Friday, January 15, 2010

Hater luv.

Every time I go around
They look me up & down
Talking all that, here & there
Throwing my name everywhere
Its okay its okay its okay
You keep on doing that
Cause honey I aint mad
Your helping me out, with all your
Hater luuuuv.

I just realised, Im not that good at receiving criticisms if it isnt given professionally.
I expect any feedback of my work to be delivered in a formal, constructive manner.

But Im learning.

Ive always been very dissatisfied with most of my songs, and whenever someone tells me how much they like the song I end up being quite surprised!
So I guess I cant expect EVERYONE to like my songs.
People have different preferences, I must accept that.
But Ive also learnt one thing from a recent criticism from a friend, Ive got to take pride in my work. Ive got to have faith in what I produce, because in the end, if no one stands up for them, who will right? :D I created these lil songs, so I should have faith in them, no matter how sucky.

Another thing Ive learnt is that, its always better to have someone hate on my songs then to have everyone like my songs, because if it was the latter case, Id have no material in helping me to improve my songs further.
So negative feedback is good, sometimes. :)

What I dont know how to do though, is on how to improve.
I know whats wrong, but somehow I cant fix it!
Who knew composing songs was such hard work?
Maybe i shud keep to writing poems.


But yeah. I really wanna try out some pop/ R&B/ dance style! :(
I tried doing it with the piano but I just dont have the knack for it, NOR the voice for it, OR the gadgets and software to do it. -_-

Its only January.
and damn the stupid driving test, I better pass it or else Im gonna shoot somebody.

bebsbobs teetsntots

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非凡 said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^