Thursday, November 30, 2006

transmission from China (beep-beep) uuuuu heeee--e-ear me???

I am now transmitting the following post from a computer in room 711 of some hotel in WuXi, China.

It is my great pleasure to announce that - China kinda rocks. This has been the most shop-a-holic vacation i have had. Bought a new jacket, sweater, and board shoes (oooo those that i wanted sooooo long!!) And, and, i even got this qwystal ball to put next to my compwutor. Nice leh...?

Will probably be sending the photos online in a moment. Did you know we have dinner as early as 5.30PM here? and it was fweezing cold this moning - 6C!!!

OK... need....cchhhhshhhower.... will....keeeeepp updating sooon....... end....tran-sss--mi-ssss-s-si-oooo-nnnnn...................................................................................... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Yesterday, (30 Nov) woke up to find i still have no transport,and the cabs cudnt fetch us. Jaclyn fetched me. YAY! Thanks. ANd then everyone met up at McDonalds, and only Jaclyn, me, ming hui and yoon chee and hoong min were there and we went upstairs to eat. Then the others arrived, and i was there still eating my heavenly frech fries and ice cream. Yummy!! :) Then once veryone came, (michelle hadn't yet.)we went to buy our food before going into the cinema. The gals waited a bit longer for michelle before finally handing the resposibility to an innocent Indian person called MUnoRaj who handles the tickets at the entrance. He was to give michelle her ticket and allow her in. Then the gals sat down. ANd the boys wudnt budge until Boon finally kindly got up and made all da boys move. :D Then we sat and watched. And michelle came in somewhere later. The movie wasnt as i bad as i expected. Rather good in fact. but, DAME was it Cold!!!!! lol. Then we went our separate ways. The gals went to Secret Recipe where two ate dishes and the rest ate cakes. The guys went to play pool. After da gals finished, we went to watch da boys play pool. Looks like yahoo pool does ACTUALLY help a wee bit. Boon and ming hui were quite good!! hee hee. Then da gals still didnt know what to do. But then i had to leave at 4 so after final hugs and goodbyes i went in search of the North Court. I did have a fun time tho i cudnt stay long. All the gals looked so pwetty!! michelle as usual outdid herself and alison had a new hairstyle. Tze had a cute shirt and kay had cute shoes. Jac had a cute cute cute shirt and her cute face. kekeke..Me? boy. lol.I wonder what they are going to do later on..?? Sorry, jing tao!! too bad u had to go shanghai now. Sheesh. u can come to my housela, all of u. :) Pics of my bro. :D
the rest u go see at my blog lah. This is dame slow. sheesh.

Monday, November 27, 2006

early christmas

Christmas at my house. DE event of DE christmas tree. The nativity set. The disco balls i bought! And lastly, my curled hair. Eek.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

shanghai here i come

By the time yall have read this, I should be in Shanghai, or be on my way to Shanghai, or be on my way to KLIA, or be brushing my teeth, or snoring away in bed, or...

Back on Dec 2. Will try to get online anytime. Tata dears.

P.S. Phone will be on at home. Sarah is welcome to flood it with SMSes until my inbox is full, while all calls are automatically rejected.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Yesterday,, i went out to One u, with my mom and my two aunts and my lil bro, my big sis and my lil cuz.. No clothes shopping... Just grocery cos it was Jusco day or watever.. Like if ur a member u get a discount even on DISCOUNTED stuff.. It was good.. But someone ate the Chocolate Danish Loaf i bought!! Ive a feeling its my sneaky good for nothing maid. Sigh. I dont like her. Like Michelle doesnt like her maid. Anyway.. after that i went to their apartment, where i went swimming..And as i did backstroke across the empty swimming pool (cos no one was there!! YippeE! except for my aunts and sis and bros la) the clouds moving slowly across the grey turning into blue sky.. I saw two clouds that looked like dogs.. And then i saw two faint outlines of cloud squares in the sky. And then i saw a V line of birds swooping across the sky like jets.. And then i saw a cloud rabbit.. And then i saw a cloud goat.. And then i saw a cloud mountain..And then i hit my head on the edge of the swimming pool. Ouch.
My own painted picture due to the song Oh! Gravity by Switchfoot. :) not bad eh?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

hair issues

days problem...'to straighten or not to straighten' my hair i mean, but now my problem is gone n another problem pop out! finally i've straighten my hair today after mum forced me n said that my hair looked like a lion aka simba (lion n the king). it look ok but very very very flat! make my face look big only-flat hair+big round face= fatty girl! sob sob..just hope that my hair will become more puffy! and there is so much things to worry about!
1. can't tie my hair
2. can't clip my hair
3. can't wash my hair for 3 days
4. can't put my hair behind my ears which is sooooo irritating
5. i hv to sleep with my hair put in front!

this sux! but hv to be thxful to mum too cos it wasn't cheap! so, guess i need to be appreacitive.
anywayz, now even mum can't 'tahan' my maid! LOL...after i learn to accept all her weirdo-ness and silly-ness, mum went sooooooooooooo angry with her- description: the head was boiling like a kettle and the sound was like tweeeeeeeeeeeeettttttt!! whoa...even i didn't went like that! first time a maid made my mum go ballistic!
that's all i hv to say n now have to pray so that dad's bos will not go to singapore so that dad can take me, mum n sis to singapore!! everyone pray for me too, k!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

a day without maxis

lala.... my phone was off almost the whole day. Free of annoying calls and sms'es - so easy...

bought a new shirt yesterday. Its orange in color - with a nice beeg pwint. Can't wait to show it off to you guys soon. When's the next outing? in 2 weeks time?

Peace out...

ice kacang/ party/ missin school/trip to t.i

Life has been good to me, my comrades. Yes. im talking like chin peng. Snap outta it!!! Ok...*wheww*** ok.. well my party was a huge success (i hope) and im glas everyone came but sadly tze cudnt come.. sniff. And thnx mich!! I LOVE ur presenT!!! Thanks so much! After my party i immediately went to teluk intan (mh mother is from there i think) and i LOVED going back there,, and this time i had the whole squeaky queen sized bed to myself cos my sister didnt come and stayed over in my cuzzins house. I stayed up late watching tv. Oh yea! before tat i had enjoyed nature's TV!cos there was this piece of empty land, and it was late night,, and there was this lightning display!! Continous!! IT ROCKED and leaved me awed. And i dont have to tell u anything but that i ate ice kacang ABC di sana. Sedap!!!! What kind du u all like? i want mine with PLENTY of cin cau, corn, a bit of chendol, LOTS a nuts, and LOTSA pink tranparent balls!! yummy!!!!! I miss school too.i miss seeing all my frens. and its only been two days. i miss alison being crazy and pinching me until my cheeks hurt. I miss jing tao trying to take advantage of my pretty wife, mich, and chasing her around the class trying to **** her. I miss all the boys and their loud noises. i miss school. What can i say? And i just did something to my hair. Somethin all my frens has been bugging me to do. Just guess. And i dont fancy being a admin, its ok being watever i am now. And we shudnt be called GENIUSES . it sounds so COMMON. Why dont we change it to.. COUPSIES? or COUPSEES? it sounds chunter. lol.

me, me, me!

i'm finally in...wahh...i'm one of the cool!! LOL...lame-ooo! =p
dunno what to write though..but dunno what the heck jason is writing! just finish changing my blog to the beta thing and now writing crap on this blog! what are we suppose to write anyways? *blur* the name is kinda cool! coup...
had sooooo much fun at sarah's party! thx!! i love u soooo much hunny-bunny!
n jing tao...step off! i told my mum about what happen in school and she's not happy!! wahahahahahaha...and u call me for what lehh??
that's all from me now! byezz everyone..i noe this is a dumbo post!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Admin - short for "administrator". In teams admins have the highest position and power of control. Admins are allowed to create new posts and modify their own or other people's posts.

E.g Michelle posts "I love XXX"

As an admin - you can change it to -

"I love YYY"

In addition - admins can change the template/design, and also change blog settings.

The other position is guest - guests are normal members who can only create posts and modify their own posts only. They cannot mess with the template or blog settings.



OMgosh!!! I missed the last day of school! and i was supposed to say goodbye to everyone, buy my uniform, and give Jac's present. My alarm woke me at 6, but i went back to sleep!!! And the next thing i knew, my room seemed rather bright and the clock read 6:55!! This is the first time ive ever woken up too late to catch the bus... OMGOSH! im so sad i wont be able to see most of my frens during the hols. Class mates that is. Sigh.. im kinda overwhelmed at the moment..Thanks ming hui for doing all those stuff i asked u to. I hope u remember! :P
Btw, what the hark is admin?

Thursday, November 16, 2006


i dont know my strengths. I broke a chopstick in the Six Happiness retaurant. I was trying to cut an egg and it broke. Just snapped like a twig. Dont know how. Dont know why. And why do they call it Six happiness? Why not seven or eight happiness? And Mariot hotel was so lovely and wide that as soon as i reached, i began running around like a 6 year old.. And the beds are so very comfortable and cozy! And cousin was fine. She liked the earrings. Yesterday, the grey that blanketed the sky seemed to be eating up the fluffy pink and orange clouds in the horizon. It was like a dark force accompanied with thunderous camera flashes! Traffic was jammed pack. Rain seemed like hail. And the grey sky was so very threatening. Thats it. No more poems from me!

Go Coup, Go!!

I knew that was a good word....

We appreciate your intentions to color your posts to make them stand out of ours. In the future we plan to make the posts automatically colored based on author =)

Honour goes to minghui for coming up with the word "coup". If he didn't, it'd most probably become "soup group" (I like soup btw, do you?)

Outings, outings, outings... Here are the few places we may visit during this holiday season:
  • UpValley Gigamall;
  • Kay Elle Cee Cee;
  • Times Circle; and
  • Zoo Niagara
I give preference to the fourth option xD

The next upcoming discussion is: Shall we promote Sarah to admin too?


Sigh.. sombody should DO something here.. Anyhoos,, i come to u with great peace saying that i shall be goin to Putrajaya later on. And Xrays are scaree. You know that? Cos u have to keep still. And i cant do that. Lol. Now ive got another TWO blogs to manage. Ah.. what a busy life we live, is it not? Hey, only three of us arh?? ADd so more lerr. im so sad that school is ending.. We MUST plan alot of outings ok? ok??? right.. right,,im off now. Theres bound to be something else boring to do ere.. I have a few funny anecdotes to tell later on tho.. :) ByeiZ!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

At the Beginning...

And life is a road that I wanna keep going,
Love is a river I wanna keep flowing,
Life is a road, now and forever,
Wonderful journey...

A new blog is born...

Admin too -

Another Start

As I said before, there's a start for everything in life =)

A new start for everything,
A new hope from a new start,
A new experience from a new hope,
Coup is the word for everything we do.

This is the first post for this blog.
A genuine post by MingHui.

We kick-off this thing when the rain falls, again.