Wednesday, April 29, 2009

KA-CHING and pooof its gone.- And when Malaysians massacre English.

Morning: Japanese Ice Cream (A bit off my bonkers, this one) --> RM5.90
Afternoon: TWO Packets of Marshmallows to share with the class and to pay back Sharon hehe (TOTALLY off my bonkers) --> RM10
Late afternoon: WH at One U, Little black dress. (ITS FOR MY MOM LA) --> RM90.30
Evening: Taxi Fare --> RM8 (RM1 discount. I pokai liao)

Total money spent: Rm114.20


Total money spent on mum's birthday present: Dress + Necklace Bought earlier (15.90) --> RM106.20

ALL money spent was taken directly out of Ang Pow's given by aunts and uncles for my SPM results.

Now I got no money d. :( I sad.


I SO SO SO SAD!!!! aaahhhhhh why cant i stop talking

bebs and bobs

Second part.
Ive tried reading LAN. its no use. Im still stuck at the tenth slide of the very first chapter. When did life become such a thing to dread???? WHEN DID I BECOME A WHINER?!?!? (since forever, actually.)

So yeah. Chun Tean once said, while driving, "Eh that car, damn slow, I take over la.."
Then Sharon, Jimmy and I were all "TAKE OVER? YOU WANT TO TAKE OVER THE CAR? HIJACK AH??!??!? LMAOO!!"

and then it happened.

Sarah "Eh Jimmy, one day right, I will overtake the world."


ohhhh yes. how I yearn for the days when I was young and westernized and spoke such perfect English. Yes, those were the long-gone and distant days of witty remarks. Now its just crazy crap spilling over.

And speEEAAAAKING about crazy crap...
There is now officially a group in Taylors Sri Hartamas.
We havent decided the name, but Im thinking about WSCWRYS. Long, but meaningful. OH so meaningful. We So Crazy But We Rock Your Socks.
Current members: Cheong Victah and I.
Commander (president) : Me (duh.)
Vice Commander??? : Victah? :D

We're looking at a big thing here, people.
Recruitment offers are going to cause such a big uproar and receive such ravenous response that we'd probably have to start a second group.

Currently looking to recruit newly found friends, Nigel and Faiz. Keng mebbe? I dont see him around tho. :( booo.

OMGOSH HOT JAPANESE DANCING GUY. I wont tell you his name. He's mine!! *hiss, scratch*

well okay. enough of mah rambling. now its back to the tenth slide. Oh. Im at the eleventh already!! *amazed*


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


IQ Test - IQ Test


apparently so. not trustworthy. I go do so more.

Edit: Then I got 98 for the highsocietyIQ thing.
Then another one I Got 110..
LMAO. the first one definitely not right liao

Free IQ Test

And YET ANOTHER TEST. So far Ive done about.. lets see.... 6? Around the same la... but yeah. I have low IQ la seriously. plus that right, I spent two hours on facebook uploading pics.. people better thank me. I WASTED THE WHOLE DAY DOING NOTHING. starting work now. like a loser...

Dumb Test

And whoopeedoo!! IM ONLY 44% dumb tho that is almost like... HALF. O.o shit


Pictures of HB1's "trip" to Subang Taylors Campus for the Awards thingie, WMS Awards Day, ANNND PAROIMIA PICTAHSS Alll on facebook so go there. gbye. bwahaha

Monday, April 27, 2009


Songs do affect your thinking!!!

I was listening to Sugar by FloRida right...
then i went down to bath.

ALLLL of a sudden, I had a craving for a sugar sandwich! (I havent, for a long time)
So I made one and ate it.
Then after i finished bathing i came up and opened the song.

Friday, April 24, 2009

F.I.P. Forever In Peace.

It's been a joyful 91 years with you.

Now, Ama, you've passed on.

And yet the sky can be blue in a graveyard. It must be because you're now in a better place. :)

For all the things you've accomplished, for all your hard work and enduring love.

We profusely thank you and will deeply miss you.

But you will always be in our hearts and minds, years to come, from ancestors to descendants.

We Love You, Ama. :) (Hilly Cheah 1918-2009)

Pictures courtesy of : Sarah Tan.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

and....yes, im a loser.

L-O-S-E-R. And I couldnt even spell it right the first time I tried.
I have now officially ceritified that Im NOT the type that can get away with last-minute, no wait make that last-second studying. Seriously.
Sheesh much.

So yes. This is what Id like to be, arranged according to priority.
1. Pious
2. Intelligent
3. Beautiful
4. Have a nice personality

Yes. For me, having a nice personality would be last in the list. But you cant NOT be nice and be pious at the same time, now CAN you?!
And Beautiful comes after Intelligent because if Im fugly, at least I can make MONEY. (it rhymed. whoopeedoo.)
But of course, there are those that need no brains, and they can immediately make big $$ by gracing the covers of renowned magazines. (mainly rude ones. ppfftt.)
So yeah. there you go.

I cant bear people looking down at me, I want to be on par in terms of intellect with everyone else in my class. I hate being "degraded" and looked down upon. But yet, as usual, I do nothing about it. Writing that list above was already daunting, let alone ACCOMPLISHING IT.

Off to die.

and....yes, im a loser.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dont you even THINK of trying that again.


the OUTING. jeng jeng jeeenngg

So yesterday, after finishing the oh-so-easy-yeah-right-my-foot maths DI paper, college ended at 1.30! So we HB-ians (well a number of us, anyway) decided to do what we do best. GO OUT! nyahahhaha!! So after standing uselessly in the corridors of TCSH, blocking everyone's path, we finally got out and drove off to One Utama.(The "type" of passengers following CT and Sharon's car were strategically planned, I must say.) Upon arriving One U, we immediately booked tickets for "He's Just Not That Into You." Then, I proceeded to the video arcade to spend my money lavishly on stupid games like that idiotic drum game which gave me wrist pain after. But of course, I managed to satisfy my craving by playing a car racing game, a basketball shooting game AND a shooting game. Four bucks, whisked away. Meanwhile, my friends were at Burger King, buying their lunch. I initially thought of going to A&W but after walking a distance and finding my friends at Burger King, I joined them. Three boys, five girls. I had to sit with the boys in the end (seating plan was four at each table). Why do I ALWAYS end up sitting with the boys? Haih. Lulu shudve sat with the girls. And I shudve sat with the girls. :( but yeah. WHATEVER. So there we were, munching, as CT and I and all the other girls drank the most unhealthy soft drinks in the world - F&N strawberry. Its actually my favourite drink, but now only do I realise the amount of colouring that must be present in that thing to enable it to be of such a dark red shade.... boo.. all our organs must be crying out in agony. Anyhoos, we sat there munching happily with the guys checking out hot girls on facebook, lulu eating my nugget and my fries (I got revenge by taking his onion rings, suckerrr) and alllll the three guys playing with their iPhones. Well not exactly iPhones la all of them, its like those touchscreen ones... Then finally we reached the cinema where the guys.. and I (why do I seem like the male character in all the situations?!) waited for them. Louis scared Sharon. nyaha. that was funny. LoL. Funny thing was that I initially walked faster than everyone and went into the cinema hall ten. I was holding all the tickets, btw. Then when people came in, I waved at them (thinking it was my friends) but I couldnt tell because it was so bloody dark. Then I thought it over and realised they wont even know which cinema hall it was so I came back out. When I led them in, I was wondering why the toot was the cinema so dark, and THEN i realised i was actually looking at the wall. And the turning INTO the cinema was actually a few centimetres more. Noob much. Well, I wouldnt exactly give this movie a high rating, but the audience present made it worthwhile. Jimmy and Hanni came after, somewhere at the middle of the movie, I think?At the parts where the actors/actresses spewed cheesy lines, my friends (and another batch up front) would go "Awwww!!!" and "OMG..... So sweet!". Me being the cynical (Yet a victim of the when-people-cry-i-start-crying-too) person I was, had to distance myself in order to prevent embarrassment. Lmao. My friends crack me up. To my right was some metrosexual looking guy (not bad loooking laaa) who CRIED at the sad parts. I was tearing myself when I heard a huge, snotty SNIFF from my right, and when I turned, I could see tears tracks making way down his face. It took alot of effort for me not to burst into uncontrollable giggles right there and then. After the movie, we stepped out and met Jeremy, Wai Kit and Shawn. We hung around for a bit, chatting, then Sharon, Chloe, Hui Jin and I proceeded to the MOST IMPORTANT PART of the outing. SHOPPING. HAHAHA. (Sacha had to leave early. boo) We spent about two hours at F.O.S i think. AS usual, there was me trying the most number of clothes. hahaha. Poor Hui Jin had to jaga our stuff... Thanks Hui Jin, u know I love you. :) hehe. Sharon went crazy (she loves F.O.S) and Chloe left just before me and Sharon paid for our purchases. This is probably the first time Ive ever bought so many spaghetti straps. Three, to be exact, and one chainmail-ish t-shirt with a hoodie attached. Gosh... I LOVE light blue and dark brown now. There were two sweater-like long hoodies there but one was RM50 (pppfft) and another was too tight. So sad... haih. Then Sharon fetched me home. :) Thanks Sharon. One day I'll....uh..cycle you around??? lmao. I FINALLLY got a chance to go to One U. YAYYY. Joy!!! lmao. So yeah. Thats about it. No pics, we didnt bring cameras. :( boo.

bebs and bobs.

Friday, April 17, 2009

the END

Next week is going to a slow, torturous week, something like the week before SPM. But i doubt SPM was anywhere as stressful as this. It's already April... Its been four months since Ive entered a whole new atmosphere in college, meeting new people (some of which happen to know everyone else -_-) and doing HARDER WORK. I cant say its been a good week. My mood swings have become more frequent lately, ranging from hyperactive to depressed to furious to plain suicidal. Emotional turmoil = sarah's number one specialty, served up this week. Procrastinating, procrastinated, procrastination. Familiar with all tenses of those. I might seem to be talking in strange, unconnected sentences, buts its mainly because im actually listing all my thoughts down in point form. I just couldnt be bothered to place the "points" there. I just realized what a slacker I am. Okay. not JUST. ALLL this while, I was somewhat semi-aware that I was the biggest slacker in class, but now it has hit my face, full-blast. Yet, what do I do to rectify this situation? Nothing at all. So that does not only make me the ultimate SLACKER, people, it also makes me the ultimate LOSER. And IF im aiming to pass my Grade 8 this time, I cant use SAM and heavy workload as an excuse. I've got to put an end to this. When and HOW, I have no idea. But hopefully, it will come, preferably sooner than later, before my whole life ends up in ruins and my future lays before me as bleak as a ... as a..... as a dead end in a long road with many obstacles that I have strived so far to overcome. Yes. Another problem I have yet to address is my eating habits. People go "Oooohh! Aaaahh! She's eating an apple!" but what they dont KNOW is that I actually go HOME to eat (partly cos wanna save $$) usually. Well, at least NOWADAYS LA. I dont know. bah. But somehow or other Ive got to control my eating a bit....If not, itll be just a few seconds before I find myself wallowing in my own FAT. Dont ask me to "Jia Yu, Kah yau" or whatever shit it is people say to cheer others on. The LAST thing i want to do is "ADD OIL". Get what i mean? lmao. okay. anyway. that was where I inserted a lame joke. Clap clap. Sarah is still able to make jokes despite the miserable misery of it all. hurrah for weird sarah hormones. Reports and paraphrasing, I have discovered that I am not good at mastering any of you. You. Go and DIE.

In the chaos and awful din of all these problems, there is still another problem, ready to surface and cause ripples on the already stormy pond. Firstly, Im losing touch with all things church-related. I have no idea why. I just feel so far away from God. Though im trying with the daily devotion thing.... And failing. But still trying. So there's still hope. Secondly, Im having BOY ISSUES. yes people, im STILL having boy issues. Then again, when isnt there a time in life when a girl does NOT face boy issues. Its so utterly pathetic to like someone whom is WAY out of your league, and perfectly knowing that THAT PERSON will NEVER LIKE YOU BACK. ITs just so bloody desperate and stupid. But here I am, being a victim of that very situation. What more, I dont seem to spend enough time with my family, though occasionally i play with my brother in the evenings. I eat dinner with my family allll the time but there doesn't seem to be much to say.

So the problems Im dealing with now can basically be grouped into these categories
1. Studies
2. Religion
3. Family
4. Eating Habits
5. Constant PROCRASTINATION (die, you.)
6. Boys. (ugh.) Btw HB1-ians, its NOT who you THINK IT IS. FAR FROM IT, in fact. >_> ish.

I dont know how much of the above has actually been coherent to you, and whether you read it, but like I have mentioned before in my earlier posts, this BLOG is for me to list out my schedule, things I need to sort out, things that have become too knotted and jumbled in my head for any solving. If I list it out, somehow it makes things a little bit better. Hehe. So...yeah. Sigh. Who knew right?


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Tainted Reputation.... Sucks.

Im in the computer lab now, FINALLY starting on my Biology project. Like FINALLY. After dayssss of procrastination, i SAT myself down in the iZone and decided to start. So yeah... I did. But now im here blogging. Is it still counted? Blah. Anyway.. Wow.. nerd talk much, all around me. The guys are addressing girl issues using CHEMISTRY TERMS. I mean.. WHAT? ANd i just found out that chemistry test is this monday. Im doomed. AAAGgghhhh... Why cant I be super smart and not study at all.. Sseeerrriiiouuusslllyyyy... Like saying "That girl la.. In group one.. Magnesium so more!!! " And here i am continuously rolling my eyes. And guess what.. guys in my class do QUIZZES. on FACEBOOK. Like- how many girlfriends wil you have before you get married. omg omg omgoshhhh.. I think im about to keel over and die. Weird people. FRIENDSTER. omgoshhh.. The things they say. Anyway. Im going to go now and continue my biology. im off...

Friday, April 10, 2009

lovin' it.

I know its hot. Just ride the storm,baby.. calm down... you will get through it. And when you see the light again.. nothing will be the same..
*Inspiring music fades to the distance*

And ive wasted the WHOLE week SOMEHOW just doing NOTHING at all! Yet.. I have no time to finish homework.

sob sob sob sob sob *continues rib-racking sobs into pillow*

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In class.

Right now, in my row, sits Jimmy, Brendaboo, me, Sharon, Sacha and Chloe. (left to right) We're doing a SURVEY on the SAM course. And i think we have all been pretty generous, distributing fours and fives to the questions as if we know more than the lecturers do about their performance. I suppose feedback is important. And guess what!! Special fact #1: Sacha is poetic. Special fact #2: Sharon can NEVER look fat. like EVER. Special fact #3: Me and chloe are colour co-ordinated today!!! Special fact #4: My "skirt" is actually a dress worn with a top. Nyehehehe. Sacha exclaimed (while reading this): Oh its a dress?!! All the guys sitting behind are now going "EEEeeeeee" because Sharon is surfing a blogshop showing pictures of headless models sporting sexay clothes. Not surprised. The guys in my class are like.. seriously. Me and Jeremy had a race around the block. All I can say is, its been a PRETTY long time since Ive done my daily runs and sprinting sessions. Shucks. Im in BAD BAD shape, people. All the muscles sagging. AAAAA.. Off to physics now. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I ...

I am going to predict something...
Wait for it... its coming...

Doh random thoughts of mine

She was such a baking addict that if she suddenly died during one of her baking sessions, her death description would go something like this: She had a seizure, followed by a myocardial cardiovascular attack and died immediately. Then the timer went off. She revived, took out the cookies from the oven and set them out to cool, and finally died again.

He was such a nerd. He stood at the edge of a high-rise building threatening to jump off because of the failure of his love life and social life. Then someone told him that his Chemistry project and Physics report was due tomorrow. Immediately, he got off the roof and went to his room to put some finishing touches to his assignments.

I was form 3. I felt like killing myself with all the projects and homework dumped on me daily. But then I thought to myself "If I kill myself now, how will I ever know what the future holds for me?" So I continued living. And then I found out what the future held. Even more frequent thoughts of killing myself. But its okay.

Whereas, there are real-life scenarios like these ones that make me feel like doubling over and never stop laughing:
Girl A: Im so stressed.. And I feel like killing myself. Too many boys like me!
Sarah: Oh. I can see why boys liking you would be something you get stressed about.. And make you feel like killing yourself.. A big problem indeed. Life taking-worthy.
Girl A: Yeah..
they wont stop talking to me!
Sarah: So how many? 565513654?
Girl A: 8 only... Only 8 la..
Sarah: Wow. 8 boys liking you. That's kinda little, isnt it???
(Aww..... So cute.) does this even PASS as a coherent sentence???
Em0 is just A reas0n f0r b0ys t0 act like girls.