Thursday, February 26, 2009

Proved me wrong.

Yeap. Today a pretty boy proved all my theories about pretty boys wrong.
For me, pretty boy basically = weakling.
Weakling meaning = no biceps / no strength / lembik
Lembik meaning = i can beat them up into a pulp

So anyway.
me and him were pushing each other to see someone's facebook picture.
And he pushed me!! HARD!!!
So i was kinda surprised he had that much strength.
Cos he doesnt look like he has.

So anyway.
Random fact that was.
Everyone seems to be working very hard.
I wonder when it will be my turn??

So anyway.
I realised that I dont make any smart comments in class anymore.
I mean.. Less than when i was in high school.
Oh please dont lemme lose my ability to make sassy comments.
It was my only source of self-amusement!!

So anyway.
I didnt realise my classmates were stressed.
time to get my Sarahness on.
at least i made them laugh like hyenas today with my impressions.
Looks like I havent lost the "touch"!!
and that is good to know.

So anyway.
bebs and bobs.

so anyway.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Blackout

Today there was power failure in Taylors College.
Ms.Geetha predicted it.
Everyone was walking around in the dark, screaming, shouting, whooping and holding up their handphones as a source of light.
I scared the crap out of Elle by coming up behind her and whispering sinisterly "Elleee....."
And now Im watching the City of Ember.
In this movie, there are many blackouts.
Coincidence, much.
Now I have a strange feeling that it was dejavu.
Ive got alot of homework which I dont know of.
I like someone's personal message very much because it rhymes uncannily.
Im rambling.
Oh and you know how the game Scissors, Paper, Stone came about?
Some China apek guy was reporting back to Caesar on the stoning of one of his subjects, Papper, and he went
"Caesers, Papper Stoned!!"
Thus, a random passer-by had a lightbulb go "ting!" above his head and the game terwujud!!!


bebs and bobs

and now Im infatuated by one.

I just realised that im quite a CHIMBO. (Chinese Bimbo, props to Sarah Yong)
Take a look:
Exhibit A: (there will be no Exhibit B. YET.)
mushymomo ♥ says:
nah i just need to know how carbon14 is used find the age of someting
mushymomo ♥ says:
and how they use the formula of halflife to calculate it la
|| Andy || says:
well, due to the fact that carbon 14 is a radioactive isotope, it sends out radiation
|| Andy || says:
this has a halflife
|| Andy || says:
this means that you can calculate from the activity how old that carbon isotope is
mushymomo ♥ says:
so fossils have carbon isotopes in em?
|| Andy || says:
mushymomo ♥ says:
mushymomo ♥ says:
im gettin it
|| Andy || says:
luckily those carbon isotopes are not strong like alpha-radiators
|| Andy || says:
so they can do little harm
|| Andy || says:
but you know Madame Curie, right?
mushymomo ♥ says:
sounds familiar! aint that the wax stuff
|| Andy || says:
that is Madame Tussauds >.>
|| Andy || says:
Marie Curie
mushymomo ♥ says:
mushymomo ♥ says:
she discovered something?!
mushymomo ♥ says:
gah she sounds really familiar lah
mushymomo ♥ says:
|| Andy || says:
well, she discovered radioactivity along with polonium and radium
|| Andy || says:
problem is, when she worked she didn't know they radiated dangerous things
|| Andy || says:
so her books are drenched in decaying radium
|| Andy || says:
her notes are not to be touched as they are dangerous
So I blogged about it. Gosh. I can be so dumb sometimes!!!!!!! GAH GAH!
On the other hand, Ive finished English!! Eventho my critiques are like,, repetitive. :(

bebs and bobs.
form ones are convinced im crazy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

a 14-year-old made my day.

Okay.. BASICALLY some 14-year-old kid in my piano class mistook ME for another 14-year old. IT was such an experience. First time in my life, k. Usually when im STANDING NEXT TO MY SISTER, people will come up to me and congratulate me on getting into UNSW AS WELL AS ask me how im doing in Medicine. *strained smile*
Thanks, whoever you are that fourteen year old boy with the super smooth skin.
I Lowe you!!!

And yeah. WHILE everbody was busy studying their heads off for PHysics yesterday... I was waiting idly for my brain gears to start functioning so instead i rifled and rumaged through my untouched drawers and uncovered some really cool possessions that Id forgot I had!!

enjoy this vomit-inducing pictures. :) I ridiculed myself. GASP.

Look what i found, yooo betcha doont have this cool naruto itachi-like HAT!!!! NYAH!

Im wearing some pink cafeteria-lady hat on my head. But its all good.
LOL i was leaning and I pressed "capture". Sooooo yeah.
uuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! ggrrr./
Im a blind person. im blind. yes. NO IM NOT LAH.

bebs and bobs.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Its no use, i tell you.

You can vote as many times as you want for the Mohawk but its inevitable guys, im never going to get one.
Basically, if my parents dont let, its set, i cant get. (Wow I even rhyme unconsciously.)

Its 11.10 right now.
And you know what?
I have Physics Common Test tomorrow.
And you know what?
I honestly havent studied a single bit.
I just finished English.
And then I facebooked.
Arent I allowed to be lazy once in a while?
I cant stand it.
Off to try to make use of the last hour I have before I face the guillotine tomoro.
I wrote tomoro in my english essay. As in i spelt tomorrow as tomoro.
Fortunately i spotted it and canceled before handing up.
HAHA! bebs and bobs people. bebs and bobs.

Monday, February 16, 2009

this doesnt need a title


here we go again,
my my,
Sarah likes to waste her time.

I ISH WANT THAT! I Want that so bad. :( :( But i cant have it.

u comprehendo what IM BLABBERINGETH ABOUT?!

*runs to a corner and bawls her eyes out

Saturday, February 14, 2009

First College Free CG And a Prickly Feeling

Just to let you know, I actually typed a whole post before this, but an unfortunate thing happened and now I have to type it all again. Anyway, this was the first college Free CG that I went to! And the only complaint I had was that I didnt get to berbonding with the older people lah. But I guess that tends to happen. Only that Justin berbonded very well with the older ppl. Oh well.
Now on to the prickly feeling part! (I typed a whole lot of descriptive stuff before this which is all gone now so dont expect this time to be better) Basically, I was sitting under the fan before Ming and Justin came. It was then that my whole head felt like it was on fire. There was this whirlpool on the top of my head, pulsating with heat and overflowing with lava. I felt my hair was fried and I had to constantly check my face to see if my nose, eyes and mouth were still there. My whole SKIN was prickling and my scalp was sweaty. Only my scalp. It was the weirdest sensation ever. When M&J came (not michael and Jackson hahaha okay not funny) we started on the chocolate fondue. Suddenly, dwarfs entered my head and started pounding at the inside of my skull with blunt pickaxes. All the while, right till the very end of the CG, I acted as if nothing was happening. BUt oooohhh! What a headache! can i say something..Sarah's sister here. GONNA MISS YOU! BYE BYE! :( (that really was my sister.. Awww.. She's going back tonight to Australia. WHY?!) Soo yeah that was basically what happened to me last night.. My head was like... on fire lah. I know I already said that but yeah. My cheeks werent red or anything.. Just the top of my head was releasing heat waves..
Anyhoooos, PICTAHS!

Yes. He took my camera and camwhored.
All of us, after the chocolate fondue.. yummeh.
I had to laugh.
Debz and Ming.
Galen (Did I spell it right?) and Sarah yong picking off the crust. Ew.

I look like crap. But anyway. Sarah. Sarah. Debz.
The nicely arranged chocolate fonduehhh bebeh.
Another angle of the chocolate fondue. Im gettin' sick of saying those two words already.
sistah esther. Rebecca. Galen.
uh.. okay.. lets do this starting from the left, clockwise. *inhales* Clar, Carmen, Lishan, Galen, Sistah Esther, Rebecca. *exhales*
Wah Tang, guy in the middle, (probably spelt it wrong too) looking bored While the girls chat animatedly about who-knows-what and Justin, the other guy sitting on the left next to sistah, joins in.
Wah Tang STILL looking bored. Yay.
Galen eating his... his.....quiche.
Oh look they talking! Yes they is!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I cant seem to wrap my mind around it.

Guess what I just found out?????
MY FATHER, my dad, he actually cares about his age!!
Well.. Im not going to mention his age here but yeah,, he is kinda halfway thru life if you know what I mean. AND as he exited my room today, he took a long look at the mirror, turning this way and that and commented on his FIGURE!! AND HIS HAIR COLOUR!! I Was so shocked.. Sigh. I guess we never really know what our parents are going through, huh? we just think theyre going to be the same age forever and be there for us all the time. I wish they could be. Sigh. I LOVE MY PARENTS EVEN THO I LET THEM DOWN ALOT!!!! :D Yes sometimes they do annoy me, but thats what parents are SUPPOSED to do, right? lol.. Love ya parents, people. I do. And im trying.. And im dead cos got math quiz tomoro. What am i doing here being all sentimental??! GAHH


It reached 1000 views and I didnt even know??
thanks guys. :D :D Im super tied down with stuff.
Had to stay back till FIVE TODAY to do PHysics report with Sacha, Sharon and Chloe.. We sure had a "great" time. hehe. But yeah.. Doing it with friends always seem like more fun, dont cha think?
And now they all think the guy that I thought was hot on the first day of college, is hot. Took them a month to realize. >_> ahh well. better late than never!! HAHA bye bebs and bobs

Monday, February 9, 2009

Finally. A Proper Post.

With Proper Capitalization Of Words. aahhaa okay going too far. Rewind.
Im obsessed with The Theif by Brooke Fraser right now.
And my skin is recovering slowly... You dont want to know what happened to it.
Im still waist-deep in homework that I have yet to finish. I suppose all that will have to wait till this week's tests are over. Now that I mention that, I have realized that I have not yet studied Chemistry. Plus, I still have Physics graphs to draw and annotations to write for English! How did ALL that creep up behind me?? I was only sick for a week and I already feel world-weary and ready to kneel under the increasingly building pressure.. And I dont even know pressure to do WHAT! I have started my intensive piano lessons, so far it has been pretty eye-opening. Guitar has been put away on a shelf to collect dust, meanwhile. I was riding in the car one sunny day and this really super catchy tune formed in my head only to be dashed away when my dad blasted his soprano version of Italian opera on his sound system. I felt an incredible sense of loss. It cannot be explained.
I feel like I have aged, thanks to my sickness. Also, there was once I had this REALLY descriptive and creative paragraph written in my head but I have now also forgotten it. Another sense of significant loss. If I keep doing this, I will surely drive myself crazy. Better bring a notebook with me everywhere and jot down the ideas that randomly pop up in my head at inappropriate times. Why am I not doing all the homework I have earlier mentioned? Because I need time to unwind right now, and just sift through the clogged-up thoughts in my head.. Once this load is out, another one comes tumbling in, but at least the flow is there. My sister is going back soon. This time, I find myself minding it. It's probably because now that she has finally become slightly better (concerning her eating habits) , she's a lot less crabby than she was before and no one can make me laugh like my sister can. Im often known as the joker, the clown but its not often that I find people that can make me laugh. Only a few of them and one major contributor is my sister. Im gonna miss her alot. Sigh. Why do people have to leave, right? Oh, and plus that, this sickness I have has made my diaphragm spasmodic. Now when I start laughing, I cant stop for ages. Even if the joke isnt that funny, I wont be able to stop laughing. I discovered that in college when Jimmy made a lame comment in an indifferent tone. I was laughing away like some poor humour-neglected human. Honestly, Ive always thought that my sense of humour was pretty off, but that was the last straw. I suppose everyone thought I was really weird. Happened again today.. AND right now I realize another thing.. I am able to type a whole load of crap in just a short time, hence, everything above!! Once I start I wont be able to stop, it seems.
Im going to stop now.
Bebs and bobs. IM feeelingggg much better. :D Thanks to those who smsed and called!! huggoes.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


and I LOOK very sick.
Sorry for writing so little, all my joints ache. Goodbye.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I can


"______________" <-- imagined scenario of Sarah's disappearance here.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ive got too much to say.

Okay so this is going to be a little compilation of all the things I found funny during my Chinese New Year holidays..

1. So at my Eiei's house, I had the opportunity to watch three movies, namely Hancock, The Hulk and Iron Man (again..). So while I was watching The Hulk in all his green glory, we reached a scene where another freak had been created through the help of some really ghastly chemicals. That freak was subtitled as an abomination. The freak monster that was battling against The Hulk laughed an evil laugh. And the subtitles showed : (Abomination laughing)
That set me off giggling like a fool during the climax. Made my dad irritated lol. Dont ask me why I found it funny.. I have a really odd sense of humour.

2. I went to The Store (yes its really called that, the shopping mall in Teluk Intan I mean. Talk about lack of creativity..) and saw a pin-up advertisement advertising handbags that would supposedly stop snatch thieves from doing away with your handbag! When the snatch thief snatched your handbag, WALA! the strap will pull off from the body of your handbag and the stupid thief will run away only grasping the strap!!! It got me thinking, what if, JUST what if, the thief grabbed the body of your handbag instead????
YOU'd be left standing there like a stupid fool, holding the strap.

3. In Teluk Intan, my whole family had to share a room because there were basically three families under my uncle's one-storey house. Only three rooms.. So my Eiei and Eliau and their son slept in one room, their daughter and her family slept in one room and my family in another. I kind of dislike sleeping with my family. You know why? I can never sleep in. And its usually because of my father. He would poke me with his feet and throw blankets and pillows over me and my sister's faces (usually me, as I have a notorious record for sleeping like a log) so I get really annoyed. One morning, my father was doing the usual, slapping me, kicking me and throwing stuff at me. I yelled at him to stop, and held out my hand in the stop sign.. You know? the stop sign? when you put out your whold hand,, all five fingers stretched out? Yeah I did that.
and you know what my father did? He high-fived me. >_> Talk about weird..

4. Another morning. I walked blearily out of the room to the bathroom. Wanting to wash my face, I headed for the sink which is outside the bathroom. Before I could turn the tap, my eyes landed upon something inside the sink. A pair of dentures. Then my Eliau hurriedly came and started apologizing hastily in Chinese. Acting as if seeing a pair of dentures in the sink was the MOST normal thing in the world, I shrugged it off and went to the kitchen to wash my face. Though after that I kind of freaked. And brushed my teeth with more care.

5. I went jogging with my family immediately after coming back from Teluk Intan. (pretty crazy but everyone in my family is health freaks except me. Ever wondered why? )Btw, first things first, I met JIMMY! Jogging and panting, he was the very picture of health. But he saw me looking like crap. >_> so hurrah. Anyway. There was this guy in his mid 30's jogging in front of me.. After a while of looking at him, I realised something.
He was hot, right before he put on those shorts.
I mean, those shorts were the most hideous things i had ever seen. Made of those tracksuit type of material, it was a striking yellow with purple dots right up the side. Plus, they were really short. I mean, he probably came out of the house in his boxers and thought it was alright to give everyone else eye-ache. Even if it WERE his boxers, how could his wife take it? Ugh.

6. Okay, do this:
Say "Pitt, I am Stew" alot of times. Keep saying it till you understand what you are saying. Do not take note of the conjunction and just keep saying that sentence in a monotonous tone. Thanks.

7. My mom read out an SMS and I thought she was talking to me. Im too lazy to elaborate on that. But I felt pretty foolish when I found out.

8. We went to eat at a restaurant famous for its Mee Sua dish after coming back from Teluk Intan before going jogging. Its at Menjelara Taman Desa, somewhere in that area. There was a Filipino ( i think) waiter there.. As I walked out, I stood up and headed for the entrance. He so happened to be standing at the entrance too. As I approached him, his mouth formed a perfect 'O' as he gawked at me. I honestly think it was my height that shocked him. Cuz he was pretty short lah... The diameter of that 'O' kept widening steadily as I neared him. The sound that escaped his lips sounded something like "Woooaaahh.......!!!!" Yeap. It was then I realized that TRULY, REALLY, that I wasnt tall. HE was just REALLY short. HEHEHE.

thats it folks. bebs and bobs. pictures as usual LATER. VV party noww!! woots.