Friday, February 16, 2007

after being emo, i decided to be lame.

  • For those of you with farting urges: this song is for you!! = Relient K - Let it All Out
  • For stalker: Perfect. = The Rasmus- In the Shadows
  • For the people's whose sweets have disappeared = Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape
  • For people who fell down during sports on the road = Christina Aguilera - Hurt
  • For loners = The Veronicas - Leave Me Alone
  • For show-offs = Jesse McCartney - Just So You Know
  • For those of you who failed Add Math tests and still doesnt know the answer = Pink -Who Knew?
  • For those who are lazy to write essays = Natasha Bedingfield- Unwritten
  • For those who are Sarah Tans = Gnarl Barkley - Crazy
  • For little kids who r interested in playing with matches = Hilary Duff - Play With Fire
  • For those who were "shattered" by love = Ashlee Simpson - Pieces Of Me
  • For those who love exercise= Beyonce Knowles- Work it Out
  • For plumbers, technicians and computer mans= Coldplay- Fix You
  • For people who can't seem to wake up in the morn= Ciara-Get Up
  • For people whose sugar level is dropping= Fall Out Boy- Sugar, We're going Down
  • For PBSM members= The Fray- How to Save a Life
  • For people who wait for the world to change clothes= John Mayer- Waiting On the World to Change
  • For people with smooth, pimple-free backs= Justin Timberlake- Sexy Back
  • For people who constantly dig their noses and are trying to stop= Linkin Park- Breaking the Habit
  • For people who are down with the flu and fever= Ne-Yo- So Sick
  • For cannibals= Nelly Furtado- Maneater
  • For people who don't seem satisfied by anything= Paris Hilton- Nothing in this World
  • For people who are always late and always say= PussyCatDolls- Wait a Minute
  • For people who promise to devote their lives to practising the piano but never do= Rihanna-Unfaithful
  • For people lining up in a queue= All American Rejects- Move Along
  • For Isaac Newton= Switchfoot- Oh! Gravity

That's as far as i go now. HAppy CHinese NEw YEar!! :)

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