Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fat jokes.

At some point, we've probably been made the object of them.

And if you're Asian, you're probably worst off if your fat.

And who am I to say anything on this topic? Why, a fat person of course. Yep. Im fat. Been fat my whole life. Not obese, but rather, chubby bordering rather fat. Yes.
Girls reading this would probably start vehemently denying my fatness, but boys would probably nod in agreement.
Fact is, I am.

Now, I just want to talk a little bit on fat jokes. Okay. So. You're thin. I see. And I'm fat? I see that too. Does this give you the right to make fun of my size? Yes? No? NO. That's the answer. Do I need a reason? Yes? No? NO. Absolutely not. No one ever gave you a ticket that has "Permission to Insult Fat People" printed on it. No one.

Yeah, yeah, you may know MANY fat people who just laugh along with the fat jokes you constantly make about them, the repeated teasing and insulting. "They should be used to it," you think. Does anybody get used to people stabbing them in the side? I dont think so. Would you like to prove me wrong? Go ahead.

The thing is, fat people NEVER get used to fat jokes. Fat people are just too polite to tell you off and slap you one in the face. (Though I believe there are some frank fat people out there who would just ask you to suck it.) See, people would think that we were being overly sensitive if we reacted angrily to your fat jokes. Are we being overly sensitive? Yes? No? HMM. LET'S SEE.


Geez. I cant BELIEVE some people out there. Hypocrites, really. Not that Im not one myself, but at least I'll readily admit it. They put on a facade, a mask. They act all snivelly and simpery and nice to the people that benefits them. Oh. Chyeah, I mean, that's how you live a life of holiness and sincerity. Sure.

As for me, I wouldnt say Ive gotten used to fat jokes. I feel a pang of hurt, a moment of annoyance - just like when a fly refuses to get out of your face- and then after that, Ill return to my normal self. Because if I were to dwell on every single fat joke directed at me, and pine away in sorrow and grief over it, Id be a withered skeleton in the desert, being pecked at by vultures by now.

So yeah, people. Fat people do move on. Maybe some don't care. But some might. Some might take it to heart. Some might take it to death. So just because the fat ones you know seem to act like they dont give a hoot about the jokes you make about their fatness, doesnt mean you should go on making those jokes.

Try and stop and think for a little bit.
Use that useless noggin' of yours.
Put your rusty brain and its gears to work.

Stop making fat jokes.
Get over yourself.
You aren't funny.



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