Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here I aMMMM againnn

The supposed DONT USE INTERNET fast has not worked out- as seen by the posting of this post.

Anyway. Main thing:

Guys I have falled head over heels for but have never spoken to or approached within a 5 metre radius:

1. Furniture Guy working at Hartamas Shopping Mall (Like I said, ive never seen him up close but from far away, he looks FINE bebeh.)
2. Japanese-looking dude working at The Gym (when he came over to promote I Was like FWAAHH and then i never saw him again till one fateful day I spotted him shopping at Mercato. Looks a bit like a pixie, but STILL fwaaahh!!)
3. Three or four college dudes (a pretty mild crush, this one)
4. .... I cant think of anymore.

I think thats pretty much it.
Like these are the MAJOR MAJOR ones okay.. foooh. My hormones running high this year. BUT OMGOSHH I LIKE FURNITURE GAIII!!!! <3

someone find out his name for me, Ill pay you. XD
No im not desperate...
Just infatuated...

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