Saturday, July 28, 2007


You're way to BE-YOUUutiful garl,
Thats why itll never work,
Cos ull have me suicidal, suicidal,
When you say its not gonna work...

okay. right. the main point im here. TO post a convo i had with a good friend about why a certain girl didnt suit him. Here is him trying to explain and me acting bimbotic.
peter reily sam.... gabriel says:
its like
peter reily sam.... gabriel says:
i'm doughnut
peter reily sam.... gabriel says:
peter reily sam.... gabriel says:
peter reily sam.... gabriel says:
rice la
peter reily sam.... gabriel says:
very diff type
Aleck. says:
Aleck. says:
peter reily sam.... gabriel says:
peter reily sam.... gabriel says:
shes vege

-------------------------------------END PART ONE-----------------------

Today i went to LAke Club with my FAHMILEE to jog. After all the jogging, i had to watch my lil bro skip around in the humongous playground. Coaxing him to climb everything, i saw a little boy prolly half his age climbing around. Looked at him with awe and did the usual thing every parent does (tho im not a parent.) :" SEE LA JORN HE SO SMALL ALSO HE CAN CLIMB!" Then the little boy looked at me.


This melay boy had big big eyes and a slightly awed look at me (prolly cos im so tall and big, see?) he kept staring at me until i went running after my brother who was doing some crazy thing over the other side. Then, i saw him again. And he stared at me again. The same thing kept happening. IT wasnt freaky cos he was a small kid, but u shudve seen his expression when he stared at me, like i grew antennas or something!! HILARIOUS LA!! So more after that, my brother fell from a slide after going too fast which made me laugh hysterically for some reason.

----------------------------------END PART TWO---------------------------

Then there i was after a while when the wee puny boy left, jumping around, climbing on top of the structures strictly created for SMALL LIGHT kids. Then after climbing through those small small tunnels i came up triumphant and announced "YAY! I CAN STILL GO THROUGH WITHOUT GETTING STUCK!" Then my mom said nervously "Sarah, stop embarrassing me!!" I then replied wittingly (ha ha ha im so modest) "Mom, if u pretended u didnt know me, i wudnt have embarrassed u right!!! HAIYOH.."

-----------------------------------END PART THREE-----------------------

Why did the girl who breathed underwater through her nose for several minutes drown?

Answer is underlined. HA HA HA HA HA SO FUNNY RIGHT YEA!

-----------------------------------END PART FOUR------------------------

Then while eating i witnessed the MOST SPECTACULAR THING EVER!!! SO CHUN!
An older sister taking picture of the little sister taking picture of the mother taking picture of the son! ALL USING CAMERA PHONES!! WAHH!! SO COOL RIGHT!! I know i know...

----------------------------------END PART FIVE--------------------------

According to Tan's theory, you should not face the wall when sneezing because the saliva droplets that come whizzing out will bounce off the wall due to big momentum thus causing your own spit to splat right on your surprised face. How physics-like.


So now howd u like my arrangement eh? Im the one keeping the blog alive. man, i should really ask for a reward. *admires nails*

Blueberry durian pie anyone? :D

Saturday, July 21, 2007


vote for her, because voting for everyone else is completely useless!!!!
Besides, Alison is worth voting for!!!!
IM into POLITICS MAN, i KNOW these kind of things!!!!!!
See, if im right and statistics are accurate,
voting for either Sarah or Ming hui will need alot of supporters (which in case u can see almost has Next To None visitors) of which we currently lack. Since alison ALREADY has the highest count, and her percentage is 56% only a minimum of 44% left is needed to achieve the poll's count of 100%. If you precisely count the mean, the highest percentage obviously goes to alison, therefore ending in the winner of the poll. (awesome i sound like a politician. Or a mathematician..) Thus, i command the rights of those imaginary people in the form of the same person who willingly goes offline and online numerous times to vote for alison to go offline and online more and VOTE FOR ALISON! She's bound to make this Title useful and make this world a much better place. She will save the enviroment, tend to the halpless, cure the sick, cheer the sorrowful and do her best. As for Michelle and Jing tao, i gave my one vote to you mich, and thus have shown that moral support is not needed after much thinking, debating and consideration. I now dub the Poll ABSOLUTELY USELESS AND GOOD FOR NOTHING!
Hence, the Poll Winner bound to be Alison, is dubbed INSTEAD ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL AND CHINESE DANCING, PRETTY, TALENTED, LOVED AND GOOD FOR EVERYTHING! In my conclusion, the poll is useless but the poll winner totally rocks. (crap, that is so not politician-ish.) There you go. And to all those random, imaginary people who voted, own up and get ur butt whacked for trickery. You will be caught, fried, diced (crap there i go again, not being politician-sih) I mean YOU will be caught, put under house arrest, stripped of all civilian rights, ripped of all pirated VCD's, and robbed of all honours and dignity. (Lame Dame excuses you shall not make, or else further exploitation of your life will be carried out.)

BTW: The above post has not a single note of dripping sarcasm or mockery in it.

Sincerely, Hunky Simon.


Friday, July 20, 2007

new comp new azam

to not catch a virus.
HAHAHAHAHAH o mgosh i cant believe it. WOW ALISON UR NOT EVEN INVOLVED IN THIS BLOG AND UR WINNING! congrats my dear darling. My wunnerful piano exam went horribly but who cares its over (or not) BUT YAY! anyway new comp is so awesome it awes my mind. its like. WOW. SO SLEEK. SO SWEEEET. hahaha. anyway i missed school so i wont get no sijil kehadiran boo hoo. BYE I DONT CARE I GOT NOTHING TO SAY! this blog is DEAD dead dead dead stupid go die NOW! okay! im being rude again. lady like lady like.

hunky simon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

101 postmations

THE ONE-HUNDRETH-and-ONEth post!!!!!

And now, some revision on chemistry. Yes, dreaded, preaded chemistry.

'End point' is defined by:-

The point of titration of a solution and another solution whereby one is an acid and another is an alkali respectively is combined together in the correct proportion based on numbers seperated by a colon as used in writing ratios for mathematics so that the total number of hydrogen ions floating around the aqueous will be totally neutralised by the other hydroxide ions in order to produce lots of dihydrogen monoxide molecules and salt molecules which do not taste salty at all and also at the same time to change the colour of any indicator solution like p-dimethylamino-azobenzenesulfonic acid which is also known simply as methyl orange which will turn into orange colour to show pH value of 7 that is also equivalent to neutral as in not acidic nor alkalaic just like how water is to show that the neutralisation process has been completed.

Right. Has everyone passed up their PEKA?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

According to the dashboard.. post is the hundredth post!!!heyyyy! aint i supposed to get a shower of confetti or something?? SERViCEEE??? Anyway yes i was sick, poor me. I felt horrid the whole morning until during Bio i couldnt take it and decided to go to the Sick Bay. But on the way there, surprise surprise!!! I had to vomit. lol.ti know i know disgusting, but really it was some form of food poisoning. Dunno from where wan... sheesh. so i lay there until SOMEBOSSYBODY said i cant lie there forever and i decided to go back to class. Second day of sickness was extremely tired and had to haul my self up the stairs like climbing mount everest or something lol. Fast forward to today, parents teachers meet, was a blast. I got blasted. Hehe. no la. my marks , a few of em suck and teachers didnt tell my mom anything horrid about me so im still alive. Now gonna do chem peka, add maths, akauns and MORE add maths. Boo hoo hoo what i horrid life i live. Tao just took off his braces and he thinks his teeth are SOOO white. *rolls eyes in disdain* WHATEVER LA OKAY. i know ur teeth is straight and all but, please, dont expose it to the innocent world. Must be the lighting clouding ur judgement. no la.. eehehe.. congrats la! :) off to slavery now. boo hoo what i horrid life i live, no im being dramatic.

cheerios cereal. :O