Monday, March 30, 2009


Lindsay Lohan: CUZ when I see you something in me burns, and then i realize, I WANNA COME FIRST!!!! *sings*
Mother: GREAT! Now, if only you could apply it to your studies.....


Saturday, March 28, 2009

its Frydaeee!!

So yeah. Class HB1 (or rather, should i say, a FEW of class HB1 students) decided to do an EXTRA-curricular activity. So we went for... Supper at HARTAMAS SQUARE! (insert picture here, I did not bring my camera) and sooooo Mister JON ( im sure it was him) picked a spot where the juvenile delinquents were all sitting. remember my last post about hartamas square and how its divided into two parts? yeah well. I was sitting with the juvenile delinquents. SOB SOB. But i looked nothing like them I guarantee you. For one thing I wasnt hot. Second thing, I wasnt wearing slutty clothes. Thirdly, I wasnt trying hard to look desperately cool. I looked desperately gangsta tho. I kept shouting at my friends who blew strawberry scented shisha smoke into my face. Freakkk. Anyway. I drank a cup of teh tarik only. Halfway through I think I got diabetes. (honestly, I think they pour syrup inside the cup instead of water), So i was drinking sugar. Sugar+Sarah= not good combination. I was living proof that you didnt need drugs to be high. Sugar's more than enough. So yeah we basically talked and ogled. We glared at the shisha-ers (our friends included) . oh. and the people that were PRESENT were : Ern Ying, Me, sharon, Lulu, Hanni, Jeremy, Wai Kit, Jimmy and CT. Thats was basicallllyy it. Uhuh. We just sat and chatted. Nothing much happened. Later elle and lynn came to show their transformed selves (meaning they were pimped up, all sexy and smexy. WAIIT sexy and smexy mean the same thing right) THEN THEY GUYS WANTED TO GO TO RHASTA. oh before that we took turns playing family. Jimmy was my hubby (how did it turn out like that, someone TELL ME?) , CT was my mommy, Jeremy daddy, Wai Kit my personal stylist, Hanni my brother, Lulu my slave, Ern Ying and Sharon my younger and older sister respectively. Okay so half the guys left for rhasta despite sharon and I's constant pleas to not go there as going to SS2 at 10.30 was kinda a bad idea. but whatever, they went anyway. So it was drizzling and Jeremy, Wai Kit and Hanni, Ern Ying and sharon and I were huddled under a small umbrella, deciding what to do. In the end, the girls came over to my house. We chatted for half an hour about... well.. STUFF. Then we did STUFF. (ern Ying and Sharon, nudge nudge you know what I mean hehe) and then we called the guys up and talked to all of them about nonsense. Then we were so jobless that we sent messages to two guys each simultaneously. Honestly, my hubby and my slave dont give me much face. Everyone replied Sharon and Ernie (WHAT THE MA DE) at the same time but i got nothing. So sad right. people just hate me. :( Anyway. YEaH. I really enjoyed myself, despite doing practically nothing. And wasting my phone credit. Hmm. yeah. And mixing with juvenile delinquents. and seeing girl's bras. Honestly, They may think its very sexy, but it just looks sloppy. I dont want to see your bloody bra, woman. Next time just come naked then. Who cares, right? Sheesh. So yeah thats about it and im going to watch a movie now. Or maybe I should just open my window and yell loudly and see which neighbour's lights come on first. or eat many apples and throw the apple cores at my opposite neighbours window. hmmm. Yes. Sounds good.

Off to eat apples.
beb and boob
i mean bob

Friday, March 27, 2009


Currently In ESL class violating the trust our dear Ms.Geetha bestowed upon us- by using the computer. Well she didnt exactly say we COULDNT use it, right? Ah well.
I got 12 for my quiz.
I must be really retarded.
I feel that everyone in class HB1 clicks really well with each other.
I mean, we're so united! (well, most of us anyway...)
And... I truly enjoy being with everyone in our class!!
*sentimental moment*
*tearfully reaches for a tissue*
Ok. Moment over.
So yeah..
haha they dont know. ahahahaha.
but i didnt bring a camera so im doomed. DARN IT.
Jon is bugging me to go back to class.
We are going....

Monday, March 23, 2009







Saturday, March 21, 2009


Who said Korean food sucks??????
Wait... Nobody!!
when you are surrounded by yummy Korean Eye Candy (KEC).
Oh yes people, the Daorae BBQ Restaurant in Desa Hartamas has achieved quite a big feat.
Other than having many loyal customers and always getting promoted for good food,
THEY, HAVE, TWO YUMMY KECs that comes with the whole order!!!
Gosh I was too busy staring at them the whole time that I (the one who usually finishes eating first) became the LAST TO FINISH.

Plus that, as I stepped in, IMMEDIATELY i recognized THREE people I knew.
First, there was this guy lounging in a chair that looked awfully like this guy I knew in primary school. I wasnt so sure.
THEN, my eyes met the sight of a whole bunch of Wesleyians and un-Wesleyians, seated in a corner, munching and laughing away. (I bet they recognized me. Or not.)
THENNNN, as I sat down, I recognised ANOTHER Wesleyian!!! Seated behind me.
All mah juniors.
AND I SWEAR the preppy pretty looking KEC was giving me weird looks as I kept on staring hard at hime. Im pretty freaky in that way, sometimes. I ADORE KECs.
The buff one was soooo yummy I was practically drooling.
I mean, where can you find TWO KECs of a different type (one preppy pretty and one suave buff) IN ONE PLACE!!! WORKING TOGETHER!! SPEAKING IN KOREAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*dreamy sigh*
hormones.... WHY THE HECK DO YOU KEEP ACTING UP!?!?!?!!

ERN YING! LETS GO ON one SATURDAY NIGHT! thats when theyre both there, i think.

Chocolate Cake-ooo!!

So after staying at college on a SATURDAY for MADU and some time spent at the iZone, I went to Mercato to buy a packet of cake mix. :) When I reached home, it was 2.57. (yes, I know the exact time.... I looked at the digital clock when I reached home.) Immediately, I started searching for my baking equipment. It took quite a while because usually my maid will help me with that and help me bake too, but since now I have a new maid, I didnt wanna tax her too much, PLUS THAT she doesnt know where everything is AS WELL as she didnt understand a single thing I said.
This is OFFICIALLY the first time I did EVERY SINGLE thing myself. I mean before this, my maid would help me sift the flour and take out the equipment and watch it in the oven, but now I did ALLL THAT MYSELF OKAY. Im so proud. LOL. sorryy lahh what to do, im easily contented and satisfied wannn... Sooo yeah. Thanks Sharon for recommending the brand!!! I mixed everything after much to-do and then estimated the time and temperature. Set it, and left it. Went upstairs to rest for a while and sing Xin Tiao over and over again. Twenty minutes later (which isnt much) I went to check on my cake. It looked almost ready. So I went to take a bath. Immediately after my bath, I took out the cake.
Hehehe then i went upstairs to continue singing Xin Tiao repeatedly. Just too obsessed with the song like how everyone ELSE is obsessed with Taylor Swift's Love Story. Then my mom came back, and I surprised her with the cake. I hope it cheered her up because that was the main reason i baked the cake anyway. Some pictahs:

The wee piece of cake standing tall. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

scroll allll the way down to the end of the post and read going up. please.

Guys... This shall be the first part... second part later okay?? IM DAMN TIRED AND ITS 4.20a.m. in the morning on SUNDAY AND I HAVENT DONE HOMEWORK PLUS TMR IM GONNA BE OUT THE WHOLE DAY! TA.Sacha
Sharon the Baron
Hui Jin looking pretttyy
Colleen hee hee
Jimmy the Scary Eating Machine
Wai Kit
Potraits: CT
Uh. k
Guys at Yuen's STEAMBOAT
oh and this was the sign pasted in the shop. so apparently ROUGH and unkind men are allowed into the fitting room, huh? I see, i see...
Colleen and I having our bit of fun again, messing around.. lol.
AND i look bad in this picture but the main focus is mah buddies here! Sacha the hottie, im sorry im blocking you.. guys will come beat me up, i know, i know... lol.
Chloe and mua!! gosh im so ugree. =D
The two people we constantly disturbed.
Ugh hate my pink lippy smile. Now i know never to use that lipgloss.... UGH. anyway. kissy! :D
Chloe in a lovely dress she SHUDVE bought but DIDNT and ME wearing a RUBBISH BAG.
Potrait of Sharon. I THINK THIS PIC ROCKS my SOCKS.
Colleen and I had a bit of fun ourselves too! :D
Chloe hottie and mua.
Oh. N then the girls WENT AWAY TO DO *wiggles fingers* SHOpppppiiinngg!!!!! hahahahhaha
Wai Kit, CT, Sacha and B... From the bottom. hehehe.
POSER NYA THese people.. i didnt even ASK. I was just taking a pic of myself (okay im also a poser) and then they all thought i was taking of them so i just snapped also lor...
LOOK LOOKETH, i be holdin sharon's head with me two left fingers!!! gaspedy gasp
The three pic-taking girls!!! snapping away like papparazzi. hehehe. funnyyy..
Another try..... BOo fail.
"artistic" photos start after the strenuous but FUN ice skating!! I was half-dead lah. UNFIT-nya... Anyway.. chloe was so cute, she was like "omgosh yeah i should do that too!" and off she went to take "artistic" photos along with me. LMAO.
From the side...
Jimmy's gay pose is the first thing you notice. Then yeah. well. hehehe. POSERS! (I made them do it lah.)
Dai lou (jimmy), Hanni (GF), C, B and Sharon
the ice skating rim of doom and many falls and thus, wet butts...
CT, brendaboo, Colleen
camwhoring <--i dont like that word. so i shall say, pic-taking session officially starts. breakfast at mcdonalds.. I had apple pie and ice cream. Together. then me and sharon explored their mini playground. i didnt get stuck, thanks for asking.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

To God (cheerS)

hah> I was standing in the park wondering why frisbees got bigger as they get closer. Then it hit me.


:D :D :D :D
honestly, I dont know what would have happened if I didnt have God with me throughout the exam...
Id be dead, thats what.

Haih.. eventho im not eligible for FULL scholarship at taylors, at least i can apply for ONE OF IT!! :D :D THANKS GOD THANKS GODDD
its all thanks to YOU that I was able to do well.


Today, I took my brother's new bike out for a SPIN ON THE STREETS BEBEH!!
IT was GREAT. I would have preferred it to be higher as my legs ARE pretty long, (not bragging here people, focus) and my toe was constantly being scraped by the road. PAINFUL. But to feel the wind rushing through my hair, whipping past my face, the pumping of my feet on the pedals, the SORE PAIN IN MY CALVES, EVERYTHING!
Gosh i never knew i missed cycling that much.
for those who dont know, I used to cycle around my neighbourhood like very HARDCORE cycling, EVERY friday evening when I was form two (and younger) and it was like, the one thing i looked forward to doing every Friday evening.
Plus that, on Sunday I would go swimming at my cousin's house or go to Lakeclub for some laps in the pool. Then, there'd be tennis lessons on Thursday, at night, when the lights are alll orangish because of the lamp posts.
I miss going to Lake club and reading story books in the library, bathing after a long swim or an invigorating run at the gym, or a round of tennis and then going to the cafeteria and ordering my usual roti canai with Milo ICE! I MISS IT!
I miss making ridiculously long skipping ropes out of rubberbands and then jumping like crazy in my garden. I miss talking to my neighbour (ex-neighbour, she's no longer living there either) and concocting the weirdest combinations consisting of soil, water and plants. I MISS being able to conjure any image up in my mind. I miss that burst of colour, the flair for flamboyant colours that I used to have. I miss how I used to be able to think up every little detail of any character I created out in my head and then spinning stories to the eager ears my little friends and making them believe it too. Oh wait this is sports related.
So. I miss my swimming lessons!!! (shock) I miss BADMINTON!!!! (not shocking) I MISS NETBALL I miss footballl and i kind of miss basketball and netball. I MISS DOING ALLL THOSE EXTRA CURICCULAR ACTIVITES i used to do almost EVERYDAY!
I miss the carefreeness of youth. I miss everything about my childhood.
I cant be THAT unhappy now, can I?
am I?

on a happier note, I did well in my SPM. Praise the Lord. =D only He is capable of such miracles.. Ive never gotten an A1 for anything during my whole time in WMS. hehehe. fooh.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

You know what I need?

Chic flicks. MANY MANY chic flicks.
I LOVED, absolutely loved Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. (9/10)
Other than all those fantasy fictional movies e.g: Stardust, Bedtime Stories, Inkheart, City of Ember (all given 8/10 but for Stardust a 10/10), I realised that I just adore chic flicks.
Nanny Diaries was not bad too!! Another 8/10.
Im not afraid to say it, I positively HATE crying movies. (Which doesnt mean i dont watch them...)
Its just that I prefer something light and comical, because life is hard enough to deal with already.
I dont need other people's fictional characters to make me feel empathy and sympathy and THEN start feeling miserable myself. >_> Sad movies usually have happy endings tho, and that makes me pretty much OK with watching them.
Lets be honest here, I dont LIKE to think about deep and controversial issues interweaved into a certain movie. I like movies to be straightforward, happy, perky, comical, not-too-soppily-romantic, and well..... to have a happy ending. I wouldnt exactly call that shallow, but I hope you understand what I mean.

Someone told me that I dont really WANT to have a boyfriend that much because Ive never experienced it and because I dont know what Im missing.
well I certainly know what im NOT missing.
But lets face it, everyone wants someone to love and someone to love them back.
I do too.
But I guess the time's just not right for me.
I've been let down and disappointed by love, and im upset not even because it happened to me.
Its because of all the sad cases I see around me, couples fighting and breaking up when I honestly thought they were perfect for each other.
So what I need as a remedy and to get my mind off all this frustrating, complicated, loser-feeling-inducing matters, is MANY MANY MANY more chic flicks and chic lits. MANY MORE.

Ive never REALLY thought what would happened if there was ACTuALLY a guy that liked me and vice versa. And if we got together. I seriously think no one will be able to accept me as I am.
Thank GOD someone up there (a.k.a GOD Himself) can stand me and loves me as me.
Thank goodness for parents and siblings too, eventho they might get on one's nerves occasionally.
I know I know, friends and everyone else like me just as I am, but there's always this need nibbling away in everyone including myself to have that special someone.
I dont go around whining and pining for one tho, do I?
I wonder if Id turn into this mushy pulp if I ever get a BF.
I sure hope not. I'd hate to see myself be like that. I mean not that there's anything wrong with being cheesy, but Im not one to make little baby noises and coo and snuggle 24/7. It irks me. Hugging frequently yes, but absolutely NO mushy-yucky-too-over-the-top stuff.
But thats just the cynical me that has never experienced love first hand.
spent my whole life being the middle person and im pretty much sick of it.
Im also very well accquainted with the baggage relationships can carry due to all the messages Ive had to pass back and forth when a certain couple was fighting.
To those people getting married, I really hope you guys make the right choice and stick together till the GRAVE. I hate it when people fight and I definitely cant STAND it when people split up.

There. Ive pretty much said it all.
Betcha never thought a person like ME would actually want a boyfriend eh?
Yeah. Neither did I.
Fortunately, its not one of my top priorities right now as I am not an aging old maid that is desperate to get married before I die and dont get a chance to leave a lil strand of my DNA behind in this world. >_> You get what I mean, Bio students.

lemme know if you guys have any good ones. chic flicks and lits i meant. Not juicy relationship problems.
Im not actually DYING to know.
Happy to help but Im not volunteering.

bebs and bobs.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Apparently my last angst-ridden, ranting post wasnt enough to INFORM people about the current state Im in.

So here we go again.
See here people.
I KNOW, yes IM PAINFULLY AWARE that im of a much larger size than most/some say even ALL of the Malaysian students my age. Yes. Classmates, whatever mates, YES. I AM LARGER THAN YOU. I KNOW, too, that I am FAT. YES. F-A-T, get that. IN ADDITION, I also DO KNOW that ALLLLLLL MALAYSIAN GIRLS are SMALLER sized and slimmer than me.
OH YES, i know. I know i know i know.
SO why the freaking sunnufagon, WHY, do you have to point it out to me?
I mean, what do you EXPECT me to say, or DO?
If I dont have a problem with it, why do YOU have a problem with it?
Does my LARGENESS/ FATNESS distract you? Reduce your IQ? OR EVEN cause pigs to sprout wings and FLAP them in ur face? or maybe fatness is now contagious?
click here to understand: (
What EXACTLY do you want me to say in reply?
Person: My my. You have broad shoulders.
Sarah: @#$@%@@#$@%#$&$^##%#
Is that it????
Person: Oh my WORD. Sarah! ur so large, fat and fiddly!!
Sarah: Why, THANK YOU, you very observant eejit! Here, have a hundred dollars for being so VERY informative!!!!!!
Person: Well. I would VERY much like to insult you since I have no life. Hence, I would just like to let you know that you're absolutely huge!!
Sarah: *takes the insult well*, *grins chummily*, yeah.. u know. Im always huge and stuff. HahaaHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Its always the third case for me.
I mean, what ELSE can i do right?
Shun them. Stone them..
Those are the choices playing over and over again in my mind.
It usually settles for "SLICE THEIR NECKS" but I somehow never get to that.
Im pretty busy, you know.
Wont be wanting blood on my hands, now WOULD I?

So why dont you just LEAVE me alone before you leave this earth a LITTLE too early.
Deal with it.

just freaking deal with it.

I havent studied Chemistry cuz' im here wanting to rip off people's heads.
On the other hand................

An UNEXPECTED phone call from someone UNEXPECTED just made my day. well. the one HOUR thats left of my day. >_>

You know who you are! Dont worry about it. I wasnt actually talking about you.
but thanks for showing me that not all guys are bloody BASTARDS and that some can have a conscience.
Wait, I shouldnt be thanking you.
the whole MALE generation should be thanking you for not making me lose faith in the male race and then convincing all girls to shun guys.
I can be very influential. Yes I can.

I still hate boys.
But yeah.
All's cool as long as you dont stoke the fire.
:) sunnufagonna.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So yeah. Long with fringe- 8
Short with fringe-5

i told you guys already..
its useless to vote for the Mohawk!!
Im gonna cut it shoulder length with "fringe".
My only FEAR is that they go all "JAPANESE HAIRSTYLE" or "LALA WANNABE" on me and i turn out looking like something just pulled out of the incinerator.
So I fear for my hair.
I fear.
I DONwannatalkaboutthatthingthateveryoneelseisbeingsokanjiongaboutidontwannaknow!!!!
but of course I surrendered it all to the Lord. I trust He will bless me. AND YES! JESUS WILL! okay. bye. bebs bobs