Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho - MY OPINION. (내 여자 친구를 gumiho입니다)

특별 드라마!!!! 정말 좋아.
그것은 최고예요!


1. Unlike other dramas, the main female character is clear about her feelings, the gumiho CONSTANTLY tells Dae Woong (woong ah) that she likes him. There is no ambiguity, and you can feel the innocence and pure sincerity RADIATING from Min Ah. I mean the gumiho. XD

2. Seung Gi did a good job of acting. While he is NOT in the clear of being a good guy, he can make you hate him or love him. The very fact that he can stir the audience's emotions towards him proves that he is doing a good job.

3. The story line is DEFINITELY interesting. Despite the blatant advertising of other brands (LOL), the plot is smooth-flowing and interesting, never dragging (almost, sometimes) and most of the time, keeps us on our toes.


I take this opportunity to say a big
감사합니다 to all the MGIAG subbers out there, you guys are AMAZING!!!! Really appreciate it.



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