Thursday, September 1, 2011

not enough.

Hahaha surprisingly, i feel like Facebook isnt enough.
It doesnt connect me enough.
I dont know what else to do with my time online.
Should i not go online and find other things to do?
I go online out of habit.
But is there something else i could be doing other than surfing the Internet?
Since all i ever do is MSN, Skype, FAcebook, check my email, update my Looklet, and sometimes watch Youtube videos and look through some cooking blogs...
usually i have dramas/animes/movies i want to watch, but somehow now i think ive watched enough.

time to read a book (ironically, since the only reason i was looking forward to midsem break was so i could NOT read text... lol)
anyhow, reading a textbook vs reading a storybook,,,there's a great difference between the two.