Monday, November 23, 2009

@ Monash

So here I am, sitting in this unknown library, in the Monash University, having just completed my interview.
Im bored...
There arent any fictional books here to read.
I need to get back to the TCSH library and read all the storybooks there that i didnt get to read due to lack of time over the year...
Oh yeah! HAHA! Something funny happened just now...
I came out of the main building. I guess I looked like someone that worked there...
She approached me and asked me where building 3 was.
Acting like ID been here ALL my life, I directed her to building with clear instructions.

Sarah: *pro* Okay, from here, you walk straight and turn to your left. Building three will be on your right, its the building with many glass panels. :)
Woman: Oh thank you! =D
Sarah: *ss*

Haih. And Im getting my sarcastic streak back, worst than ever before.
Im naturally a very sarcastic person, but sometimes I take it too far..
And now since Ive become an antisocial recluse with no friends because I do not go out and socialize, ive become even MORE sarcastic. doh.. why lah.

And alll this prom business.
Im not as excited about it as I should be.
Do I lack some "girl gene"?
I am not motivated to go thread my eyebrows, find a dress, put on make up, find shoes, and bla bla bla etc etc.
Im just not bothered.
Thats my problem.
I dont even wanna try to look pretty. WHATS MY PROBLEM?
Honestly... I should at least try my best to look presentable but right now I just dont give a poop!
ITs all Astro's fault. mebbe.
Uh well.
At least Im no longer wearing a tuxedo..
Took that a TAD too far, now.

I wish I could wear a sack and still look beautiful.
now that isnt so hard a wish to grant, is it?!
gahahaha. okay im SOO unfunny.
Ive lost my funny gene as well.

Oh! and my hair!!
After it got layered somewhere in march or july, it became super thin again.. So when i tied my hair it would be like... some.... small ugly thin frizzy ponytail.
But now, my hair has grown again, not as long as before tho, but definitely much thicker..
I realised that yesterday when I tried to curl my hair..
I had too much hair..
Curling my hair took around 30 minutes plus.
And that was not even PROPERLY.
Layer after layer... Siao wan my hair.
But I like it being thick.
in fact, thats the only feature of myself that I like! :D
oh and not to forget my height also lah.
Im sorry Im so boring lah, ranting about nonsense that dont matter.

Eh, orang, go watch my youtube video, Wish you were (cover) by Kate Voegele.
I started off thinking the song was like. seriuosly boring lor.
Im not very good at that genre.. Like those chillax, soul, weird style music? Yah I dont really like it. But after listening to it a couple of times, it actually grew on me..
So i did the cover cos it was a request. Hope I didnt mess up too much, a couple of slips here and there.
And since i usually have no videos, I shall put it here! :D yay. If i ever figure out how. -_-

okayy.... so i didnt find out how to insert the youtube video after all.. darn.
someone tell me please, how. i need to find out!! D=
BEFORE! ACORNS! COME! FALLING! ah wtv i lazy continue. okay bai. now i go look at oder ppls blog. lol. jobless.. have to wait till 12.30 eek. thank goodness for internet! :D

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Soo yeah. i tried making the background christmasy and this is the product.

utter phail.

but what do i care.

Ive stopped caring about anything. :)

And i like it.

I would like to stop caring for a while.
Just be.... a piece of wood.

Its a nice break.

Yes it is.
Im wearing a tux.
If something happens and I dont look hensum in a tux, then.. a dress it is.

Because Id rather look GOOD in a tux, then bad in a dress.
That doesnt make sense.
Anyway. yeah. i may end up wearing a dress due to peer pressure.
It happens.

Im out....

Friday, November 13, 2009