Monday, April 30, 2007

FACE THE FACTS- world peace

This is the choral speaking poem i wrote- ( planned through by Michelle and J)

In a beauty pageant, a beauty was queened,
As she took the stage looking pruned and preened,
Into the mike, her sweet voice says,
"I'd like world peace for all the world's days." (to be said in a high pitched voice)

Everyone applauds, but what do they know,
Afghanistan is getting bombed while they're watching the show,
Little do they realise, the world is falling apart,
With wars, and wounds, and broken hearts,

World peace- its what we need, what we want to keep,
For with world peace every country makes a leap,
to a better future and all as one,
We strive to correct the mistakes our forefathers have done,

World peace, what is it now? Do define,
its everyone living in peace divine,
No discrimination but love among mankind,
Breaking out of barries that bind,

There prejudice against colors and looks,
As people usually judge covers of books,
They do same with men tho one are we,
And united we should stand and so we should be,

Worldwide discussions, agreements in concoction,
Will not be complete without the nations participation,
We need to realise that we can solve it together,
To achieve world peace forever and ever.

The way to have this morality,
That keeps the world in unity,
Is that everyone has a part to play,
If they want world peace today.

Composed originally and copyrighted by Sarah Tan, edited by Sarah Yong.
This was typed by memory and no reference whatsoever.
This is how hard me and Michelle memorised this poem. Four more days of dying. Then we're done. I cant believe im online. NO.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just stating the obvious

we shall not, we WILL NOT, allow stress to overcome us and make us talk gibberish.
okay, im just nuts, sorry.
Just came back from teluk intan, naturally that makes me a bit cuckoo.
And lazy. Well look who visited our blog!
Looks like we need to alot of stuff on awareness huh?
*eyes widen* This, may become a revolutionary blog!
Something like Kenny Sia's but more informative?
AND ALISON< like i said, we all have some serious debating to do. ACTUALLY, not really i think ming hui is making a too big deal outta this. Sure, u might be 50/50 but hey, any choice u make has its pros and cons. So weight it carefully and no matter what, im saying this aGAIN< we WILL BE BEHIND YOU! NOT LITERALLY!
=) muaxes.
*BTW PEOPLE! PLEASE! IF u see me buying food or anything fattening, PLEASE STOP ME!
cos i think im becoming obese. YES! u saw right! And i dont wanna be obese. Its bad enought that the future generation are facing weight problems. And ill admit, i love food. (who doesnt?) So, right, please ah.. xD*

Friday, April 27, 2007

straightfoward facts

PRos and cons.
PRos: 1. Good looking testimonial
2. Possible election as Head
3.Look nice in different uniform
4. Not the same ole seaweed and peanut butter tie
5. Honourable and respectable
6.Get to go for many dinners
7. Good experience for battling the cruel world
8. U loook chun man.
9. Erm, i dont know anymore.

cons: 1. Cant see u often during the time when i usually spend time with u. :(
2. Being a prefect really sucks, according to most ex
3.PPl hate u cos u pull them out
4. Have to buy a whole new uniform
5. Have to pay for those many dinners
6. More stressful than student
8. I dislike prefects. But ill try to make an exception for those i friend.
10. Ull be tortured by The Suffering Ina.
11. Have to stay back, many meetings, many organizing to do.
12. Theres more but ill spare you.

Im just stating my opinion, I say GO FOR IT, and i also say MAYBE NOT. Its up to u. Ill support u in ANYTHING U CHOOSE ALISON! :)

New List of Probates

4M: Lee Boon Siew, Chan Pui Li, Woi Gaik Li
4C: Lee Ju-Hann, Nik Hurul Ain, Ch'ng Shun Yong
4K: Chen Tien Yi, Ng Xi Jing, Tee Kai Foong
4L: Andrew Liow, Atalie Lim, Spring Sia
4W: Lim Yong Juin, Low Zhi-Yen, Lee Seng Joe, ALISON NG
4P: Dhinesh, Yap Yu Wern, Ivan Leong, Jeremy Greenall

? - can anyone fill those '?' marks please? =]
As for ALISON NG, what are we going to do with her..

                          TO          STOP          HER?

                          LET         HER            FLY?

                  HER DESTINY IS IN OUR HANDS!

Special thanks to: Khor Mei Mei(4K), Alanna Ong(4W), Tee Ming Hui(4M)

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Who was the MAIN AND ONE AND ONLY PERson who blogged while everyone just bummed around huh? well, im TIRED of doing all the work here. SO, im only posting ONCE in a WHILE. since NO one ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, had appreciated me while i was here, posting so many times. SO THERE. And the teachers are just PMS-ing. Besides, i got plenty of time even though i got PLENTY of homework. How i do it? SIMPLE pimple lemon squeasel. I DONT DO THE HOMEWORK! YAY! ANyway, i was thinking, Michelle, about writing a short story on the trip of a sweating someone in my mother's car. It wOULD make a rather amusing post, now, wouldnt it?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

barely over-understanding

I just can't understand...

Has everyone just gotten into the exam fever again?

Or is it just true that 4C has much, much, much less homework compared to 4M and 4K, and 4L and all?

Or is it just because only JingTao is so free to write tons of rubbish here?

Or is it just because everyone is busy with something else?

Or, or is, or is it...

Or is it that everyone else except JingTao has abandoned this petite, greenishly cute blog?

Posted by,
The Un-Understood

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007


the ALOHA SPLASH!!!!!!!
bringin you waves of FUn and LAuGhTER!!!
WHEN: 28th APRIL 2007 ~ yes, just ONE DAY OFF UR STUDY SCHEDULE TO UNWIND! worth it.
WHERE: PRIMA 16, PEEJay (transportation will be provided)
TIME: 4pee.m to 10pee.m (no late night partying involved, this is a SOLEMN promise to all parents.)
Whats UP: Captain ball match, Open MIc Session, Games, Food, Surprise Gift, Pool Side, Dinner, PRIZES!!
DRESS CODE: Wrap Skirts, Floral Tees, Swimsuits, Flip Flops

If ur interested, please inform Sarah TAN so she can give u a form! thank u!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

to the moon!

DId anyone notice, that all of a sudden, ALL MEMBERS of this blog has posted something! Im so proud... *sniffs* *applauds* Well on to what happened on MY Friday.
As usual, woke up at 10 or so, ate a huge breakfast, then went online.
After mom came back from lunch, i went online again.
Then before my add maths tuition at 5, i went online.
After my add maths tuition ended at 7.30, i rushed home, bathed, changed and ate two scoops of rice.
At 8, i went to church for Good Friday service.
And i saw three people i usually talk to online and not face to face. I must admit they look better face to face.
Then, i went home. Wanted to go online.
Did. But mom asked me to google "Fish bone in larynx."
Then the results came out, and she overtook the comp.
And i went to sleep at 11.
The end.
Go to for pictures.
Guilty as charged.
Over and out.
To the moon!

Friday, April 6, 2007

it's good friday people.

"Let's not fight. Today's Good Friday."

Excellent quote by Gregory. However, the fight still went on.

Here's proof.

How good was your Friday? Tell us more.

Good 'Tensed' Friday.


just that.. i have no time.. see la my blog oso i have not enough time to manage..
and and.. next time whenever anyone of you,including me, wants to change the colour scheme, ask for everyone's opinion or approval first, alright? *admin(s) please take note.

and then.. hmm..
alison sms-ed everyone of us saying tht a BIRD flew into her bathroom then it flew into her room.
and she went SIAO. eventually, no one replied her message except tao n me.
and she went SIAO. soon, alrite i shall not continue otherwise i won't be able to see yall on monday.

hmm... volleyball game is on monday.. tuesday.. and wednesday..
how 2 wash jersey leh.. geramnye..

then tmr... go BU for volleyball sumore.. WHY SO MAFAN?!?!??!

mum wants to go for FORMULA 1 !!!!!
but she doesn't know how..
any suggestions ?
i say take ERL to KLIA then take cab.

famous dots - chain messages.


good friday

today will be the BEST day of this whole week!! glad the week is almost over n today is good friday n my wonderful God b'day! what a lovely day! going to do lotz of stuff today n start reading a book (i hope) cos everyone seems to be reading a book n make me feel like a lazy bum (esp. u, sarah!) hehe...having a playful mood too! =p

by the way, yesterday was BAD thursday!! n most ppl agree with me!! the atmosphere was gloomy n started out with me being sleepy n someone didn't bring something..i forgive u! just that i was dissapointed n not angry, k!(that 1 i was just pretending..good leh my acting skills..hehe). some ppl also pissed me off when they were not supposed to be where they were not! if i get in trouble, they will be so dead! off with their heads! XD

anywayz, i like myself now then last time...being more open-minded n not caring what ppl think of me..i mean like WHO CARES?? that's their opinion n i like being crazy n silly! don't like being serious..not good 4 health! but there is 1 person...which i cares what he/she thinks..maybe that's why my feeling towards him/her is not there anymore. n maybe i would like to find someone which i wouldn't care even if i acted silly! someone who talks a lot n is active n doesn't care what ppl think of him/her. should i tell the person or not? this have been on my mind for like 4 months now n i haven decide! (this is what u guys don't see which goes inside my head) hmph!