Friday, March 23, 2012

Beauty - Le Strange Thing.

oh beauty, why do you elude me so,
you tease me with your wispy hair,
you dance around me on your toes,
you leave me filled with deep despair,

why would you be so cruel now,
just come to me and fill me through,
don't mock me while others you endow,
the day doth cometh when I rue,

not getting on my knees to beg,
but now i yearn, i seek, i search,
i leave the rubble for the rag,
but you left me dying in a lurch,

a trait a woman cant be without,
i beseech you, yet i still implore,
just grant me this, remove my doubt,
i ask for beauty, nothing more.

1 comment: said...

What a beautiful poetry. And I can truly agree that beauty is a strange thing cause sometimes it can be even ugly.