Tuesday, May 29, 2007

pictures! =D

the pictures i promise!! hope u guys can see clearly..if not, i think u hv to buy long-sighted specs!! HAHAHAHAHA...
can u spot the tortoise?? the 1 on the rock is nameless..it is the one who always wanna to 'break' free n make me feel so bad n it is very naughty, the one on the ground is bubbles and is much smaller!

peek-a-boo! i see u! just found out that they need to put their head out to breath! silly me!

XXX-rated! jkjk! wahhh..both of them having lovey-dovey time when sis cleaning the tank! hmm..how to know which 1 is boy or girl ah?? (gasp) maybe they're gays!! XD

hi alison!! welcome back!! so when r u telling ure stories ah?? i wanna noe everything since i hv nth better to do then go 2 tuition n do hw everyday! going out day~tuesday it is n don't change! might not be free on other days!

Monday, May 28, 2007

lol much!!!!!!

MICHELLE AHHH.. OH MY GEWDNESS! u make me laugh like SIAO, especially the part where u say it is a bodypart u can find on ur face.. LOL,, really la we call him bodypart kay? Yea, once i saw Mdm.Zainab in Metrojaya and we talked.. IT WAS SO WEIRD MAN, i mean i felt like i should have been holding a Geography text book or something.. XD ANYWAY the other part that made me laugh was the part where u said "handsomer cos not wearing glasses." LOL LAAAAA.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, BEH TAHAN! so funny!!!! hes got bluE EYES then we told him remember? Then i told him he talks like Canadian? You should have used the PA system and asked "IF the pressure of a bla bla bla, a physics teacher is needed to solve this question. Please come to the counter" Then u meet him at the counter and say HI then run off la!! LOL SO FUNNY SO FUNNY BEH TAHANNN!

Just came back from akauns, NO GUYS FROM OUR SCHOOL WENT!
YIPEE i was so happy la,, but those two scallywags...neverm
Now bro, sis(DUH in australia) father mother all BO at home. not at home in other words. Dont know what to do... Like.. nothing la.

yes wait, theres one more about add maths,,
eventho i got like activities and tuition everyday, im like,, NOTHIN TO DO other than homework which i DONT Wanna do!! i haven started any of my homework.. i just wanna forget about it.
okay well it doesnt say that but STILL LOL!!!! i laugh i laugh!
YEs still him from 300!!! i cant help it im so sorry... :) i laugh! i laugh!
AGAIN! OKAY enough adi okay? ROFL, i cant take it, these pics crack my skull. *giggle giggle giggle* i laugh! I LAUGH!!!


Over and out.

what u ever?

hahahaha..me again!! just finish tuition which i only have during the holidays since the teacher only comes back during the holidays. hahaha...3rd post now!! n on the very same day!! i forgot to say this in my previous post so i wanted to say it!!
did u ever see a teacher from WMS outside of school?? oh gosh it is sooooooo weird!! n it is a teacher who r those kind that r very focus n u think that they will always sit at home studying!! n u think that they don't exist outside of school especially the ONE i saw!! wanna know who i saw? if u don't TOO BAD cos i'm going to say it anywayz...it was the teacher who is a body part name that u can find on ure face!! haha...here is what happen...
me: (saw old man in front of me...stare at him den turn away)
me: (look again..looked like Mr Chin but handsomer than him cos never wear glasses..LOL)
me: (gulp!) daddy, i think i see a teacher from school!
dad: where? where? (turning his head 360 degrees)
me: right there (pointing at the teacher right in front of him..when aproaching him) he teaches me physics, the 1 i keep telling mummy very boring 1.
dad: where? go say 'hi' larr..
me: har...but that is mr. CHIN(emphasize while i said it right in front of him

den i slowly walk away n luckily he didn't even notice. but he was carrying a cute little boy! his grandson is sooooooo cute! n i saw the rest of his family!
ok...that is the weirdest thing happen to me so far...hehe =)

OH yea oh yea

Like so TOTALLY AWEsomeeee,
This is like,, my like super IN cheer that i think like,, we should like really like.
*flips platinum blonde hair over like her shoulder*
Like im just doing this cos im like
SOOO Bored with watching those guys thrive for my attention
I'd like rather watch Fashion Gossip!
And that white chicks movie is like SO insulting..

Anyway, here it is my adoring fans!
Who do you appreciate?
Me, the awesome,
Me, the gorgeous,
Me, the blossom,
Me, the Fergielicious!!!
Im hot, im cool,
im popular in school,
I flip, my hair,
I make all the boys stare,
i say
Im hip, in STYLE,
ill make it worth ur while,
Cos theres none like me,
Like DUH u can see!

So kiss, my feet,
No other girl can compete,
To my manicured nails,
The doggies wag their tails,
For me,
For rocking rocking me,
i know im such a BARBIE!

okay, blonde phase,


me again...2nd 1 now!! wakakakakakakakakaka..muahahahahahahaha...now i can get cornetto!!
anywayz, the movie pirates of the carribean was so...WOW!! to me, and so awesome, to me and so breathtaking, to me. i even cried at the end!! LOL...and i think i just fell in love with johnny depp like DUH! n keira knightley!! she is so pretty! BUT now i think i like orlando bloom too!! yikes! or maybe i just like william turner, his character! hmm..that sounds better!=)
sarah, i think i do like romantic guys n can't help falling for them everytime!!
just to let all of u know, u all should watch the harry potter 5 trailer! it's so niceeee!! i can't wait for it n it is so nerve-racking(is that even a word?) , this is coming from a person who doesn't read the harry potter books, k! so i dunno what is going to happen! what time do u guys usually go on9 anywayz?? i'm always sitting here waiting..n waiting...
do u know?? that my b'day is on the same day as a celebrity!! n it's orlando bloom... don't really know am i suppose to be happy or sad! sigh
bye 4 now!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

my new pets!

ok ok, i'm here!! so stop complaining larr...(jingtao) u sound like some old grandpa that goes yakity-yak-yak! I'LL TRY 2 GO ON9 MORE OFTEN DURING THE HOLIDAYS, K!!
EXAMS R OVER!! yay!! finally..it was such a long week..phew! so many post that i haven read n all so long until i go Zzzzzzz....no offence!! hehe =p
latest news.....i finally bought PETS!! i now have 2 turtle..or is it tortoise?!?! hmm..anywayz, any suggestions on names?? please suggest i need help in naming it but something short n cute!! sis name her bubbles!! n mine still NAMELESS!! bonnie n clyde sounds nice but noooooo sis rejected the names! hmph! hehe
so when r v going out?? can't wait! miss everyone already but weekdays, k!! n tell me earlier!
oh god i'm so excited tonight!! going to see my leng chai!! Ooooo...Aaaaaa...johnny depp here i come!! LOL...what did u'll expect?? guess my taste is bad...
i'll post my turtle/ tortoise pic when i take them..they r so cute!! hehe
ps. will they die if i put them under air condition for like 2 hours??
bye guys!! love all of u!! this is 1 post, 9 more to go n i'll get something BIG!! hahahhhahahaha (u beta not lie jing tao or else....)

Friday, May 25, 2007


take a look my life
all black
take a look at my clothes
all black
like johnny cash
all black
like the rolling stones

la la la la la
I was Good Charlotting during the last day of exam.
Made those indians stare at me.
So more i never listened to it for one month.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


doh doh doh doh doh.
I shouldnt be forced to agree to the above, BELOW i mean.
Dont i get like,, a FRICKIN exception of some sort?!!?
*protests and holds up a board*

We're Coup, so You're Coup too!!

teemh: everyone : Status : Hiatus;
reason : exam, possibility : lazy ;
Conclusion : Coup's gona be shutted down if this continues.

You're Coup You Know!!
Blogging Campaign

That's right! Under the agreement of the administrative board, and under the presence of JingTao (lead admin), we are launching our first ever holiday benefitting blogging programme!

For the next 2 weeks, it is wajib that you create AT LEAST 2 posts in this blog of yours and mine. Posts may contain any content which may interest other members of this blog, or even better, outsiders who have longed to join the superior, intelligent, amazing Coup Group.

You are advised to use the following when writing:
  • Photographs are great if you have any
  • Diagrams to illustrate what you're saying are optional
  • Words which are simple, clean, and no other
  • Suitable amounts of colouring and formatting (not like this)
It is necessary to follow the above instructions in our effort to maintain the biology of this blog. Failure to do so will result in being fired from the editorial board. Posts must not be too short of length (admin(s), please take note).

And what if you do comply to the instructions? Well, here's the reward scheme.

2 posts: No reward
3 posts: Basic recognition as an active member
5 posts: Cornetto treat on school reopen (worth RM2.50)
7 posts: Break + lunch treat on school reopen (worth RM5)
10 posts: (possible) Promotion to admin status
> 10 posts: We don't know yet, we'll see when you've done that

That's it! So start blogging or you'll be vaporised!

Apologies to Michelle's excitement over the cornetto - something went wrong with the HTML.