Wednesday, March 17, 2010

hey hey.

So I went to the city by myself today to go and observe a local court.
I was pretty nervous because it was the first time taking a bus myself to Sydney City.
Upon arrival, I went crazy snapping photos (as i usually do) and was pretty awed.

Then I walked randomly around trying to find Downing Centre.
My sense of direction mustve been pretty good because I found it without a map.

Went inside and met three ppl from my class.
Spent the rest of the court visiting session with one of them, ate ice cream, went back to court, went back to uni to continue my last class. Had a class in the morning.

Power-walked back home, because I was listening to a fast song. So I had to keep up.

Another thing: I was "racing" with some cute metrosexual Korean guy who smoked on the way home. His smoke was getting into my face and making me annoyed.. I kept making faces and grimacing at him. He mustve seen me. Who cares. >=(

Another Another thing: It's weird how I become so happy at certain little things like: A couple. Some couples just make you smile, because they're such a unexpected yet perfect match. There's things i like and dont like about couples.

Some of them are pretty decent, they dont stick to each other and hang on for dear life like theyre some freaking Siamese twins, or conjoined twins who would die if separated.

Some couples make you smile because the chemistry they have between them is undeniable, and sometimes it gives people like me some hope that true love is real (no matter how cheesy it may sound).

Some couples just make you sick. 'Nuff said.

So yeah,, basically this is all the random stuff in my head that i need to get out. I often like to tell people about my day, eventhough they probably wouldnt like to hear about it, I tell them anyway.

Its just something I have to do. :D

Workload has NOT ceased, but at least Ive finished visiting two courts. One more court on Fri!! Whee.

And about friends, Ive been mixing with Vietnamese and China students... Its back to square one because as usual, im the biggest and tallest in the group. -_-

But heck, are Australians short! Even the tall ones arent tall enough for me. Gee.
What lies Ive been fed in Malaysia, about being a midget when I go to Australia.

bebs&bobs (havent said that for a long time.)


juen nin said...

so in an evolutionary sense, asians (who are shorter) may just be manipulating the genes around here.


Sartay ooo said...

LOLL JUEN NIN!!! yes maybe.. soon we wll be the taller bunch. YES LA.