?!!! WHY? so interesting meh? lol.
OH OH OH! PRESENTSSS!!! (Michelle came before i went to camp to gimme my present. AWWWW!)

eh seirously how many pics can i post in a day. wait lah.
______________to be continued