Monday, May 4, 2009

I Write Love Songs.

But right now, Im PROBABLY the most cynical person you've ever met.
I dont despise the love of God.
Neither do I despise the love for family and friends.

But love, between a man and woman. Between a boy and girl.
I look on with much mockery and maintain a skeptical perspective .
Not wanting and not allowing myself to believe that such a thing could last.

I still support my friends who are in love.
Because I do WANT to believe that there is such thing as real love.
And I DO see real live sparks and chemistry between those I know.

But as for now, I shall remain the ever contemptuous yet passive bystander.
As if there isnt enough to think and worry about in life, other than LOVE. Pooh. LOVE.
Ive definitely got better things to do and look forward to.
Its wrong to scoff at love, surely?
I guess I'll just have to wait.
Wait for something momentous to change my mindset about this icky thing called love.

Im reverting back to my violent self.
And Im not even trying to stop myself.
I ran around the neighborhood today, screaming blue murder.
Lifting weights and indulging in ultra-manly activities.
Punching my pillow in absolute fury for no reason.
Anyone spiked my food with testosterone hormones, I wonder?
Almost bought a packet of Pall Mall and Dunhill cigarettes at a restaurant today.
Just didnt have the money.
Wouldnt have bought it, even if I did, anyway.
The pictures are so morbidly, delightfully disgusting, that its enough to turn me off SMOKERS even.
Not that I ever liked smokers to begin with.
Lung-cancer befall you, along with several crispy lightning bolts and maggots.

Watch that, and I'll bet you won't believe that Im one who has such a misanthropic view on love. :) To Sharon and You-Know-Who.
Go ahead. Prove me wrong.

Im waiting.
bebs and bobs.


Anonymous said...

wow, my cousin can sing COol! couldn't hear the lyrics, coz Jodie kept saying "that's the che-che from ACho's house. Mum, switch her off now coz I want t watch tv." haha... but seriously, i think you've got good voice!

edible Sartay said...

MArtha is it??? LOL. thanks!! hhahaha shhhh keep it shush shush k? please thanks lol

Anonymous said...

yalar, me Martha. Well, I had your old blog link on my blog and decided to have a peep after a long long time. You left your new add on your old blog, so I came check it out and wahhhh... so many posts. Interesting, so kept reading till I saw your notice "if you've reached here, all the crap." LOL. i don't think it's crap though, but entertaining reading. :)
don't worry sartay, will keep your secrets a secret, your happy days and your not so happy days. you're really a creative, sanguine melancholic person aren't you? that's how I read you. ok, off to teach. full day ahead.