Sunday, August 5, 2007

admin update

Hello fellow subscribers and members of TCG,

In response to the massive feedback we have gained from the previous poll prior to this (which has proven Alison, who although is a non-member of TCG, is 10x more popular than JingTao), we have updated the poll question. Please get your friends and family to participate in the vote, as each person is only allowed to vote once.

Additionally, we are glad to announce that Alison has received hugs from the DiGi Yellow Coverage Fellow for winning the previous poll. Thank you, DiGi.

This time we have also removed the 'reportedly-explicit-and-provoking' additional mathematics video which was previously featured in the Featured Presentation section. We have invited a guest strongman to be feature there, in efforts to promoting a healthier lifestyle.

We are also planning to introduce a new feature: Twits! For this new feature to work, all members of this blog will be required to sign up for Twitter. Twitter is a mini-blog feature that allows members to quickly post updates about themselves or what they're doing at that time to the world. Once the sign-up process is completed, our technical department will be adding badges to display individual twits on the sidebar. We look forward to the success of this project.

May the YCF be with you, he will follow you.

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