Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh Dear Youth.

Oh Dear Youth,
Where hast thou gone?

Indeed, I look back fondly at the past, with nothing but the yearning to turn back time and the feeling of wistfulness.

okay scratch that.
Ever since i reached 15 ive been wanting to be 5 YO. -_-


University is pretty much the bomb.
in a bad way. literally. Like a bomb.
And i hate how i get so emo. Last time my emo-ness never lasted long.
Anyway im going to be real random and rant all i want.
this is my blog okay.
my personal public place on the internet.
i can do wtv i want on it so bugger off if you dont like reading my posts. heh.

omgosh lor. seriously what is with him? it's like he gets along well with everyone other than me. Ive never even done anything to him before. he acts like im not there, he makes it clear that he communicates well with everyone and wants to talk to everyone but me.


as you can see, i am restraining myself from cursing. I always do it in my head but im trying not to make it a habit because sooner or later it will come out of the mouth and i dont want that happening.

I dont know what the HAY his problem is but if he is going to continue to be like that, I will..... PRAY FOR HIM.

So anyway, work is stressing me out because i have no idea whats going on at least 100% of the time. (at least being an understatement)
but hopefully after this weekend which i officially name "Enlightening Weekend" - as they say, children always live up to their names, im thinking this counts for weekends as well- though i doubt id be able to "up" my knowledge level in about two days.

WELL HEY HEY HEY NOW, nothing is impossible!

And about my CF, Im thinking of not going for it for a while, because I feel like im not integrating and not needed as a PERSON, but rather just for the numbers. It's like im not appreciated there. and EVERYONE wants to be appreciated (no matter how much you try to deny it, everyone deep down inside yearns acceptance. EVen the non-conformists seek acceptance amongst each other, no?). Meanwhile I will find my niche and my role elsewhere.
Since everyone there can get along just fine without me,I see no reason for my being there.
CF-hopping begin!

I feel no shame, even.
It's not like im skipping it though, its more like Im venturing out and visiting other CFs to see what they have to offer me.
Meanwhile id better make sure I do my QT consistently..... eeep.

Im still trying to figure out what is the most conducive atmosphere for me to study.

also i think id better stop buying clothes and stuff.
nahh. haahha! clothes here are too nice. and im planning to buy heels!! =D eventhough i prolly wont wear them, its just nice to have heels available in YOUR SIZE and not one size SMALLER because they ran out of FREAKING STOCK.
SEriously Malaysia, be more considerate of the bigger sized people who are born in your country, and dont sell everything in XXS, you have no appreciation for the variety and diversity of human beings.

boo you

neways. I have to wake up in 4 hours.
Dont know why im still awake.
im always awake when its not necessary.
geez SARAH.



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Vien said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA I can never get my shoe size in Msia too!!!!!!!