Saturday, April 3, 2010


I hate it when you ask someone a question.... and they reply like they're ALMOST going to reply you, then they end their sentence with some philosophical phrase or some old grandmother saying.

Not that there's anything wrong with what grandmothers say, of course.


Sarah: Do you think I'm fat?
Person: At first... I Would have thought that you were... But in the end, "it is the river that flows from the mountain."
Sarah: WaddaHECK?!


Sarah: So how should I solve this problem?
Person: You'd definitely have to take the first step to solve this problem by using your head, Sarah. Like they always say, "The egg that boils first has the last laugh."
Sarah: WHADDAHEY?!??!!


Sarah: Hey, what's your name?
Person: It starts with a 'M', but "goats that laze gets not the rays of sunlight at dawn".
Sarah: !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah: Why do you keep ending your sentences with idiotic useless phrases?
Person: It is because....... "The kite that sleeps has not the stew in the pot."
Sarah: GAHHH!

Yes. it frustrates me.


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chloek. said...

wow do everyone speak like that in Aust or just some ppl?? coz thats kinda freaky! lol!

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