Saturday, March 31, 2007

what larr...

i'm bored. i'm lazy. i'm lazy n bored! this is the reason why i don't write anything much here! besides that, i'm busy a girl, don't u noe! =p
haiyoh, let her dominate larr..why complain so much! u think ppl very free like u (jt) is it? let me talk about my boring life...morning morning go eat in some expensive shop in bangsar den buy cloth. the cloth is super huge..dunno whether to sew anot..den go home n sleep!
interesting thing happened! i made SUSHI yesterday! it's so fun n the taste not bad leh...anyone needs a sushi maker?? call me!! hehe (available with a price)

what else...I'M TOTALLY CRAZY WITH PRINCESS HOURS!! especially him...haihzzzz...hehe (stop sighing or saying haiyoh, sarah tan)
this gopal ah...dunno what to say about him...ask him find about satellite he go find about solar wind bla bla bla...USELESS! n sarah i didn't receive anything from u...r u sure u send it or i have to search for myself?

finale...picture!!(look at the 1 on the right!!)

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