Friday, March 16, 2007

so long

Go to my wunnerful for dah ULTIMATE GANGSTAH LOOK! made and done by sarah tan. oo. it rhymes too. here's an extract from my novel "The Haircut Gone Awry".. also the one none of u got free copies of. ah ha ha ha.

-"Barber, a 360° coconut cut please." ordered a man in a business suit, dragging along behind him a small nit of a boy, who was quivering like a rabbit caught by a fox. "No, father, no.. please.." begged the boy, still shaking from head to toe. "I am TELLING you, it is for your own good! Do you want to end up looking shaggy?"the man replied sternly. "But Shaggy from Scooby-Doo is funny and friendly, father! Why should'nt i look like him?" asked the son, obviously unaware of what his father meant. Shaking his head in disbelief and muttering under his breath, the man hoisted his son by the collar and plunked him down onto the trapping, black roller chair. All this while, the barber amusedly watched and wrapped a cloth around the boy, strapping him tightly to the chair. "I will be right back. I have business to attend to. This man here will take care of you. Be good now! So long!" said the father, in his indifferent yet strict manner. The boy yielded and settled back into the chair. "Any way you would lemme outta this, now?" asked the boy to the barber. Grinning in the most devillish manner, the barber replied "No, my boy. I'm supposed to take good, GOOD care of you." The barber laughed like a maniac and after fitting the coconut shell snugly upon the head of the young boy, now looking questioningly at the barber's last sentence, he reached for his scissors. He inched it closer and closer the boy's head. "Don't move a toe now." "Here goes." sighed the son. And the barber began to-

That's it! If you want the rest you have to buy the book. Or maybe I'll reveal a bit sometimes. Leaves you hanging in suspense, eh? ho ho ho! Who asked u not to see the blog within those two precious minutes, where you could have gotten a free book instead? EHEH.. enjoy the pics on my other blog and the extract from my hand-written, brain-thought novel. :)

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