Thursday, June 16, 2011


Exams on the horizon.. no in fact, its around the corner...
no IN FACT, its tmr.
why am i online!
I HATE THE INTERNET SOMETIMES, it's so distracting. i wish i could mug and absorb like some kinda sponge from outer universe. bleoogaefgiafiaomk.
anyway. I thought I was being pretty up to date with my studies this semester but i think i mdoing it the wrong way if i dont even rmbr what my notes were about... -_- time for an overhaul of studying habits and methods..
next sem imma try something new.
like... doing class preparation one week before class. and then reviewing? (probably iwll never have time for that. so okay no reviewing) and spending heaps n heaps of time on the readings, just as long as i understand it, its okay if im slow.

(darn it i can foresee a future of no social life for me next sem)
but this i sthe only sem with five subjects so im cool.
besides i have two days off each week next sem
i could work part time on one day n the other day (friday) i can bum around since my sundays are used to study at the ASB with friends.

okay u know what, i actually shud be focusing on how to pass my exams FIRST before dayfreaming and planning for the future.