Thursday, August 9, 2007

oh my!

a twit i shall not be. a twit i shall not become. for a twit goes *tweet* and i goes *roar*. makes all the difference doesnt it. Well well, looks like this blog has become a littler morer aliver.

THAT TODAY, at 10.00 p.m. or a.m (which has long passed), the date and time will be consecutively arranged!!!!!

10.00p.m. 09/08/07

betcha didnt KNOW THAT!! is that AWESOME or IS THAT AWESOME!!
well today, 4K experienced a almost-became-but-was-not-to-be FIRE!!!
welll,,, i didnt really see how the fire started but, really, it was fascinating. AND PARALYSING.
OKAy,, so there we were doing the testing on carbonate and nitrates salts and suddenly,
there is a loud shocked exclamation from my right side going "WOOOOOHH!!!"
I wouldnt have really cared, because we people are usually easily amazed by the reactions produced, if it had not been for the bright burst of light from their direction. Turning to look, my eyes popped out of their sockets. (not literally) FOR THERE IN FRONT OF ME, almost half of the surface of the table was on fire! ANd i mean those BIG LICKING FLAMES one!!! Mdm. Norhayati for the FIRST time in my life, looked flustered and immediately instructed the gas supply to be turned off. Once that was done, the fire vanished immediately, leaving no trace except a blackened bunsen burner and a small flame still burning at the gas source. School then ended, leaving 4K students going about telling everyone about how much they loved Chemistry class.

p.s: I am explaining to you in elaborate detail, the typical malaysian would have just seen a couple of us screaming and pointing, while mdm.norhayati asked us to zip up.

So yea,, there you go. INTERESTING things happened on this INTERESTING day.
another not so INTERESTING thing that i might mention is that i have yet to finish my homework. As usual. same ole same old.
OH YEA.. I ALSO would like to thank a certain person that im pretty sure doesnt visit this blog, Mr.BBQ pork for unconciously cheering me and michelle up to no end with your antics during morning exercise, though it was unintentionally. Everytime we look at you, it is as if a ray of sunlight has shone upon us.
I laughed plenty today. Loud too. Must have been that diaphragm again. IT just KEEPS On contracting and relaxing!! Nevermind, exercise for the stomach. All the better.
cherios now. Rest for later.

BTW, if u have anything going on Saturday that might involve me (not that im perasan or anything...) please, DONT INVOLVE ME. Saturday is now filled with endless activities, morning till night. Thank yew.

~THE UN-twitter. (go and copy and paste and find out what this word is. HAHAAH!)

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