Wednesday, February 10, 2010

OZ. the land of them kangaroos.

So that's where Im heading in... almost two weeks.
So why am I not excited about the prospect of going to a foreign land and seeing ang mohs aaallll over the place?

One of the reasons would most definitely be because
1. The holidays are going to end. NOOOO. I Was just getting into the routine of being a vegetable.
2. I have no iPod and therefore will not be able to listen to music as much as Id LIKE TO. >=( DAMN YOU IPOD, BE MINE ALREADY!
3. I dont know what to pack. Like seriously.
4. Im worried if I can make friends over there, seeing as Im so lame. And weirdd.. And... okay. yeah. along those lines.
5. I dont want to leave Malaysia- duh, that shudve been reason number one. -_- BEcause my family, friends, and familiarity KAT SINI! TAU!? KAT MALAYSIA!!!!
6. Im gonna be a noob in uni cos its all new subjects.
7. I'll miss my family and friends!!!
8. I have to start waking up early.
9. I have to dress and act properly.
10. Refer to no.7
11. I dont know. I have many more reasons but I cant think of anymore atm.
12. Refer to no. 10

=( AND MOST OF ALL- I DIDNT GET TO SAY MY GOODBYES! Wait. I WONT GET to! Because everyone is busy and im not allowed to go out....

WHY DONT U ALL COME TO MY HOUSE AND HUG ME!! :( :( :( :( sobbbbbbb



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