Thursday, October 22, 2009


I am a self-confessed lover of 2PM.
I was (and AM) very upset over Jae Bum leaving the group because he had become my personal favorite.

On a whole new topic, I believe that its true when they say that the future generation can change the world.
Without knowing it, the youth, the young generation, is in fact, the most powerful generation in the entire world.
Take for example, Hottest, who can plan flash mobs ALL AROUND THE GLOBE just to support one stand of theirs- for Park Jae Bum to come back.
And it was pretty much a success.
They did it in seventeen places, so far I think.
They made a DIFFERENCE.

Not to sound totally hypocritical and everything, but why is it that such an event cant be conducted-lets say- to protest against war, to relieve third world countries of poverty?
Why is everyone fanatic and crazy about the lost of a Korean group leader(no doubt a very distinguished and amazing one, nonetheless) , but instead, do not care about what OUR world is coming to?

Like I said, I myself want Jae Bum to come back.
But it makes me question what is ACTUALLY being proven here.
IT proves that oceans are not barriers.
it proves that youth around the world can unite for a purpose.
It proves that the youth can do ANYTHING they want to.
Only if they WANT to.
Youth, as one, with a purpose-driven mind, can truly, achieve anything.
Once Jae Bum comes back to 2PM (and I FIRMLY believe he will, and refuse to believe anything other than that) , Hottests should try their methods for say, the prevention of child abuse.

Imagine how amazing that could be.
The power of youth really blows me away.

Meanwhile, I am supposed to be studying for a super important major exam that determines my future.

And yet, here I am, spilling my thoughts on GLOBAL ISSUES.
feh. this girl has big dreams.
But is totally unrealistic.

yes. I know. I am very unrealistic.
Thats usually my problem.

GOOD JOB. to all those Hottests people out there.
what I would REALLY WANT right now, is a video issued by Jae Bum, telling us he is returning to 2PM, and that he is touched by all that went on due to his sudden absence.
That would be great.
And maybe a short dance, ending with him pulling off his t-shirt.
Yes. That would be great.
But alas.
Dreams must remain dreams,
and Sarah remains slightly phobic of shirtless guys.

bebs and bobs.
(smack me, someone. I have not been studying like I was supposed to.)

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