Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Birthday

The partay was pretty good I think! :D
I love the people. They are A-W-E-S-U-Mness.
And Im never holding a party ever again.
Its just too stressful. Honestly.

Well. the rest of the day was pretty uneventful, then at night we went to eat Korean BBQ at Daorae's!! mom lemme buy them cheese blocks later when we went to solaris to stroll about.
and then we came home and watched Baby and Me korean DVD, courtesy of Eunice!

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE PRESENTS, I LOVE THEM ALLL!!! :) i love presents. hehehe. lol. okay.

YOU tRES AwESUM. :) :) hugs you BFF.
I lazy to say anymore but come on man, what is there to say? ur perdy-perfect. ;)

New years coming soon ppl.

2010, heading your way.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

bringing in chinese new year

omgosh!! omgosh!! thaank you jing tao for changing my blog template!!! you're the best!!

edit: earlier was posted by Jing tao,,, but I agree with whatever he typed- thanks lots tao. :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Summing up 2009

This blog will probably be a bit more alive next year.. next year.
All in all, I can truthfully say 2009 has been a REALLY HORRIBLE YEAR. >(
im not kidding.
I hate being 18 and I certainly DONT LIKE year 2009.
Sure there are some good parts like the awesum new friends ive met throughout the year, the outings, and the not so bad TER results...but other than that, this year plain sucked.

Im hoping next year will bring more joyous and memorable incidents.
2010, please dont let me down.

Im going to Australia to study Commerce Law.
I dont know if its the right course for me, but hey, its just as hard as medicine.
So if im going to take Commerce Law instead, might as well do it well and do it right.
thats the spirit, eh? :D
Im gonna give this blog a makeover. I hate black. I like pink now. and red.
I know. So GIrLY. *shudder

But I should be embracing what Im becoming.
Which ISNT a girly girl.
Just a less tomboyish girl.
But who knows. :D

So FOLLOW MEH and read up for updates next yeear!!
:D :D :D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Sorry I havent been updating, not that anyone reads this blog anyway! LOL. Anyway, recently I got back my SAM results and I got 94.5 which I think is pretty okay considering I got two B's! :) I was really surprised about my English because I got the highest score for it, which left me.. speechless, basically.

I was wondering if anyone is taking South Australian Matriculation next year, all three Science subjects (bio, chem, phy)???
I have books to sell, and theyre in PERFECT condition I assure you. (due to lack of use :/) lol
I also have a graphic calculator which has a new set of batteries installed, and doesnt even have a scratch on it! :D
I have past year papers as well.
Contact me at if you want them books! I will send you pictures and prices, accordingly. :)

Christmas is coming up, im all pumped up!!! :D

Monday, November 23, 2009

@ Monash

So here I am, sitting in this unknown library, in the Monash University, having just completed my interview.
Im bored...
There arent any fictional books here to read.
I need to get back to the TCSH library and read all the storybooks there that i didnt get to read due to lack of time over the year...
Oh yeah! HAHA! Something funny happened just now...
I came out of the main building. I guess I looked like someone that worked there...
She approached me and asked me where building 3 was.
Acting like ID been here ALL my life, I directed her to building with clear instructions.

Sarah: *pro* Okay, from here, you walk straight and turn to your left. Building three will be on your right, its the building with many glass panels. :)
Woman: Oh thank you! =D
Sarah: *ss*

Haih. And Im getting my sarcastic streak back, worst than ever before.
Im naturally a very sarcastic person, but sometimes I take it too far..
And now since Ive become an antisocial recluse with no friends because I do not go out and socialize, ive become even MORE sarcastic. doh.. why lah.

And alll this prom business.
Im not as excited about it as I should be.
Do I lack some "girl gene"?
I am not motivated to go thread my eyebrows, find a dress, put on make up, find shoes, and bla bla bla etc etc.
Im just not bothered.
Thats my problem.
I dont even wanna try to look pretty. WHATS MY PROBLEM?
Honestly... I should at least try my best to look presentable but right now I just dont give a poop!
ITs all Astro's fault. mebbe.
Uh well.
At least Im no longer wearing a tuxedo..
Took that a TAD too far, now.

I wish I could wear a sack and still look beautiful.
now that isnt so hard a wish to grant, is it?!
gahahaha. okay im SOO unfunny.
Ive lost my funny gene as well.

Oh! and my hair!!
After it got layered somewhere in march or july, it became super thin again.. So when i tied my hair it would be like... some.... small ugly thin frizzy ponytail.
But now, my hair has grown again, not as long as before tho, but definitely much thicker..
I realised that yesterday when I tried to curl my hair..
I had too much hair..
Curling my hair took around 30 minutes plus.
And that was not even PROPERLY.
Layer after layer... Siao wan my hair.
But I like it being thick.
in fact, thats the only feature of myself that I like! :D
oh and not to forget my height also lah.
Im sorry Im so boring lah, ranting about nonsense that dont matter.

Eh, orang, go watch my youtube video, Wish you were (cover) by Kate Voegele.
I started off thinking the song was like. seriuosly boring lor.
Im not very good at that genre.. Like those chillax, soul, weird style music? Yah I dont really like it. But after listening to it a couple of times, it actually grew on me..
So i did the cover cos it was a request. Hope I didnt mess up too much, a couple of slips here and there.
And since i usually have no videos, I shall put it here! :D yay. If i ever figure out how. -_-

okayy.... so i didnt find out how to insert the youtube video after all.. darn.
someone tell me please, how. i need to find out!! D=
BEFORE! ACORNS! COME! FALLING! ah wtv i lazy continue. okay bai. now i go look at oder ppls blog. lol. jobless.. have to wait till 12.30 eek. thank goodness for internet! :D

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Soo yeah. i tried making the background christmasy and this is the product.

utter phail.

but what do i care.

Ive stopped caring about anything. :)

And i like it.

I would like to stop caring for a while.
Just be.... a piece of wood.

Its a nice break.

Yes it is.
Im wearing a tux.
If something happens and I dont look hensum in a tux, then.. a dress it is.

Because Id rather look GOOD in a tux, then bad in a dress.
That doesnt make sense.
Anyway. yeah. i may end up wearing a dress due to peer pressure.
It happens.

Im out....

Friday, November 13, 2009


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here I aMMMM againnn

The supposed DONT USE INTERNET fast has not worked out- as seen by the posting of this post.

Anyway. Main thing:

Guys I have falled head over heels for but have never spoken to or approached within a 5 metre radius:

1. Furniture Guy working at Hartamas Shopping Mall (Like I said, ive never seen him up close but from far away, he looks FINE bebeh.)
2. Japanese-looking dude working at The Gym (when he came over to promote I Was like FWAAHH and then i never saw him again till one fateful day I spotted him shopping at Mercato. Looks a bit like a pixie, but STILL fwaaahh!!)
3. Three or four college dudes (a pretty mild crush, this one)
4. .... I cant think of anymore.

I think thats pretty much it.
Like these are the MAJOR MAJOR ones okay.. foooh. My hormones running high this year. BUT OMGOSHH I LIKE FURNITURE GAIII!!!! <3

someone find out his name for me, Ill pay you. XD
No im not desperate...
Just infatuated...

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I am a self-confessed lover of 2PM.
I was (and AM) very upset over Jae Bum leaving the group because he had become my personal favorite.

On a whole new topic, I believe that its true when they say that the future generation can change the world.
Without knowing it, the youth, the young generation, is in fact, the most powerful generation in the entire world.
Take for example, Hottest, who can plan flash mobs ALL AROUND THE GLOBE just to support one stand of theirs- for Park Jae Bum to come back.
And it was pretty much a success.
They did it in seventeen places, so far I think.
They made a DIFFERENCE.

Not to sound totally hypocritical and everything, but why is it that such an event cant be conducted-lets say- to protest against war, to relieve third world countries of poverty?
Why is everyone fanatic and crazy about the lost of a Korean group leader(no doubt a very distinguished and amazing one, nonetheless) , but instead, do not care about what OUR world is coming to?

Like I said, I myself want Jae Bum to come back.
But it makes me question what is ACTUALLY being proven here.
IT proves that oceans are not barriers.
it proves that youth around the world can unite for a purpose.
It proves that the youth can do ANYTHING they want to.
Only if they WANT to.
Youth, as one, with a purpose-driven mind, can truly, achieve anything.
Once Jae Bum comes back to 2PM (and I FIRMLY believe he will, and refuse to believe anything other than that) , Hottests should try their methods for say, the prevention of child abuse.

Imagine how amazing that could be.
The power of youth really blows me away.

Meanwhile, I am supposed to be studying for a super important major exam that determines my future.

And yet, here I am, spilling my thoughts on GLOBAL ISSUES.
feh. this girl has big dreams.
But is totally unrealistic.

yes. I know. I am very unrealistic.
Thats usually my problem.

GOOD JOB. to all those Hottests people out there.
what I would REALLY WANT right now, is a video issued by Jae Bum, telling us he is returning to 2PM, and that he is touched by all that went on due to his sudden absence.
That would be great.
And maybe a short dance, ending with him pulling off his t-shirt.
Yes. That would be great.
But alas.
Dreams must remain dreams,
and Sarah remains slightly phobic of shirtless guys.

bebs and bobs.
(smack me, someone. I have not been studying like I was supposed to.)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My Life is Indeed Average.

Short post, this one.

I was lounging around reading the newspaper when the phone rang. Lazily, i asked my brother to pick up the phone. After listening for a while, my brother shook his head at me and said that he didnt understand what the person was saying. Sighing loudly, I walked up the stairs and took the receiver from my confuddled brother.

Let us call her The Woman On The Other Line.
the conversation went like this:

TWOTOL: Hello. Good evening madam. Im from the @@$#^@#$%#^ (some name i didnt catch) company and i am doing a survey on the @#$#^#% (more stuff i didnt hear, i wasnt paying attention) on the technology support and development @#$#$%^#$ in your neighbourhood.
Sarah: Ok.
TWOTOL: I was just wondering if there is anyone at home who is aged 16 and above that i can talk to concerning this survey? I am only going to ask a few questions.

*Sarah thinks quickly*

Sarah: *Speaks in a babyish voice* My mummy and daddy not at home... They working...
TWOTOL: Oh... Okay.. So do you know when they are coming back? *Speaks as if she is really talking to a kid below the age of 16*
Sarah: I donno wor.. Maybe nine thirty, ten?
TWOTOL: Okay, thanks yeah? I will call back later okay? tell your parents okay?
Sarah: *still mimicking a baby* yesh yesh.. bye.

*Sarah puts down the receiver and starts guffawing*

And THAT is the story of how I avoided a survey and became the master of imitating a child's voice.
OOOHhh yeah. You SOOOO gotta hear my child-like voice. LOL

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh my! this post has pictures!!!!! :O

Sho Ihll beh blogghing abhout mayh jogghing ouhting with dhad, ahnd then abhout mayh thrip teh Phort Dhickson!! (This sentence was awarded "The Sentence with Unecessary H's" award!! YAY)

And pictures too. :D
So on Saturday morning, I awoke to the most annoying sound in the world.
The incessant knocking of my door and the voice of my brother. =(
I groggily fumbled around the table, in search of my handphone, only to discover it was 9.36, and I had only been sleeping for 4 hours.
I opened the door, and crabbily asked him what he wanted.
Apparently that whole FIVE MINUTES of knocking was just to ask me to open the Rocky packet of biscuits because mom said he could only open it when I was awake.
I made him go away and tried to get back to sleep, most unsuccessfully, I might add.
Thus, I was grumpy all the way through breakfast.
At about 11, my father suddenly asked me to jogging at Taman Tun.
I was probably not really right in the mind, as I agreed and got into my jogging gear.
Hence, that was how my father, my brother, and I landed up at Taman Tun to jog at about 11.30 in the morning.
Fortunately, it wasnt too unbearably hot, quite cool in fact, as it had just rained and the sun was not willing to come out from its hiding place behind the clouds.
To my dismay, I found we were walking up the hills of Taman Tun, which was not in the park, but behind it. And for those who dont know, it is a LONG WAY up, and a steep one too.
Not pleasant when uve not had enough sleep to restore your body.
After my first ten minutes, (or less, ahem) I began panting and sweating.
Then I realised how out of shape I was.
And then, being the random and likes-to-think-useless-thoughts-person I was, I began wondering why they called being unfit, out of shape.
For if my senses does not fail me, I was actually IN SHAPE.
I was round.
Was that not shape? I wondered.
So actually, getting fit makes you OUT OF SHAPE. no?
WE shall move on.
And the pathway going through these hills went up and down, more up then down.
So Miley Cyrus's song played in my head.
Only the first verse tho.
"There's always gonna be another mountain. U're always gonna wanna make it move..."
And in my head I went "It would be good if someone could come right now and wheel me around in a wheelchair. Bother moving mountains."
Ive been told that Im a good listener, as well as a non-stop talking.
What I say is, if you really wanna get me to listen, bring me jogging.
Because Im so out of breath, I cant say a word, so Ill end up listening.
Halfway through I began enjoying the walk eventhough I was pretty sure I was gonna drop dead at any moment.
The air was fresh and unpolluted, the weather cool, the mosquitoes biting (tho that was not a pleasant part of the walk) and my dad and brother and I cracked jokes and laughed to ourselves.
An hour later, we had gone one big round and was near to the entrance, I saw a lamp post.
Without thinking, I went "Hey! A lamp post! that MUST mean we're near Narnia!!!" in a totally convincing and enthusiastic tone.
Yes, I DO tend to start spouting nonsense when Im tired.
And it just so happened that there was a guy and girl in front of me who overheard me, turned back, and laughed at me.
My dad was looking at me strangely, and no doubt he was thinking the same thing as I was.
"IS this REALLY my daughter??!"
Later on we went to Delifrance where I gained back all my lost calories due to the lasagna.
Before that we went to Mc.D's nextdoor to order my brother's Double Cheeseburger.
I went to the counter and said "One Double Cheeseburger's Set, please, thanks" and smiled.
The cashier went "Ok. LARGE FOR YOU??"
I nearly wanted to smash her face in and say "Why? Do you think I look like someone who NEEDS A LARGE MEAL, YOU BRITISH MEATBALL?"
hahhaa okay no im kidding.
I was just a little offended. It was like she was HINTING something, you know?
Selamat Hari Raya-ing of your DEATH, I say. -_-

This morning, after church, went to PD. Now HERE I let the pictures do the talking. =)
Glad huh, you guys?
(One or two of half of HB1's muuvie naite, and some of Frasers Hill!!)

my fave pic the one on top. its like the tree separates the fruitful and the barren land! :D

unfortunately, i have no time to upload the rest!! later later. :D

Gotta Get Going.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

So basically I met most of my church college camp members in One U today. O.o
Jessica, Jia Wei, Edwyn, Sharmaine, but with the exception of Darren.
Spent the day yakking my mouth off to Sharon and then Sharon, Chloe and I went to watch the ugly truth!
Guy: Soo!!! Uh... uh.. Peace. *Guy falters while doing pistol sign and holds out a peace sign*
Producer: OH GREAT, now he's going political.

XD I cracked myself up over that.
Funny show, I had a good laugh.
Movies are better when you watch it with your girlfriends. ;)
Sharon bought a long black jacket and I bought meself a sweet blue top. At least, i think its sweet. I wanted to buy a purple and grey striped long-ish cardigan, and a sailorish top with blue and grey stripes (it had like a scarf kinda thing attached to it), a white tanktop attached to a blue floral skirt (from forever 21, TOTALLY CUTE, the type of floral Id totally wear), A cute cocktail fluffy glittery skirted black dress (from forever 21 also, I LOVE IT SO ADORABLE) and there was this totally cool black sequined pair of mary-janes that could be two-toned!!

Hahaha, hearing me gushing like this must have totally convinced you that eventho i dont really look and act like a girl, Im a true girl at heart. I love trying and buying clothes, shoes and accesories just like any other girl. Im more accesories tho. Im not sure anymore. I like everything!!! HAHA! Crazy.

Then at night, went to CG. This time PJ and Bangsar combined, so it was a huge crowd of 20+. I had to lead worship. I think I did okay, i mean, i didnt falter. So that was a relief for me!! lol. then we talked about "grey matters", still dont know why its called that, because grey is SO not a subjective colour.. Take for example bluish-green. THATS subjective. cos it can be greenish-blue as well! That kinda also means zebras are subjective.
Ive managed to make everyone think Im this weird person.
Not bragging, but I made everyone laugh lots. Not only me lah, but I contributed in that sense. X)
I love making people laugh.
Girls from HB1 must get together during these Hols or i will ABSOLUTELY not forgive them.
Darn im so sleepy.
But i wanna stay up.

I realise i can talk for ages.
But when I listen, I can listen for ages also.
I mean to people talking about stuff.
Not teaching. LOL. bai

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chem NaOh Hcl and sheep.

Out of all the blanks I filled, there was one question I was definitely sure Id get correct.

My name.

That bad.
*throws herself off a cliff

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I studied this time, I really did. Maybe I wasnt really trying to absorb, I dont know.

I thought I knew it all.
But apparently all I knew was wrong.

I entered the exam hall.
After about one hour, I was this close to pushing back my chair and running out of the exam hall while shrieking "SCREEWWWWWWWWIIIITTTTT!!!!"
Instead, I channeled all that inner anger into just banging my head against the table.

Question after question.
Ignorance feeded my panic.

In the last half an hour, I reconsidered my future career.
Maybe I should become a carpenter.
I was really good at screwing things up.
But then, a carpenter also has to know when to "nail" things.
And I couldnt "nail" anything.
So I would only be half-good as a carpenter.
So I resorted to thinking about how spending the rest of my life sweeping sidewalks and footpaths would feel like.
Not so good.

Anyway. Ill get muscles in my arm. yipee. doo dah dey.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Say It. Im Fat.

I did not eat lunch. I felt so proud of myself.
that is, until I reached home and gobbled down several biscuits and candy bars without even realizing it.
Before I knew it, it had all gone down to my thighs.

Hai. Im Janie.
Janie. I have a plain name. Id rather have some fancy name like Zara or Rachael.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

the college Library.

So. yeah. basically. I was in college on a Satuday and I went to the library.
After making sure everyone had left and there was NO ONE AROUND,
I went completely,
I did cartwheels.
I pounced on the bean bags.
I climbed the shelves.
I jumped off the tables.
I rolled on the carpet.
The college library is just SUCH a great place to lepak. I mean, you can REALLY LEPAK!
I did so much physical activity that if u left me there everyday with no one there, Id probably lose a few kilos from all that running around.

Friday, September 11, 2009

taken from cake wrecks- and im planning to use it. AND SCREW IT! TRIALS AAAHHHH SHEEEE

John's Helpful Index For Ruddy Yanks:
Oi!- Hey there!
Poor Sod- A pitiable fellow
Sleeping policeman- Speed bump
Dodgy- Risky, suspicious
'Sa right shame, tha' is- How unfortunate
Cor!- My goodness!
Straight up- True True
Ickle bobby wagon- Small police car
Bent as a bottle of a chips- Crooked
Jiggery pokery- Deception
All fur coat and no knickers- No substance beneath
Spanner- Wrench
Fancy man jibber jabber- Love talk
Gaw- Exclamation
Right Cheeky- Attractively impudent
Better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick- Not so bad
Bob's your uncle!- There you have it!
How's your father?- A nudge-nudge wink-wink bit of innuendo
Ruddy Yanks- Americans

Monday, September 7, 2009



Friday, September 4, 2009

Young Scientist Conference

*For those who do not wish to read a load of stupid extra crap and want to read the Funny Story I was talking about in MSN, please scroll down till you see the paragraph in bright purple text. Thank yew.*

Truth be told, I have NOT been looking forward to the YSC. Little did I know it would favour me and be of an advantage to me.
Advantage how, you ask?
For me, any opportunity to make friends and getting to know people I dont already know IS an advantage.
Honestly, if there were ever a job called "Socializing and Making Friends", Id be at the top of the ladder, throwing down money like it was nothing.
Dreams shall remain dreams, for the time-being.

The day did not start very well, as I was reprimanded by my father on being late for college once again.
I have a serious problem with timing, something I have yet to work on and to fix to ensure I do not get into any more messy situations in the future.
Back to the topic, the day improved as it went along.
First, I saw Sharon's new hair-do.
She looked very trendy, and I must say I was very impressed because from all the haircuts Sharon has sported, she has managed to carry off every single one!! (while still lookin' totally smokin')
Life isn't fair.
Physics dragged through, being the first period, and my least favourite subject.
I was totally clueless. (No surprise there)
Biology went by, with me also slowly reducing my blur level, and becoming more awake. I hadn't truly awoken from my slumber, yet, at that time.
English had me wide awake, thinking of ways to write creative addresses for my formal letter. Yes, the only reason I look forward to writing letters is because I get to create fake addresses with silly names for roads and etc. etc.
Im THAT jobless.
Break came, and we followed our usual Friday tradition of bestowing our presence upon the lucky Kim Gary Restaurant. HE OWES US.
I didnt really enjoy my Cream Corn Fish Fillet Spaghetti.
Sounds savoury, but tastes slightly bland.
Then MATHS came! Highlight of my day. (rarely is)
We received back our results for CT4 (of which i was PRETTY sure I screwed up well) but to my pleasant surprise, I got 81! The only other time I'd' ever got an A was during the first term test. And that was ages ago.
And I only did 29 MASA questions! Woot woot, thank God, he really knows how to work miracles.
But my overall score is still pretty disappointing as I got 57.85/75, and thats a B 16. Only a mere three more marks would've gotten me a tentative A 17.
Lets not even TALK about my Physics. -_-
I spent the rest of my free time (we didnt have Chem) in the iZone, Fb-ing and chatting with Randy, Brenda (eventho she was just behind me), Arthur and playing Typing Maniac and youtubing.
After disturbing the crazily nerdish Yew Loong, I set off to HB1.
When it came to my turn to present, as usual, my nerves got a hold of me and I started blabbering nonsense. I missed out a couple of points, but hey, no one knew. :P
My irritating fake Brit/American/Whatever-the-hell-it-was accent from the video was pissing me off.
Yeah I know.
I can piss myself off.
Its amazing.
And interjections of "the power supply was turned off, not off the power supply" and "Occurs is pronounced as a-curse, SARAH!" CAME FORTH from the grammatically-knowledgeable audience. (Namely Tjia Hwei. Dont ask me why his name is so darn complicated)
Then I went to watch Chin Ken talk about superconductors since Ms.Phua wanted me to support the Physics class. So I obliged, being the nice person that I am.
Halfway through I slipped out to watch Hanni present his topic in the room designated for Biology.
Mr.Ananda hurled controversial questions at him continuously, so much so I was stressed FOR him. I tend to emphatize alot.
But I think Hanni carried himself well.
So I made friends with Angelina, Chin Ken, Wei Han, um,,, Jian Hong? (I dont exactly remember his name, but I know he was once called Ms.Phua's brother, oh the hilarity of it all) and Yu Lan! or Yu Lin. DARN. My memory fails me yet again.
After that, I entered the Psychology class to see what was happening.
The female presenter was answering questions from the crowd, and believe me, there were MANY questions. (there were quite alot of people there)
the topic was on Homosexuality, and I felt regret because I had missed the lecture.
Feeling bold, I posed a question (eventho I had earlier been absent).
*Mr.Ananda slipped quietly in while I was talking*

So it went something like this:
Sarah: So you know, if Isomeone is just interested in knowing what kissing someone of the same sex feels like, does that make that person a homosexual? Y'know like Katy Perry?
*A few girls titter*
Girl: *Goes on to give a convincing explanation on how if you just want know how it feels like, then its just ur experimental nature (I think she was quoting Katy Perry's song directly) and that if u like and indulge in it then it makes u ghey and etc etc*
Sarah: Oh..
Sarah: FYI people, what I asked has nothing to do with me.
*Whole Class bursts into uproarious laughter and shouts of "Yeah RIGHT"*
The best part was, Mr.Ananda who was standing by my side also burst into hearty-from-deep-in-the-gut laughter and patted me on the shoulder saying "You DO know that people who deny it are just making the truth more obvious?"
And then he laughed so more.
And I was like "Uh. Yeah. Well. Now I know. Darn."
And Mr. Ananda laughed so more.

I tend to bring unnecessary attention to my sexuality.
Later, the counselling opera-singing teacher said casually "so ur lesbian, huh?"
even more -_-
I so aint.

On the way home, I spotted someone from HB3 I frequently saw in corridors but never greeted.
Its quite amazing really, almost a year Ive been in SAM and i still dont know so many.
His name was Bryan and so happens he was walking home too!
So I had quite an amiable and pleasantly mellow conversation with him on the way home.
While extracting juicy bits of information.
Its nice having someone to talk to during the walk home y'know?
Singing aloud to myself all the time just doesnt cut it.

Yeah. I know this was a long post.
But what can I say?
When I have the urge to write, I WRITE.

Have I mentioned my love of making new friends?
I think I did.


Monday, August 31, 2009

College Camp MOU?!

College camp.. College camp..
What can I say?
Was looking forward to it, but wasnt expecting anything from it.
Turns out, it was good for me. :)
See, my walk with God was getting REALLY REALLY dry and monotonous.
During camp itself, I was having trouble focusing on really worshipping God.
But by the end of the second night, after all those sessions (unfortunately, most of the time I blur blue gao gaooo) I can say that I can at least have the will to TRY to focus on God during p&w. :)
I learnt that even the most faithful servants of God face spiritual dryness and that it isnt unusual.
I made plenty of new friends, and played games and enjoyed myself.
It was basically a break from the routine of everyday life.
My group was Police Force headed by Jared and me as the assistant.
We did Star Wars Chollywood style, and I think it was pretty good, tho I had to do three voices, and I always nearly got mixed up. lol.
My group members rockeeeedd!! :D I love them. Nan Hong and Edwyn especially. (i know i berat sebelah. shuttup)
Anyhooz, its way different from YC camp lah, thats what I can say.
Lazy to explain why.
I got to spend time with different bunches of people, so it was good. I like variety. :D
Oh and I learnt some things about myself from this camp...
First of all, I MEMANG TAK TAU MALU LOR! sRSLY! its like, u know how girls like to talk about guys right? And if that person happens to be sitting in the room, they will get talked about lor! I cannot whisper wan, Ill just go loudly "OH THAT GUY OVER THERE IN PINK aH?" lol. Sorry, its a habit I may never get rid of.
Secondly, when I like someone, I have no fear of telling that person. Well. Uh. not TELLING LAH.. more like hinting? And I dont really care if i get rejected or accepted, because I feel the person I like should be told so they know that there ARE people out there who actually admire them. Good for their self- esteems, yknow?
Thirdly, (this aint bout myself) I found out my sisters friends have resorted to bullying me in place of them missing my sister. It sucks, really. :( [ i still love you all tho :P]
Anyway. Camp was not without its hot guys too. ;) There were mainly three, to be exact.
And yeah, I think by now almost everyone knows about it. :D
And srsly, Im a super forward person lor.
I like, have absolutely no...."know how to be malu" value weih.
So now Im going to do maths.
Ugh, junk food times 1446143132 during camp... It was so cold, I loved it. :D Hated bathrooms tho. I only like my bathroom. :( Food was so-so, nothing to complain about.
Bought Camp SHIRT AND BADGES! woot.
And yeah. I found I have no problem mixing with older people as well! I think.
And I got a new close friend, MR.RAYMOND! :D He rocks lah, just as weird as I am, thats why we click so well I think.
Mmmm.. yeah. :) I enjoyed camp lor.
All the pictures with Sarah Yong sO ill post it up layta. :)
Love you guys, whoever you guys are, reading my nonsense everyday.

(back to college. darnnnn)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I went to college and slept in the library first time EVER! was a little late for class tho. Then during LUNCH TIME! That was so cool!
Me and Sharon walked over to the BAKERY in SRI HARTAMAS ALL THE WAY FROM PLAZA DAMAS! And yes there is an interesting story to tell behind it all, but Ill save it for another time when my elocution, dictation and whatever -ion has improved. We enjoyed a savoury Rm15 meal and were really sleepy and tired by the time we had walked back to college. Yes, we walked back as well. I was too tired to enjoy English, but Chemistry was fun eventho our soap did not solidify as it was SUPPOSED to. ppft. stupid soap. then I had CF and this time 12 ppl were there! it was encouraging seeing the numbers grow. I was too darn tired to walk home so I got Arty to fetch me. mehehe.

And sharon suggested that lunch thing on a whim,
And we did it!
It was really crazy. I mean srsly. CRAZy.
but healthy.
And loads, HEAPS loads of fun.
I love you sharon. =)

bebs bobs tits tots

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Personality Test - Spontaneous Idealist!

Spontaneous Idealists are creative, lively and open-minded persons. They are humorous and dispose of a contagious zest for life. Their enthusiasm and sparkling energy inspires others and sweeps them along. They enjoy being together with other people and often have an uncanny intuition for their motivations and potential. Spontaneous Idealists are masters of communication and very amusing and gifted entertainers. Fun and variety are guaranteed when they are around. However, they are sometimes somewhat too impulsive in dealing with others and can hurt people without really meaning to do so, due to their direct and sometimes critical nature.

This personality type is a keen and alert observer; they miss nothing which is going on around them. In extreme cases, they tend to be oversensitive and exaggeratedly alert and are inwardly always ready to jump. Life for them is an exciting drama full of emotionality. However, they quickly become bored when things repeat themselves and too much detailed work and care is required. Their creativity, their imaginativeness and their originality become most noticeable when developing new projects and ideas - they then leave the meticulous implementation of the whole to others. On the whole, Spontaneous Idealists attach great value to their inner and outward independence and do not like accepting a subordinate role. They therefore have problems with hierarchies and authorities.

Adjectives which describe your type: spontaneous, enthusiastic, idealistic, extroverted, theoretical, emotional, relaxed, friendly, optimistic, charming, helpful, independent, individualistic, creative, dynamic, lively, humorous, full of zest for life, imaginative, changeable, adaptable, loyal, sensitive, inspiring, sociable, communicative, erratic, curious, open, vulnerable

(Surprisingly accurate compared to any other quiz Ive ever done- not to mention FACEBOOK quizzes, ugh.)

(found on Cedric's blog)

Monday, August 24, 2009

that's all.

"So? How is it? Can it be fixed?"
The woman hovering anxiously behind me stepped back as I emerged from underneath the computer table, shaking off the dust and adjusting my collar.
"It's fine, ma'am. It's all good now." I said, smiling.
"Oh thank goodness!!!! You're a life-saver!! So what was wrong?" she asked.
I was tempted to use bombastic words describing the complexity of the wires and the parts of the Central Processing Unit, as all the visits I had done so far had required nothing more than a few tweaks and reformatting. All that knowledge, crammed into my head, full of technical and impressive-sounding terms, waiting to spew out at the slightest enquiry.
Should I?
Should I take the risk and fizzle this young woman's brain?
Should I?
I stood there contemplating, and after a while with a small sigh and smile, I replied
"No, ma'am. You didn't plug it in."


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

as expected..

ai wasted my holidays. :)
But im pretty happy about it. I just wish I had another week to waste.
I need time to waste.
Not that I havent been doing that already. But yeah.
Anyhooz, today i went to Jared's house to do our poster. he is a minimalist, so that made it much easier. Less is more. So the least is the most.
Then he fetched us to Mid V to have lunch at Kenny R (LOL) with Miss the FOO! :D Thanks Jared.
I had fun, talking to her, but I had a pounding headache, so I was grouchy. I kept getting scolded by my parents today. Tsk tsk. bad.
So yeah I got my camera back! And i found only the memory card. So I spent pretty much the whole day searching the whole room for my battery.

I asked God where it was.
And I didnt think he'd answer.
But I just realised, he did!
Coz I wasnt really looking for my camera strap, and I remembered whereabouts it was.
And I fell asleep looking for the camera (after not being able to find it)
Then i closed my eyes and thought hard, and SRSLY IN MY HEAD, I saw the strap AND the battery being put into a purse. But the purse was a black one, But it was a purse nonetheless.
Then in my head, I HEARD-READ the words in my brain! I dont know how to explain lar.
I heard-read "Look for the strap, and you will find the battery."
So then I just opened one drawer, saw a purple purse I had seen several times before while looking for my battery, and i took it, opened it and WALAH! THE STRAP AND BATTERY!
thanks God. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is gonna be a long one.

So I slept at three thirty last night. or should I say, morning.
But Im pretty sure I spent those late hours doing something useful.
For example, I downloaded plenny of this new singer I discovered!! SIA! :D She's da bomb.
ANNDDD I found out that I knew someone who could sing well (unexpectedly), so it was a pleasant surprise!!!!! :D :D :D
Next morning, went to church, was half-asleep unfortunately.
Sorry God. D:
Then at first a bit reluctantly followed my mom to Mid Valley for some shopping.
Turned out to be really fun!!! :D But I was constantly blabbering nonsense, so yeah. Maybe it was my mom who got irritated in the end. LOL.
NOW IM GONNA TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT. I made some really chun observations.
First of all, I REALLY LIKE THE MUSIC THEY PLAYED IN METROJAYA. (That's where I spent 99.99% of my time, cuz there was a sale, and everything was naise)
It was like those, background, mellow, bistro kind of music? You know?
Like they played those feel-good, inspirational music.... Like: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY.
Srsly, I was humming and singing along, and then I walked past other ppl who were doing the same thing. IT was pretty funny when we stared at each other and smiled.
Secondly, the atmosphere rocks. Maybe cuz there arent many people, so it has a really laid back and relaxing feel. Qeues can get long, but overall its pretty laid-back. Like the lighting, the decoration everything, it just puts a customer at ease y'know? Love it. They even have an old piano in the bathroom. Imagine how nice the bathroom is. You cant? Here lemme lay it out for you: IT WAS REALLY NAISE.
But in the kids section, there were some really freaky looking children mannequins. Srsly. Elongated faces, slitty eyes.. Ugh, Id hate to be anywhere near THOSE at night. Brrr.
OH OH! And while waiting for my mom who was trying on some clothes, I spotted this really ugree looking sheath dress. I was so amazed by its ridicularity, I had to get a better look. It was a electric white (if thats possible) with black lace lining the top and bottom. It doesnt sound bad when I say it like this, right? well if you saw it, ud think otherwise.
I assure you.
It was butt-ugly.
Even my grandmama wont wear zat.
So anyway, I went closer and was poking fun at it. Srsly, like talking to myself going "Gosh. Who would wear that... Got people even CREATE THIS KIND OF THING?!? Vomit. Goodness..." And then I was chuckling to myself while poking material. What I didnt realise was that there was a woman standing directly behind me (she mustve arrived a couple of minutes later) who was actually TRYING to take the dress to try on. And she overheard every single one of my comments on the dress. But I respect her, because after casting me a very eveel and spiteful glance thru narrowed eyes, she snatched the dress of the hook and stomped to the dressing room.
Ooops. (emoticon for embarrassed yellow circle covering smiley mouth with hand)
Oh, and there were SOOO MANY WEIRD DRESSES AT SOMERSET BAY! They really have such super odd patterned and cutting, that it makes you want to try it on! So i tried on several.
Oh and in City Chain, there was this picture of a girl modelling a watch. That's not the weird part. She was hugging a huge bunny that was as tall as her. I thought it was freaky, really.
And underneath that picture, was a little slogan (i think its meant to be a slogan- i aint sure) which said "Take a lifetime to find love". It doesnt sound grammatically right. But my point is, are they trying to say if i wear that watch, Id take a lifetime to find love, and when I do, it will be with a humongous carrot-ravaging, tooth-out-sticking, FURRY, RABBIT?!
HAha. So I guess thats all I have to say. I doubt any of u will read this anyway.
Ud all like, scroll to the last sentence and go
"Oh. Done."

bebs and bobs. I have a headache.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bangsar CG.

We Rock SOOO Hard.

Galen: SYNONYM of mountain!! MOUNTAIN!!
Sarah T & Y: HILL! HILL!!!!
Galen: its a show its a show!!
Sarah T & Y: ONE TREE HILL???!!!
Galen: Got NUMBER WANN!!!
Sarah T: 90210 hills??!
GALEN: YES!!!!!!

yessss lah.
who rocks?
we do. ;)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Screw and Nail

Just isnt my thang.


Not in my alley, my aisle...
Not my piece of pie, or cake or whateverthingamabobby.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I havent been blogging

And all for good reason.
Assignments, write-ups, tests, and random sms-ing and calling has been keeping me away from my beloved blog.

And another HUGE FACT that plays part innit is that my internet aint working.
So everyday I have to stay back from college to use the Internet.
Not very upset about that tho, because from it I made many new friends!
Wilbur, Jinn, Shawn, Samuel Choi, Louis, Some Melay girls (whom Afifah's name is the only one I remember) and... others! XD

So yeah.
Today was pretty funny.
My section in class was wearing blue and black and as USUAL i was the odd one out.
I never FAIL to wear what they are NOT wearing.
I think its a conspiracy.

Anddd AS USUAL, me and Yew Loong were fighting.
I like fighting.
Ms.Koh called me aggresive.
I think she's right.
I over exceeded the word count for text production.
I tend to get carried away when Im writing stories.
And I also realised Im not really afraid of asking people stuff that usually NORMAL people wouldnt really want to ask.
Im not giving examples, Im too lazy.
And I SHOWED the almost all the girls in my class today the guitar which was studded on my bra! ONLY GIRLS, tho.
Im weird that way, I was just too proud of the studded guitar.
Cos its cool.

And me and Yew Loong were racing to get the Bio Practical books for Ms.Koh, and we both ran into the lab to search and grab the books first.
But upon searching, we found that there were no books in the lab.
Upon coming out, we bumped into Jeremy who was walking serenely with the pile of Bio books in his grasp.
Stupid. It was in the Bio Lab Assistant Room.
We felt pretty stupid.
We had LAN test today, Wai Kit, Yew Loong and I were all sharing notes eventho Mr.William said not to.
We are very naughty students.
Anyway. Thats all for now. :)
Facebook time!
I do realise that Im talking in a rather drab and boring manner but I really CANT be bothered.
Next time I shall talk jocosely. So it may seem more interesting, perhaps?
Ah. Bebs and bobs.

and Ive only read four pages of chapter ten, while there is still chapter 11,12,13! whopeedooo

Friday, July 31, 2009

Need to fry an egg?


im sick.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Look what I found on Jeronn's blog!!

Loyal and generous. Sexy. Patriotic. Active in games and interactions. Impatient and hasty. Ambitious. Influential in organizations. Fun to be with. Loves to socialize. Loves praises. Loves attention. Loves to be loved. Honest and trustworthy. Not pretending. Short tempered. Changing personality. Not egotistic. Take high pride in oneself. Hates restrictions. Loves to joke. Good sense of humor.

Hey, it's kinda true! :O I striked out the ones that didnt apply to me. lol.

And what I suspected about JAnuary babies are true!! srsly, its like all the january babies ive met are pretty much SMART.

Oh Great...


I wouldnt be surprised if one day I woke up and found all my fingers scattered across the bedsheet.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

sum up

Sooo Friday was basically interview (along with a calorie-burning two mile walk in high heels), a mad scramble back to college, chem practical and test.
Then, I went back home..
Ate Krispy Kreme..
Practised piano.

But this is the COOL PART:
My bro, was sleeping on the mat on the floor, napping while I played the piano.
Feeling tired, I slept on the rattan couch next to him.
Then after a while, my father slept next to my brother.
After napping for a while, I opened my eyes to find my brother, father and mother sleeping side by side on the mat!
It was a proper family nap.
Much needed. LOL.
But hey, I got the couch.
They usually dont sleep onnit anyway.

And then TODAY started off with piano..
Then a short movie (City of Angels- ur better off NOT watching it, bloody waste of time, Nicholas Cage is a automaton actor)..
Then piano lesson for three hours..
And then D'Fortune!
On the way back, I was humming White Christmas when my mom joined in
Im really random.
ohhh, well. I hate my life. I hate my maths marks.
I dont know why im so noob at maths,
I WANNA BE LIKE SHARON! or like CHLOE! smart, slim, beautiful, talented!! Arghhh

Krispy Kreme- and my jam-packed week.

Basically, you can derive all the information you need to know from the title itself!
Amazing, huh?

I just ate three Krispy Kreme donuts, and I feel like a sinful glutton who is on the verge of getting diabetes.
My friends were right.
Honestly, Id never thought Id say this, being the NUMBER ONE SWEET TOOTH SMACKER of all time, but there is the rare occasion of having TOO MUCH of a good - and sweet- thing.
And THAT thing... is Krispy Kreme. Tasty, but must be consumed in moderation.
Or ur liver will start having spasms.
Like mine.

And With piano exam coming up,
I think,
I may lose my sanity sooner than expected.
Not that Ive already lost it, but I had some reserves left, y'see.
So I guess THERE GOES the reserves.
Potty pooo.

bebs and bobs.
I didnt hab a good wik.
I hope nex wik eez batter.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

if You think about it.

I feel like changing my blog background. But then I would have to put back all the widgets again. Sien betul. Next time I should think carefully, cos now my blog look like im some.... ah lian. LOL. but at least dont have misspelled words in the background like : "No, YEW COOL NOT LAIK MEZZZ XXXX IM COOOL FOR YEW"

fooh. now that would be a bomb.
A big stink bomb.
that is.

Debate tmr Science against Religion. Oh God, please PLEASE forgive me for everything I am going to say, because I TRULY DONT BELIEVE IT. I'll even willingly let Religion win... lol. srsly.

Thanks to our "wunnerful" and "amazing" and TOTALLY CLUELESS LECTURER for giving us this controversial, chaotic, globally debatable topic. WHOOP-DEE-DO. LETS ALL JUMP OFF THE CLIFF, SHALL WE, AND SAVE THE HASSLE?!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i think i made a new friend.

As I walked out of hartamas shopping centre, turns out I had company while walking home, Mistah Danial was walking back too! And I found out he talks alot of crap. But its cool, cos I talk alot of crap as well.. So I THINK I made a new friend. Lol. Alot of incidents involving him has happened to me, I was quite certain he hated me. lol....

oh well.
Now Ive got a headache from walking in the rain... darn.

Monday, July 13, 2009

So I was walking back today...

And guess what I saw?
Something LIKE the most horrendousific nightmare Ive ever had in my entire life.
You know this phobia of topless guys I suffer from?
Yeah, I still suffer from it.
Not as bad as before, but its definitely lurking somewhere inside me.
And today proved it.
Just so happens today I was walking on the opposite side of the road, towards the park.
Lo and behold,
get ready for it... (you know its coming)
uhuh, at four p.m. in the afternoon (unless that's counted as evening and Im a noob), six shirtless guys playing volleyball in a cement court beside the main road.
Erk-ish but a little bit suspicious nonetheless.
I had to shield my eyes and cross the road as fast as I could, but thanks to the whizzing vehicles who threatened to run me over flat if I crossed without looking to my left and right repeatedly, I could only do so after FIVE MINUTES PLUS.

Maybe I looked back a lil.
A lil. like srsly, just a lil.
And maybe my phobia was just a phase.


bebs and bobs

Sunday, July 12, 2009

BM, srsly?

Whats all this talk about converting Maths and Science back to Bahasa Melayu in 2012?????!!!

Let me tell YOU something, I know a whole bunch of people out there who are incredibly dissatisfied with this decision.
Unbeknownst to us, many other countries out there ALREADY consider us a third-world country. JUST as we were well on our way taking a step forward to try to better our country and increase its global standard, we take FIVE STEPS BACK and become worst than we were before.

Look, if Malaysians cant deal with learning those subjects in English, what ELSE CAN WE EVEN DEAL WITH?
Honestly! We aren't dense.
Why all this change of decision, I seriously thought it was a great idea learning those subjects in English, as the transition to college was definitely made easier.

Okay I cant rave anymore.
Im just upset.
Sigh. and I really thought Malaysia was finally gonna advance.

bebs bobs

Monday, July 6, 2009

Im so jobless i changed the colour of our names.

St- says:
i will post something on you
St- says:
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
you lov emy blogpost lor
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
i can add
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
in primary 2, you used to wear shorts under your pinafor
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
and you used to be like IM WEARING SHORTS UNDERNEATH!
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
and we sat next to each other in pri 2 , and we had this gay teacher that was really meaannn i dont remember his name
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
but he ued to ask us to keep quiet and if he coughed or sneeze , he'd scold us .
St- says:
St- says:
St- says:
and ask us to greet his girlfriend then we all wud be shouting to this block-like, walkie talkie lookalike handphoneHAH!
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
i think ill edit your blog post
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
make it more meaningful
St- says:
St- says:
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
St- says:
id just copy paste this there
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:

my blog is gone
St- says:
St- says:
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
ooh i typed ww
A3.raWr .Got Milk ? I keep pressing the ESC button , but I'm still here. says:
instead of www
St- says:

Oh man. the friends I make and keep. And the friends that remember me for all the wrong reasons. IT WAS SAILORMOON PRINTED SHORTS OKAY, DONT BE HATIN' ON ME CUZ UVE GOT NONE OF EM!

Anyway, this Anwar DUDE was the guy that sat next to me in class in 2H. I was in the middle of him and Izzati (I cant rmbr her name). She showed me her Elmo shorts so I showed her my sailormoon shorts lor. I think that was pretty traumatizing for Anwar, because he remembered me when we re-met on the first day of Siva's tuition in Damansara in form 3. I thought he looked awfully familiar, and he probably thought I looked weird. :D THEN WE BECAME FRIENDS AGAIN! yay!! Im glad because Anwar makes really good Confucius imitations and can rawr like a dinosaur. A REAL one. O.o yes. he can. He always manages to make me laugh whenver we talk. He.... is silly. yes. *nods wisely* He is.
but now! HE IS IN SINGAPORE! FAR FAR FAR AWAY! (at least, far far far away in terms of walking distance.)
Oh wells. I shall continue to randomly msn him.
because I CAN smell water. HAHA! HAHAHA!! YOU ALL SUCK!

hahah tuition buddies. :) love them, hate them, wanna keep them.

bebs bobs tiddy tots

Saturday, July 4, 2009

random pics. ... its time people.

BA BE BUUUUU ololooolololol LAAAAA!!

:D im sorry if these pictures make no sense... they werent supposed to..

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Say my name, Say my name.

Ugh. I cant stand it, Im turning into another die-hard-tried-too-hard-to-be-cute person.
It gives me the creeps.
but darn, I think i was made for this! XD
now if ONLY i was small sized... -_-
Which I dont see happening anytime soon.
Anyway, HB1 went to 789 for a formal outing, and I must say, I really enjoyed it!
Dressing up and acting classy once in a while is a nice change from the continuous t-shirt and jeans combo.
Pictures allll up on Facebook.
Thanks Sarah Yong for saving my life-- u know what im talking about ;)
Ive gotten way beyond SIEN of college... I just want a CHANGE.
Its so weird when its only been like two weeks since the last holiday?
Sheesh. Guess Im just sick of having to limp along in my studies.
Dont know why I cant get into action.
I have been neglecting my scales..
Why is there so many things that need to be done which I dont want to do?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? WHY? WHY??!

*pulls out hair and screams and runs around room like a harried frantic rabbit


*sobs into pillow*
on a "lighter note" (notice my voice is DRIPPING WITH SARCASM) I got grounded for a month.
I love my parents.
And its because i was out two saturdays in a row! oh joy.
ah well.

big sorry to jie cong whose dance competition i cannot attend. I know you will make us all proud and dance ur best. Be confident!! I will rooting for you from the vicinity of my bedroom!! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009


So guess what? I nearly upped and died half an hour ago. Know why? Well. I decided to type out in full my English oral so that I could memorise it, right? So yea, I was done and had just finished typing the last word in the conclusion. Srsly. As I moved my mouse *imagine this in slow motion* towards the little floppy disc icon to save my document, all of a sudden, the world turned black.

And it wasnt because I had suddenly become blind, or fainted or anything. Nah. It was a blackout. For amoment, I thought I was gonna get hysterics, thinking of all the time I spent on that stupid oral only to have lost it at the last moment. Calming myself, I went to take care of my brother and put him to sleep (haha sounds like Im gonna kill him or something). So by handphone light, I formed shadows on the wall and spun tales and stories of the magical creatures of Iguwaawaa, the land of monsters who chewed off your ears if you do not sleep when you are told to. (It didnt work on my brother tho. boo. I personally thought I was convincing). I could practically imagine myself in those.... feathery tribal crown stuff with those...indian shoes thing and that,....sack clothing outfit. Yeah. Sorry. I dont know the terms. Anyone care to enlighten me? please, go ahead.

So then when my brother was finally drowsy, I went downstairs and put the candlelight in front of the bathroom door and took a bath by the candlelight. It was a new experience. Tho... a very dark one. Anyway, I just realised it really isnt that dark at night. When I looked out the window, I ACTUALLY - just for a minute- didnt feel afraid of the dark. Ive always thought the dark unleashed untold horrors. (no kid.) Anyway, I was writing some stuff down by candlelight and suddenly in my mind, I could actually relate to the people waayy back then who didnt have electricity. The pen in my hand transmogrified into a quill and a pot of black ink appeared before me. The book in which I was writing in became a scroll. O.O Shakespeareth era mucheth. Hahaha!!

Oh and the BEST part is- my parents thought I caused the blackout.

hello.. I may be a trouble-maker but that DOESNT give them the right to accuse me of all wrongdoing. HEY! I AINT GOT SUPERHUMAN POWERS!
*ELECTRICMANNNNNNN, DONT SHAKE MY HANDDDD, mmm mmm!!! (hums an off-key tune)*

It went like this:
*world turns black
*Voice comes from staircase
Sarah: .....ey. Look out the window. Whole block blackout lah. How can I cause blackout wan, YOU THINK I PLAY WITH WIRES AND ELECTRICITY AND PLUGS DURING MY FREE TIME AH??!!

Im out.

bebs bobs *fade

Saturday, June 13, 2009

an account of past few days

Blogs been dead, I know.
So yesterday, Friday at college everyone played dressed up. Didnt snap many photos cos the main camera(wom)men were camera-less. Boohoo. Then we had CF which consisted of Mossy, Sarah Lim, Ms.Leong and I only. Lets just say it was exclusive. After worship we went home. Lulu and Lolo fetched me back. I was tired so I couldnt say anything. Mossy has saggy cheeks, not nice to pinch like my taut, round ones. Then I went for Adult HF cos i had to songlead... Then Sarah Y and I made some veedeeos and posted em on Youtube. Shes really a much better singer than I am... Dont know what IM even DOING sometimes when I sing. LOL. Woke up at 8.30 today, Went for MADU. Jeremy didnt go, then we realised how much we needed him in Madu. LOL! Jimmy sat on my lap, it became kinda numb for a while after that. He has a girls bum. Then the kids went crazy.. And did the usual running around. tried opera and beatboxing using the mic. Lynn and Alanna laughing like crazy... LOL. Met Nigel! Victor, Sarah and Marcia all dressed up to conduct Campus day. Went out for Wendys with DAD.

He was wearing a Black Polo T-Shirt with Biege Slacks, had those macho silver watches, carried an expensive phone, sported a short spiky hairstyle and drove a Merc. He looked married tho. Didnt see his finger. HE looked like Andy Lau in his younger days EXCEPT much more good looking with chiseled features and slightly more than a Japanese tinge. Tall AND strapping and TOTALLY BUFF. Could clearly see it as he reached out to grab a french-fry. Definitely SMS-addicted tho. Oblivious to his surroundings. Left half his burger and french fries on the tray, and left. He didnt have any mercy on my hormones THATS for sure. Gosh. NEver met such hotness. I bet he is like 28++... 32 years old even. BUT GOOOOOSSHH SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO HOT. I mean. LIKE. SRSLY. Probably works as a model. *dreamy-eyed*

Ta. bebs bobs and all things ... tots

Monday, June 8, 2009

LOL ohhh im sorry King Johnson.. :( ur welcome to post up stuff now and then! HAHAHA

Friday, June 5, 2009


After months of disappearance........... I think Sarah thought I vanished into thin air or something.. The ONLY reason she pm me on MSN is either to ask for SONGS..... or... Listen to her TRIAL singings... So... =__=
I shall go.
Before Queen Sarah kills me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sleeping, is SOO My fave new hobby.

Plus. I think, Im gonna keep my little "secret" under wraps. Wrap it up like a mummy. AT ALL COSTS I must never EVER reveal this secret. It could cost me my future. O_O No, srsly.

Someone tell me where I can find a part time job which pays twenty per hour and I only have to work one hour. -_-

if only.

So Penang..... *limping* here i come....

Monday, June 1, 2009

weird food combos.

Morning: Bread And Peanut Butter Slathered with Strawberry JAm

Lunch: (dessert) Slices of apple dunked into sugar and then soaked in Ribena

Tea: Napolitan Ice Cream with Wholegrain Cereal


Snacks: Bread with Kaya and Cheese

and these are only the very few types of weird food i eat. It tastes good....
I dont recommend the apples soaked in Ribena tho. Make sure the Ribena is SWEET and the apple, crunchy. Then only it tastes nice. So yeah.

Sunday, May 31, 2009



Holy Daddy, Seducing Mr.Perfect, 200 poounds, Antique bakery, Baby and Me, Do Re Mi Fa So La Di Do, Fly Daddy Fly, Im a Cyborg but thats ok, My Father, The King and the Clown, The Beast and the Beauty, Virgin Snow are a FEW of the MANY Korean movies that I have gave two thumbs up too. The order of the movies listed has nothing to do with its rating.
GOOD JOB to whoever produced the movie. =P s'cuse me for not knowing who. BUT I LOVED IT. AGAIN. I LOVED IT.

Want me to spell it out? HM?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Heartless (loveyakris)

Yeah so I gave up putting them on my blog and turned to Facebook instead.


Ill give a short description here, then.
Basically, I woke up late (as usual) and Sharon (the sweetie) brought us to Shogun where we had a little short snap-session in the THEN empty parking lot. Walked to Shogun so as to be "punctual" so Jimmy wont dulan. It was jam-packed!! I was kinda taken aback. Haha. Truth be told, Id rather eat Mc Donalds. Cos im lame. >_> So anyway. We went in, and started eating! And admittedly, the food is PRETTY good. This Japanese buffet has some pretty good AND creamy mushroom soup. Which isnt what I should be praising a Japanese buffet for having. But anyway. It WAS a little too peppery. But beggars cant be choosers, so losers will just have to be soup-slurpers. I dont know what the heck im saying, its 1.15 a.m. and im dead tired, so excuse me if im incoherent. Anyway. I just put on 55kg. Nope, i didnt type the number 5 twice, I just feel that way. Heck with it. Then I went to the arcade and immediately got myself some tokens to play the combat game at the back alley of the arcade without caring where the others are. I was so SET on playing that game for ages k. Yes, im sad. Then i went to look for the girls, and we went to Deeper and Harder (I SAW THE NODAME CANTABILE BAG I SWEARRRRR!!) and FOS. :) Tried on clothes, the usual. And Sharon and Chloe found the clothes of destiny. Or something equally mind-blowing, but I cant really remember now because Im kinda blur atm. Oh and we saw some beachy girl pulling along some poor victimised guy, and they were in uniforms. Oh joy. Not related. Then we went to watch I love you, man. It was funny here and there, but overall a pretty much boring storyline. I recommend watching it if you have nothing better to do and have too much money to spend. Yeah. After that we went our separate ways. This outing was PRETTY low-key I must say. OR it might've just been me being dead inside. YEAHhh... that mustve been it.

so then i went home, ate bah chang (I could still eat okay.) and then went to play with my brother outside. Practised piano for an hour ++ and then headed to the TV for some more eye straining. Watched Mr.Siao's Chinese Class- a local show, and yet I recommend it as it is pretty entertaining-, followed by snips of Phua Chu Kang and then Life in the Fab Lane by Kimmora Lee Simmons (Haha love that show. The cheesy sound effects is enough to set me off) and then The Terminal on TV2. Tv2 rocks. Honestly. Anyway. The Terminal is a REALLY good movie. I would pay for that. HAhaha. Tom HAnks is da bomb. Honestly. Totally ended my day in a great note. But now im feeling dead inside again. Oh well. Will prolly keep feeling like this for a while. Till I go to PENANG! YES!!!!

Jimmy's cow makes a funny moo-ing soung. IT really just sounds like a cow on meth.

Like srsly.

And I just realised my description earlier is ANYTHING but short. >_>

bebs, bobs and teeny tiny tots.

My mozilla has just crashed three times. Record much.

Minging 535234266 (lazy press shift button)