Saturday, January 31, 2009

So should I do it all at once?

Nah.. Im just gonna post the college CNY pics first, THEN ill tell you what i wanna say. Aint that better? Uhuh. So. Everyone wore red on friday!! WOOTS! Except for one very SESAT hui sin, but fortunately she had some red about her. hehe. PICTAHS!

okay. this is disastrous. I painstakingly spent HALF AN HOUR compiling the pictures into one whole picture on Paint. AND NOW ITS MINI SIZED! HOW was i supposed to know theyd make this one EVEN SMALLER?
I need Tao's software that can edit the size of pictures... GAH!
Anyway.. Paint made everyones face really grainy so i guess its good that its shrunk down to such a tiny size that you cant really make out anyone. GAH. GAAHH!! lol. NExt time folks..

Friday, January 30, 2009


views. thanks guys. :) im going to post stuff up. bye.

Monday, January 26, 2009

poser pics once again. applause please!

OOOHHH YEs people..
This MOO MOO NIU NIU chinese NIU year, im gonna start it by posting poser pics! OH MY!
Before that,
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR you lovely darlings! I will be posting pics of my cousins, of course.. But thats like.. in the near future lah. I might be going to Teluk Intan REALLY soon.. I really hope they have cafes with internet connection there, or else I wont be able to do a SINGLE PIECE OF MY COLLEGE HOMEWORK. Thats the little glitch in having ONLINE HOMEWORK!!
RESEARCH research research, in my own words!! I have plenty of crap to say, but I cant do those formal types, yknow??? Random: I BOUGHT A SKIRT! YAY!
Anyhoos.. here ya go!! HAHA!! MOOOOOOO!! oh come on people, this is REALLY very few pictures.. bear with me here..

i loved the details on this red dress.. Can you see the top? i wanted to buy it really but as you can see

Thursday, January 22, 2009

so WHOS the birthday girl?

SHARON TURNS 18 on this wunnerful day!
The day that all mankind rejoices for a beautiful baby who has grown up to be a hottie hot hottie has been born!!!

SHARON NG! (not putting full name in case people can stalk her)
what CAN i say about sharon ng..Well.
Ive just found out how crazy she can be. Which is PRETTY CRAZY.
And all the "hum-hum-hum-hum-hurm" sounds she likes to make when she "chews" on my arm.
Not only that, but her outburst of laughter is like "whoa..."
Also, she talks a gibberish kind of language which im pretty sure only she and the air particles around her truly understand.

Yet, despite all these weird but cute perks she has, EVERYBODY who meets her be he/she 6 years old OR 56 years old, they all are completely taken up by her.
Well duh. First of all, she's a wholesome, smart, all-rounded girl. Smart, respects her peers, sweet, hot, slim, pretty, HOT (oh, ive already mentioned that?) and well... she's just amazingly likable. There is something about her that draws everyone who sets his/her eyes on her, TO her.
Even I, the person observer and analyst cannot fully comprehend her magnetic powers.
No seriously. You should come over to Taylors. ITS ALL SHARON-CRAZY YO!!!
Hehehe. Im really trullllllyyy blessed to be a part of Sharon's circle of friends.
I hope that this year will be a great one for you, Sharon, especially since IM SITTING BESIDE YOU!! HAHA! Lets rock this year, mah dear! I LOVETH YOU!! MUcH MUCH MUCHO.

well. I thought I had many nice pictures of Sharon because of today. But I just remembered. I was using HER camera. *slaps forehead in frustration* SO ULL JUST HAVE TO MAKE DO WITH THESE ONES! :D

Wooooh look pretty in black and white too man! what can this girl NOT do, i mean REALLY!

aww look at that face! aint it just simply adorable?!
Yeah the one on the right is Sharon like DUH. And read the last post if you have anything to say about me. thanks.

anywayy.. I love you Sharon and Ill always have your back. Please keep being crazy cuz life wont be fun without you. :) hugsandkisses!!

and sharon, please, dont scroll down. LOL. thanks. Just stop reading after uve reached the end of this post. thank ya! :D :D Love yah

Orientation Party

Uhuh, so its going to start in half an hour, and I just broke Sharon's bag. I feel really bad. Sigh. Parties dont usually start so good. Anyway, Shawn is saying that its cool to blog right now. (Said as he walks by me while I use the computer) and my hair has a beeg bump in it cuz i tied it high for the earlier part of the day. Sigh.
On the other hand, everyone looks fantastic. And im active in blogging as Wei Zhi just said to me. Im not! SERIOUSLY! I just, blog whenever Im free. Which is alot. Cos usually I dont like doing work and then i blog lah.. simple je. math equation. ANywayyy Jia Yung said my typing is really fast but its not true cos this is counted pretty slow already. And Brenda is on-looking as I type nonsense into this white box. Anyway.. this orientation party is relationship-ist. Blue ribbon for those who are taken, pink ribbon for single people. So i took blue. Know why?

eh its true werd. Anyway i better not waste my time wasting nonsense and filling peoples lives with rubbish but INSTEAD go and compensate for my mistake by helping Sharon fix her bag. Sigggghh! I feel so bad! and plus when i saw danial, he HAD to bring it up. In a joking way of course. But I still bad.. And Melissa is like "ur blogging here ah?" AHAHAHA! yeah i kno right so jobless. well anyhoos.
Sarah debs Mel me, josh and ming are gonna make up Bangsar CG!
I HOPE we can have fun. I really hope i dont have to act all prim and proper all the time.
Its tiring...
And someone called me Barney cos im wearing purple. not someone actually. THE WHOLE CLASS. MEANIES. Hmph. BYe

bebs and bobs


So I came back today to discover that I would be going for the Inkheart movie later in the evening.
And now Im back.

Ill give it a very EXCLUSIVE 8.5/10.
Brendan Fraser's acting has once again proved mediocre, but I feel his role was not major in this movie. Stardust STILL remains one of my favourite movies of all time.
Extra points for bimbotic but dishy Farid in the movie, a yummy eye-candy that certainly gave the movie an extra perk.
Their British grandmother who lives in Italy also gave some good laughs. Well, at least I THINK she's British. Otherwise, why the accent?
Anyhow, pretty good movie overall.
Bedtime stories was a cheesy but also quite decent. Alot of loud-head-thrown-back-laughter ensued in the cinema, mainly thanks to that other Brit guy.. some Brit comedian that also acted in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Im sorry, Im really not good with names.
ANYWAY, since Ive watched this movie before everybody else, I might as well tell you to go and check it out if you like fantasy-happy-endings sort of movies. Im a sucker for those types. hehe.
Thanks to my sister for winning premier tickets!!! :) She rocks, and not only cuz she won those tickets okay.

Also, tommorow we will be having the Eclipse party, as I have mentioned.
I really dont know what to wear.
Everybody's gonna look so nice while I look like some kelefeh hobo. Oh well.
No matter, I always look like one so I guess it wont make much of a difference?
Oh and today I met many good looking guys!!

*googles bimbotic Farid*
bebs and bobs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I picked my phone..

...and said "Hello?"

And Jimmy said "The sign we stick on our manly chest."
We doubled over.

Basically our Biology assignmen-which was to act out translation and transcription- well you COULD say it was a little messed up.
IT WAS TOTALLY MESSED UP due to the fact we never had a single practice session and we were all yelling and fighting at the front of the class when we were actually supposed to start acting.
At least it gave the class alot of laughs..

And what can I say about Jimmy's band full of boys demonstration? PRETTY funny. Especially when jimmy is in. Jimmy is those sort of Joshua Yip's (WMS-ians you know what Im talking about) but yes, do not let that deceive you. He is popping full'a brains. However, I have reason to believe that Jon was sexually harrassed during the show.

Anyhow, Bio became the most eventful subject of the day. Not long after we all had presented our sketches on the assigned topics, teacher started her lecture. And wonders of wonders, my phone rang.
*Switchfoot's Gone playing loudly*
So I hurriedly scrabbled for my phone in my bag. Taking a look at the number, i HONESTLY presumed it was (THE ENEMY, for those who dont know, well, its better you dont know.)

So I did the most natural thing someone would do when his/her phone rang.
I answered.


The class errupted into uncontrollable laughter.
Not knowing what I had done wrong, I just shouted into the receiver "IM HAVING CLASS NOW YOU IDIOT. SHUT UP!"
I really, TRULY thought it was (THE ENEMY)
but turns out it wasnt.
anyway, a split second after I hung up furiously, it registered in my mind.
i was supposed to REJECT THE CALL.
Fool= me. Yes i know.
But i DID apologise to teacher afterward. This sore throat must have done something to my brain... Im not socially aware of the ettiques of being in the presence of teachers.
Fool= me.
And thats not the only blunder I made. Turns out the person on the phone whom I thought was (THE ENEMY) was actually, Danial, my senior.
I was chagrined.
I apologised non-stop (Hey I called him an idiot for no reason, I should've been shot, really) and yes, he was such a cool, self-less, nice, amazing guy that he forgave me.

thanks Danial :) :)

So ho ho and ha ha, tomoro we have the Orientation party themed Eclipse and Sharon said she would wear a yellow dress and i would wear a black one, and together, we could form the eclipse!
Its nonsense, anyhow. IM gonna wear purple.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

500 hits

deserves a story from me.
Oh well its not as if a story from me is like something people are YEARNING for or anything but I feel like writing so ZIP it and read.
Plus, I dont think my poll is gonna help much in its current state.. >_> its all tied!
Sharon did a good job with her speech today!! :D

so here goes: *inhales*
So I woke up that morning, took a look in the mirror while brushing my teeth, and let out a shriek that could be heard three blocks away.
"What the HELL is WRONG with my eye?!!!!" I yelled in despair. I had a party held annually by my company that night, and had it all set to blow everyone's mind away with my fabulous dress and my equally fabulous body (from tirelessly working out in the gym every SINGLE day to get to this day) and now I'd have to blow everybody's EYES out so they wouldnt see my ugly,swollen eye. I even looked like that notre dame guy! What was his name again? I dont know. Not that he was ugly or anything but HELL!
Frantically grabbing my car keys and racing to the doctor's, I found out (surprise surprise) that it was some kind of gross infection due to Blah blah BLAH (i wasnt listening). What I REALLY wanted to know was how the doctor could cure it. IMMEDIATELY. "Im sorry, but this will probably last two days even after applying the cream." the doctor told me, sounding regretful. Aghast, I cried aloud "But Im going to a party tonight! And Ive got everything ready! I was going to amaze everybody!!!!! But now Ive got some monster eye and..and... "
"Im sorry. But maybe this will help?" the doctor said while fumbling about in his drawer.
Eager to see what magical contraption he would pull out to "poof" my eye back to its normal, beautiful state, I was miserably disappointed when he yanked out a black eye patch.
"I cant wear this!! Im not going for some masquerade party, and neither am I dressing up as Caption friggin' HO CRUNCH!" I yelled indignantly in my doctor's face. Seemingly used to this kind of behaviour from his patients, my doctor calmly shrugged and ushered me out the door.
I stood outside the clinic, lamely holding the eyepatch in my hand.

Later that night, after I had finished dressing up in my pressed, silk, fitting dress (bought at a REASONABLE price at Barney's, SUCH a steal!), wore that gross eye-patch and went to the hairdresser's to obtain my springy, freshly-curled hair, I critically surveyed myself in the mirror. Twisting this way and that, I reassured myself. "Surely this eyepatch wont affect my image much. They'll probably thing Im some sexy, mysterious girl." Turning the other way while fluffing up my hair, I added "Yes, yes. They'll be DYING to know whats underneath that patch. Calm down, Selena. You look fantastic. Just breaaattthheeee...." Giving my dress a final smooth-down, I drove to the club where the party was held.

Walking confidently in, I used my good eye to spot my friends who were flirtatiously chatting up a buff man near the bar. Pushing my way through the crowd, I heard some guys saying appreciatively "Looking good, babe." "Pert bum, lady!" Just as soon as I thought it would be alright, I suddenly heard someone snicker. Turning to him, he winked and said "Arrr, ye alrightie, matey?" His mates laughed and one more added "Ay, aye cap'ian! How bout we look for your treasure?" Stalking off furiously, I viciously shoved people aside and finally reached my friends. "Hey lady, how YOU doing?" the buff man asked smilingly. "How do you THINK im doing, big guy? I guess all that working out had some adverse effect on your brain, huh?"I snapped. Looking hurt, the buff man trudged away. "Sel!! How COULD YOU! We were going to bag him for your birthday tomorrow!!!" Jill cried. "Well, I dont WANT him for my birthday okay?" I said, crabbily. "Oooh, it's about your eye-patch isn't it?" Eriena asked, looking concerned. "Poor girl. This is going to haunt her for the rest of her life. Come ere', let Tina-tins give you a hug." said Tina amiably, while opening her arms in a welcoming gesture. Calming down, I hugged Tina and replied "Yeah. This eye-patch just ruined everything.But I shouldnt have been so rude to that big guy." "And he WAS pretty yummy." I admitted. They all giggled.

that's all for now. *exhales*

Sunday, January 18, 2009

it runs in the family..

Idrather start complaining bout college homework but instead, ill move on to something of lighter nature.

Yeh see, my sister was getting ready to go to a party. So me and my mom were in my room with my sister (my room is like the city centre, its the 'in' place where everything people like to use is placed) picking out her jewelry. And I had this long necklace with a monkey pendant, see. So we were trying on necklace after necklace when my mom said "Here Esther!! *points at monkey pendant necklace* Try this Mickey Mouse necklace!!" I retorted ,"Thats not Mickey Mouse lah, mom." My mom, indignant at being talked back to by her daughter, once again insisted "That's Mickey Mouse!!! Mickey mouse is a monkey werd!!!" Upon saying that, my sister and I gave her a long, hard look. Pausing for a moment, she mentally reviewed the words she had just uttered. Finally, a ray of light burst through the dense clouds and my mom said "Oh yeah hor. Mickey mouse is a mouse."

I know, right?
Im probably going to be worse than that.
Even at my supposedly youthful age, I have trouble remembering things.
Examples of future slips of the tongue (that can be imagined) :
"Bugs bunny is an elephant ma, no meh??"
"Eh, that chicken rice got what kind of meat ah? Pork is it??"
"What is our country, Malaysia, called already ah??"

bebs and bobs.

p.s: now to the DARKER SIDE. Jimmy knows Justin!! Why am i NOT surprised?!!
Justin: The smartest freak (meant in a nice way) in our entire form, who knows everything and doesn't need to mug it like the rest of us do.
Jimmy (even tho ive only known him for 2 weeks, I can safely say this) : ONE of the smartest freaks (also meant in a nice way) in my entire class, who knows Physics like the back of his hand and can solve Maths like its elementary stuff.

Jimmy = college version of Justin.

Im gonna start losing my mind, I swear. I struggle with everything!!!
With all these smart people (and I MEAN smart) surrounding me, I'm sure some of their "smartness" is BOUND to rub off me.
keep dreaming, Sarah, or should I do it for you?
WAittaminuteeee, IM SARAH!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Related to the poll (warning: SUPER UGLY poser pics up ahead)

ok look, this is EXAMPLE of how id looks like with a boy's cut? i donno? IM JUST HELPING U TO VISUALIZE!
this one nonsense picture. to show you what are the super weird hairstyles i sometimes tie my hair up in whenever i think no one is looking. well. no one IS looking...

THIS picture has nothing to do with the poll. I just wannashow chloe what a FISH PLAIT LOOKS LIKE WOOT I ROCK COS I CAN DO IT MUAHA

nerd. ish.. ? no fringe people no fringe .

KIND of with fringe.. But like i will make my fringe more prominent if im choosing that...

something like this but without SO MUCH FRINGE LAH..

OKAY, this depends on you readers!! YOU WILLL HAVE TO DEECIDE the future of my hair!
Do i look better in short hair, like shown above, or in long hair? CURLY HAIR?

OR EVEN BETTER, should i get a mohawk? a pixie-style cut? boy cut? Have no fringe? Get fringe? (btw, i AM wearing clothes in that pic. dont doubt my words k.) VOTE PEOPLE!
btw old short rhyme:

If you claim you're not fusspot,
Then why make all that fuss,
If you say you're not a coward,
Then why act like such a wuss?

TRY TO ENJOY THE UGLY PICS AND VOTE UP PEOPLE! thanks! very much appreciated!



Thai restaurants..

....Dont count on their English.

First sign seen when walking in: (oooh it rhymes!)
Please allow us to SIT you.
*image forms in Sarah's mind* Waiter: SIT! Customer:*sits*

Caption shown in menu:
First Impression Could be Last...
sarah: *looks up in horror* GAHH!! THEY PLAN TO KILL ME!!!!!

Caption shown in another part of menu:
Can't Decide Which to Take out? So Put Them All...
sarah: but... but.. Put them all where?????

Caption shown in Vegetarian section:
Green With Envy.
OKAY OKAY so that isnt bad english but WHAttt?????? Weird lah weh..


Speak Chinese In Five Easy Minutes!

That's not right = Sum Ting Wong

Are you harboring a fugitive? = Hu Yu Hai Ding?

See me ASAP = Kum Hia Nao

Stupid Man = Dum Gai

Small Horse = Tai Ni Po Ni

Did you go to the beach? = Wai Yu So Tan?

I bumped into a coffee table = Ai Bang Mai Ni

I think you need a face lift = Chin Tu Fat

It's very dark in here = Wai So Dim?

I thought you were on a diet = Wai Yu Mun Ching?

This is a tow away zone = No Pah King

Our meeting is scheduled for next week = Wai Yu Kum Nao?

Staying out of sight = Lei Ying Lo

He's cleaning his automobile = Wa Shing Ka

Your body odor is offensive = Yu Stin Ki Pu


For the secret post, containing private emotions and feelings,
go to

And doing this is so beside the point.
If its private, why am i promoting it right?
cos i love the oldest posts in my old blog!
its like a blast into the past of how i was like when i was form three and young and guillible(still am) and stupid and carefree!!!!



Thursday, January 15, 2009

fahni + blue deh.

So my mom was on the phone talking to my eliau (uncle) about some medicine that he bought. You see, my dear eliau was not sure whether he bought the right medicine for his ailment. (wellll it wasnt THAT bad.) So my mom asked him to spell out the name of the medicine. Just to let you know, my eliau ONLY SPEAKS CHINESE (i dont know how many dialects) but ONLY within the boundaries of the chinese language lah k. So it went like this:

(Translation into English)
Mom: Okay, spell out the word which is the name of the medicine.
Eliau: Ahh there is some word here at the back in small letters...
Mom: Okay then spell it out.
Eliau: D...i...
Mom: Okay... Go on..
Eliau: G...u....n....
Mom: (a bit puzzled) Mmmmm Ive never heard of that medicine before..
Eliau: a....k.....
Mom: What is the word, eliau? Ive never heard of it!!
Eliau: a.....n..., OH!! DIGUNAKAN!!

Sarah in the background eavesdropping: HAHAHAHAHAHA ROFL ROFL ROFL

Then my mom had to tell him that it was a Melay word for use. My eliau is so cute!!! XD my gosh never met anyone cuter!

Anyway for LAN subject, we currently have THREE PROJECTS PENDING.
1. Out of 20 topics, choose one to present on powerpoint (we have so far cancelled out 15 topis which we were CERTAIN we did not WANT to do at ALL.)
2. Composing and then performing the Unity Song. (not really my cuppa tea, my songs are usually about love-struck mushy people/ nonsense)
3. Current issues.

AND for BIO next Wed, we have to act out the transcription and translation process.....
I dont know how THATS gonna work out.
Plus im just listing this out so that I, ME and MYSELF knows what to remember hahahah!!

as time passes.... lmao!!!

why am i surrounded by hot girls.. sigh.. those of you who went to other colleges, start regretting right NOW that you didnt come to Taylors Hartamas.. This place is freaking teeming with hot girls. Hot girls at every corner, every nook and cranny, every JUNCTION!!!Sheesh. SHEESH.

So yeah anyway.. On Tuesday, i managed to get everyone to agree to wear blue the following day.
AS USUAL there were some really blur/colourblind (i dont know la) people like WAI KIT AND JIMMY who wore colours totally not related to blue.
But we forgive them. We are family. bwahahhaah.

beforehand, i regret to inform you that i have no pictures of Shawn.. I dont know why!! and If anyone was missed out, call me on the phone, swear at me, yell at me , WHATEVER!!! At least after that Ill remember to post your picture up. eheh. ehehehe. okay. well here ya GO PEEPAL!

the pretty blue trio.
I got a picture of Jon AFTER all. With the expense of jia yung looking just slightly blue. (did i use the word expense in the right context? Im not sure. someone enlighten my burdened mind. go on.)
At some point, people started gathering around my place. We started talking about all things chinese. Chinese language mainly. And everyone got an audition. Lynn lost. LOL. but shes proud to say it. LOUD AND PROUD I SAY! And we started writing chinese. and ngam is duck!
HOTNESS AGAIN! RUN PEOPLE! RUN AND NEVER LOOK BACK! okay. anyway. left is Sacha (not single) and Chloe (not available). Oh and did i mention Sharon is not available OR single either? Muahahahahaha
Yeap, Cup maggie. We decided to act like die-hard thrifty people. But of course we failed. Cos today we ate out for a meal for RM6 ONLEH BEBEH!! Anyway. Its an advertisement.
Sharon says "If you eat this, you might possibly have a chance to be as hot and sexeh as me!"
lmao sorry sharon. :) p.s.: that was home-flown chopsticks!!! I thought it would be cooler. lol.
from left, jeremy, wai-kit, han liang and OH MY!! ITS JONATHAN! (of whom i did not manage to get a picture of. He cunningly evaded my sharp camera lens. sob.) Well as you can see, these people are discussing ways to take over the campus while doing it casually. I caught you guys ANYWAY. bwahah.
*gasp* look!! IT's SHARON AGAIN!!!!!!! Well. The main subject in this picture is supposed to be CT. I know him by no other name. Okay, maybe i call him Siew Mai sometimes but who cares? ITS CT MAN! RELATIVE OF SITI NURHALIZA! *applauds*
none otha than hui jin!! HUI JIN!!! hui jin in blue!!!!!!!!!! (see la, got nothing to say so start blabbering nonsense. sorry hui jin.)
jacky, and hui sin! people who have become accustomed to correcting my super BLAH chinese and laughing whenever i mess up. >_> thanks guys. LOL.
mistah jeremy! da one that can talk really well. as in, really well lor. HEY JEREMY try debating la!!!!!
brenda on left (the one who was once emo, i like to say) and AMALYNA!! (kata nama am!!!) both in bluest of blues. True blues these ones are.. eheh. WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!
dee OTHA colourblind Wai Kit. Cis. :)
jimmy the cricket! As i address him. Not to be mean or anything. His name just reminded me of the cricket from Pinnochio. BUT LOOK! HE IS NO CRICKET! but he sure is colourblind.. >_>
and then we realised Sharon matched the wall. O_O like REALLY MATCHEd. hahaha this is one of the HOTNESS too as you obviously can see/already KNOW BY NOW!
Sorry cant really see, I have got clearer pictures but Im afraid lynn might keel me. She very scary. But look! HOT! :D :D :D
petite and quiet little Jia Yung giggling at the antics of once again who-knows-what. Who-knows-what is a really popular character. Havent you noticed?
han liang who shocked us with his so-called nickname : Hanney a.k.a honey. But Chem teacher seems to enjoy it. lol!!!
wei ZHI pointing at who-knows-what. Maybe it was lynn's hot bod. Who knows. Who knows...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Right Now Sharon is watching me type this post. Im using the computer in college (illegally) and im DEAD TIRED. I FEEL SO SLEEPY I FEEL LIKE DRINKING FIVE CUPS OF COFFEE! BUT THATS THE PROBLEM! I DONT LIKE COFFEE!!

And the plan worked, most of my class members are wearing blue.
Except for some SESAT people who go and wear purple... LOL.
So i went around snapping photos and i think ill be doing that ALL DAY LONG annoying the crap out of people. Oh well. ALLLLL To my advantage. HAHA!

So yeah... Sharon keeps telling me "Ur CRAZEE!"
Well.. who's to say Im not?
Me and Sharon is going to enjoy our MEE CUP SEGERA With the hot water from college mannn.. WOOOOOTTTT WE ROCKZZZZSSXXXX~!!!! (lala-fied)

bebs and bobs

strictly come.. astericks HAHAHA

*yells an Indian war-whoop*
*goes around sticking spears into people's college notes*
*pours all their notes into a big cauldron*
*pours a secret chemical 'Y' (chemical 'X' idea was stolen by The Professor from Powerpuff Girls) into cauldron*
*Sings When I Grow Up by Pussycat Dolls*
*Wriggles back and forth to Beyonce's Single Ladies*
*Strange things happen inside the cauldron*
*Sarah continues shaking her bum*
*Everyone's notes combine and forms the SUPERULTIMATECHUNTEDAMAZING Notes that will shoot and engrave information in the reader's brain*
*Sarah holds up the SUPERULTIMATECHUNTEDAMAZING notes in much glee and starts prancing around*
*Rain starts pelting down from the sky*
*Ink on the SUPERULTIMATECHUNTEDAMAZING notes blot and smear and become incomprehensible*
*Sarah stares at notes in despair and wring her hands all the while asking "why?! WHY?!!*
*Sarah wakes up from nightmare*

I really did dream that.
TAKE THAT FOR RANDOMNESS! BWAHAH! YOu suckahs cant even come up with something THAT ORIGINAL! BwahahahhaAH! *being a total prudish prick*

Out one day, walking one day,
Out one day with you, hallelujah,
We found a wood with trolleys on wheels,
Rolling all around the hills-hallelujah

bebs and bobs.

Monday, January 12, 2009

If pigs could fly...

...there'd be no case of starvation in this world.
I mean, just THINK about it. ALLLLL you need is a gun. (And probably some shooting skills. I mean, how'd you gonna shoot the pig and kill it if you keep missing, right?)

Scenario: Lone man walking down the street holding a gun, looking disappointed and forlorn.
Man: Ain't no nuttin' to be shootin' nowadays... Those birds are the unedible type!
*Man suddenly spots a pig flying in the sky*
*Shoots at flying pig. Flying pig falls from the sky and lands on the ground with a "whump"*
*Writhing pig letting out oinks of despair and pain*
*Man runs up to pig and grabs its by its curly tail*

and next thing you know.....
Man: Honey! Im home!!! And look what Ive brought for dinner!!!!!!
*gasps of delight and amazement*

After three months.....
Children *scrunching up their faces and sighing*: Pork again, dad? Can't we eat something else? Say, CHICKEN for example?
Man: And why would we do that when pigs are falling out of the sky? Well, once Ive shot them of course....
Children: Because, DAD! JUST BECAUSE!!!! *grumpily gets ready to cook the bloodied, writhing pig*


I doubt seeing pigs fly in the sky will amaze me much. I'd probably take a few pictures and post it up on my blog, and that'll be the end of it.
But just imagine!! A flock of pigs! (Well duh i know its NOT a FLOCK of pigs, but you call a flock of birds, a FLOCK of birds, thus when pigs are able to fly, I will automatically recategorize them into the bird section. Hence, a FLOCK OF PIGS OKAY.) Imagine if a flock of pigs were to fly in a hugeeee bunch.....They'd probably block the sun and cause an eclipse. And just THINK about the amount (and size!!) of pig poop falling out from the sky.......

Man. Horror much.

Plus if they were all to perch on a tree, i think a serious uprooting of trees will occur.
Gosh. I'd better get on in life, rather than to sit here and letting my imagination run away with dreadful thoughts of pigs with little Cupid wings oinking joyfully and doing sommersaults in the sky.

To Victor, dear, Opera rap. ROFLMAOBUCHMBWO!!!!!
For those that need translation- Rolling on floor laughing my arse off but u cant hear me because we're online. (Thanks Jian Shen)

bebs and bobs.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Sooo. yeah. Im a big show-off by making my marks the main title. BUT WHO CARES?? AFTER SPENDING THREE HOURS ++ in burning B.O/LITERALLY SMOKING HELL, I PASSED! YAYY!!

Thanks God. THANKS. SO MUCH.

And wellll, can someone explain to me why people like smoking? why? WHY? THE FOUL SMELL!
*says in high-pitched voice* OOooooohhhhHH how FUN! Im contaminating my lungs! HAHA! JOy!

Gah. GAH. Im so pissed right now cuz Im so fat. AND i havent finished my homework. COZ I WASTED THREE ++ HOURS! DOING! NOTHING!

so im off to do SOMETHINg now.

bebs and bobs.

Can I just

Well, unlike the rest, I have decided to wait until the first week of college is over to blog about it. What can I say?.... Well. Im enjoying myself so far. MAking LOTSA new friends. MET A GIRL CALLED SARAH TAN! (!!!!!! so different from me in terms of looks) and... well.. lets just say my class has 6 boys out of 22 students. Not that THAT's important. Just... letting you know. :D
Hahaha! So yeh.. I was struggling with physics on the first day but im sure i will suddenly... BECOME SMARTER! Tables are arranged in rows of three.. I sit with Sharon and Sacha and the coolest thing is that in the name list each of our names comes after the other! Teachers always go "OH!! ALl the S'ses' sitting together!" and id indignantly retort "TEACHER! we arent asses!!" HAHHA i wish i could say that lah. But i didnt actually. Im too nice. :D
All our teachers (5 of em) are women, and all are young and hot. Yes. ALL. ALL okay. So today Ms.Tan our chem/mentor teacher, asked us why plants couldnt get Nitrogen directly from the air. So there we were giving all the incorrect answers... Until i finallly mumbled "Why dont you ask the plants lah.." Hahaha! The class laughed. and even SHE laughed! but i still feel bad. I think its rude to retort back to teachers. So i wont do it again, no matter how FUNNY the retort is. ILL RESTRAIN MY FUNNY RETORTS! heheh. Safe to say, me and sharon and jimmy (surprise surprise) and jeremy are the main laugh inducers in class. So far everyone in my class is nice lah.. :) Our class rep.. foooowheet! LOL!
I saw Jonathan(my class) in Bangsar's CHillis! and the best thing was, he didnt even notice me even though i sat FACING HIM! (my dad was half blocking) u know why? I WAS WEARING MY LALA PANTS!!!! so embarrassing... hahaha.. And then the funniest thing happened, one of those Melay salesmen pointed at my pants and said "Eh, cantik betul ur pants! The colour sangat special!!!" I was like..... uh. okay? thanks?!! LOL! lIKE WHAT RIGHT? HE's more randomer than I AM! GOSH!
Hm.. I just realised I am attention seeking in the way that I really like it when people laugh at what i say (that i MEAN for people to laugh at) So i keep trying to be funny. Ah well.. Ill try to.. lessen it. :D But Sacha says she likes me being talkative (or at least thats what i GATHERED from what she said) so... ill just...FILTER A BIT LAH hor. lol.
The facilities in Taylors are quite the modern, and to add to that, its connected to the HCS! WOOT MUCH! And I have been meeting alot of people I knew before... like.. Kah Fai! I always meet him at random places and he NEVER RECOGNIZES ME! i didnt knowi was THAT quiet in BM class wei. and... MELISSA! FROM MY CHURCH! and.. WMS-ians looking their best. hehe. *grin* So yeah. I hope this will be a great year. I will try to do MY best and YOU should too! Let's encourage each other and be building blocks for each other to climb straight to the top! YES! OPTIMISM! YES!!!

Peenut buttah cookee-o! XD XD
bebs and bobs.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Party at Aunt Pixie's

So yeah, instead of going to my Ama's house like I usually do every Sunday, I went to my mom's best friend's posh house for a 7 star rated dinner! (seven out of seven stars!! dont ask me why seven is the highest ranking but for me, SEVEN IS! serious!!! look at 8, got two zero. look at 9, one zero can be seen. 10 EVEN WORSE! ONE EGG THERE!so seven k.)
As I arrived, I stepped out of the car to be greeted with the sight of a huge, looming house rising up from the ground in all its splendour. Reaching the gigantous door, I heaved open the door with no difficulty despite its large size. My eyes feasted on the sight of well-landscaped calm ponds with large glass windows.
Now look, why am i making this sound like a fiction story?? Ill just tell you the rest the PROPER MALAYSIAN WAY LAH OKAY.
So i went in and saw some poeple seated in the living room. Then i saw this guy who looked awfully familiar. I supposed my staring was obvious cos then that guy stared back. So ill fast forward and just tell y'all that THAT guy was an ex-WMSian... And he looked familiar cos he was from my school and Id see him now and then. He's 21 and is doing law. and why am i giving personal details of him to my dear readers? why? im just being weird thats why.
All the while I stood there awkwardly greeting the aunts and uncles. These people are my mom's close knitted bunch of good friends but I had never met any of their children. Odd, huh? except for Su Mei and Su Yiin (daughters of Aunt Pixie's) during a trip. I just found it odd that I had never met them. So okay, everyone came slowly... Jung..Shun? and... Js* bro?? came. Js* I dont know how to spell his name. Haha he tried on two shirts and he looked to gleeful when everyone praised him!! how cute!! LOL!
Then Su Mei and Su Yiin made their appearance along with Su Chean (i think thats how its spelt, oops?) and gave us a tour of their house. Its so cool man. There is even this glass bridge leading to personal workspace! And me with my big kepochi nose, stuck it everywhere it felt like going. I very KPC wan lah.... Insatiable curiousity. So then we came down, and..... the...BROTHER makes an appearance!! (uh-oh. I just realised i forgot his name. CRAP! WHATS WRONG WITH ME!) and.... then we just sat around doing nothing la basically. But I was too intrigued by everything around me to feel bored. Hehe.. MY eyes darted from corner to corner.
Then Aunt Irene's two sons came. Geoffrey (I KNOW RIGHT SO COOL!! never met anyone by that name...) and Jason(same age as me and drinks white wine and coffee like their water...) came and thats when the party truly started. Aunt Pixie (THANK YOU!) bustled around the kitchen for the finishing touches and the two maids served the food. Their dining table was MAGNIFICIENT! Well.. the ones where the "adults" and the "older uni people" sat. Apparently the age limit for that dining table was 21 and above. The rest of us sat in the...dry kitchen i think. But I have no complaints whatsoever. IT was JUST as fantastic with exactly the same replicas of food served at the same table except in smaller portions.
As you can imagine, there were some really awkward bouts of silence in between short conversations between all six of us. Hmm.. I think ill do a short summary about each of their looks. No insults included. Im gonna go clockwise...
Su Mae: Hot girl at 16 wearing orange who is very outgoing and sweetlooking.
Su Yiin: Hot girl numbah two my age wearing a black sleeveless shirt looking very demure and petite.
Jung.. SHUN AAH IDONNOHOWTOSPELL: Boy at 19 (i think) who has super polite table manners and is very quiet but as mentioned, VERY POLITE. LEARN FROM HIM PEOPLE.
Jason: Boy my age who.... was wearing red and as mentioned, drinks white and red wine like water. Not really lah im exaggerating. But it sounds nicer. He looks hyper. The first/second jason i met that isnt annoying.
Geoffrey: Boy 20 year old with cool hair (iwant) wearing grey who looks very alike my cousin. Has immaculate manners.
Empty seat: Where my younger brother was supposed to be.

So yeah... we havent met each other before.. The J&G bro's met the S sisters before, and Ive met the S sisters before, so we made a tiny triangle. Firsrt the G bro asked our ages and schools (basic intro to standard conversation stuff) then we moved on to small talk. hahaha.. Just random stuff here and there (MOST of the random stuff coming from me, and weird looks from the rest) while enjoying the super delish yummy food! hahah, k then after that the older people joined us for a game of cards. I learnt a new card game! Im totally clueless tho.. I just ask people sitting beside me what my set of cards mean... Then that Wei Yang will be like "AIYOO there you got the 8, can!!!!" ahahahah he mustve gotten a bit annoyed. :P

So overall... IT was quite enjoyable as I got to meet so many new people! (And all are decent-looking +++, if u understand what im trying to say) I hope there will be more to come. :D
SUPER LONG POST LEH.... want to type mah. let ur eyes SUFFER!!! MWAHAH!
So now rest your eyes with PICTURES!! Su Yiin, here they are!

The THREE pretty sisters ^
All of the "in" teenagers wei.. hahaha
The "formal" pose...
The cool men posing with the car but unfortunately the car not so visible..
The Fabulous Five... Look at Aunt pixie!! MONEY GALORE! XD
And a final grin before leaving. :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

So the following is the result of my rather sad and miserable poll. I did it for fun, really. And.. it was kind of fun. LOL. HEREEEEE ARE THE RESULTS:

-THREE people think im a nut.
-FIVE people think im a crazy hyperactive child. (say What??)

-SEVEN people think im a crazy, fun-loving person. (thats right people, thats the way!)
-ONE person has never heard of me (HOW CAN U NOT KNOW THE SARAH SARTAY!! doom befalleth you! i kid.)
-ONE person thinks im a pedophile. (which is SO-so true lah.... not that bad case till i do the yucky things)
-TWO logical practical people think im a human. (what think, of course la, think what, no need to think!)
-and TWO people think im a hamster in Gorilla's backyard. (wthey? i just ran out of ideas and put that and you VOTED FOR THAT? what does it even MEAN? dont look at me, my random brain thought of it!!)

so, with that, i would like to thank the people who took part in my wittle poll and... well....... yeah!
happy college starting! lets look forward to the day with much enthusiasm and eagerness!!!.... yeah.

bebs and bobs.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I studied my ARSE off the whole day yesterday to take my theory (driving test) today and the bloody connection is down!!!!!

THE CONNECTION, IS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can lahh.. how can... what is this?!! Ah well, at least i have a few more days to study? AAAAHHH last minute cramming is so effective but it doesnt become effective after TWO DAYS LA STUPID CONNECTION!@!!!!!!!!@!!@!@!!!!

so onto what i REALLY wanna talk about.
This is a new year. 2009. The outcome of the year is what we make it to be, usually. Is what we DO with the year that counts, usually. I say usually because unforeseen circumstances may somewhat affect the course of your life along the way but mostly it is our actions. I may speak like im stuffed with freaking knowledge and wisdom, but this post, is directed to ME. I type out what I want myself to UNDERSTAND. Like how i always type out my schedule in Msn conversations. :) Its a strange habit.

Oh one more thing, i just found out I can stare at an object (with a blank stare) for more than fifteen minutes.. All this while I had myself thinking that I have a very short attention span, but i have finally proved myself wrong by displaying an amazing skill of stoning and staring into space for a long period of time. Now, if only i could shift that stare to a long paragraph of text containing facts and absorb it. That would be just dandy.

I have also concluded that I am indeed a very critical, judgemental person as commented by my friends last year. But its only when I WANT to be. Most of the time I just analyse what people wear the very minute I lay my eyes on them. But by analysing, I do not mean degrade/ make fun of. I just like to see what different styles people have, what they wear, how they talk/walk/act. I enjoy observing people. Which sometimes leads people to assume I am some stalker. Which I am so not. So get ur facts straight, you minipoopies. :)

Since i call girls Bebs, I shall henceforth call boys in general Bobs.

Bye, bebs and bobs.

And a berry verry happy birthday (belated) To sarah yong. I really did enjoy your birthday party. I made new friends!! :D And that dare was quite embarrassing. If only I did it right, then maybe I could have scared more innocent passerbys. LOL! Mwah dear. Glad you like the book!