Tuesday, June 29, 2010

chinese poem dari aku


i looked at the moon, but did not think of you,
for my heart was far away, and i was thinking of someone else.

thanks shu pei. ;)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I went everywhere for you,
I even did my hair for you,
I bought new underwear,
they're blue,
And I wore them just the other day.


My hair is officially returning to its huge, fluffy state.. Just the other day I plucked out a hair that looked like it did not belong to my head... IT was EXTREMELY curly, and by EXTREMELY curly I mean ... well.. EXTREMELY CURLY!

Having exams atm, dont know why Im blogging when thats the LAST thing I should be doing, but I tend to want to write rubbish during exams....

Two more papers.
Then its freedom.
And saying goodbye to my storage of cash... Eventhough it wasnt that much in the first place.. Its still money. T-T
outings with friends have their downsides, dont they?

anyway. this blog is kinda dead. i might do something about it. but i may not.....

I cant seem to end this post.