Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Birthday

The partay was pretty good I think! :D
I love the people. They are A-W-E-S-U-Mness.
And Im never holding a party ever again.
Its just too stressful. Honestly.

Well. the rest of the day was pretty uneventful, then at night we went to eat Korean BBQ at Daorae's!! mom lemme buy them cheese blocks later when we went to solaris to stroll about.
and then we came home and watched Baby and Me korean DVD, courtesy of Eunice!

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE PRESENTS, I LOVE THEM ALLL!!! :) i love presents. hehehe. lol. okay.

YOU tRES AwESUM. :) :) hugs you BFF.
I lazy to say anymore but come on man, what is there to say? ur perdy-perfect. ;)

New years coming soon ppl.

2010, heading your way.

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