Saturday, January 6, 2007

fun fun FUN!

Woke up to go to dental appointment. Came back and started thinking what i would wear at Alison's party. Chose a black shirt and jeans. Ming Hui and Jie Cong came in the taxi. Shot off to Putra KTM station. And Tze Zheong came. took a poser picture by the roadside.. (?) Bought tickets and talked while waiting for train to arrive. Reached Subang and went to dunkin donuts. Ali's father came to get us and when we went there we immediately made ourselves useful by making signs ( some REALLY creative.. and JC made nice ones. JT made funny but some WEIRD ones. ME made picture ones. MH made some cool ones. ) Before that we sat on the rocking toys the ones that go back and forth. Fun! :) Then while they went a-pasting i talked to Alison's mom for a while before drifting for a while into DreamLand lying underneath a pondok in Holiday Villa by the poolside. They snapped photos of me but i was awake so it was half the fun of it out the window. hahaha... Then we went a walking, i went to the lobby where MH was waiting for ML. Then the church ppl came and we got introduced. Me and TZ changed last. And i got pushed into the pool by that mudderwatter MH!!!! So unfair. i didnt get to push ANYONE into the pool. Sniff. Then RUFUS the naked mole rat came. YAy. But it WAS kind of weird seeing the senior prefect topless. Then JT scared us by taking of his floral pants (which he should have kept ON) in the swimming pool and sent the horrified girls a-screaming. Fortunately, ( or shud i say unfortunately cos he shudve worn the NOT SO TIGHT floral pants) he was wearing his swimming suit underneath. Swam and swum and played monkey. Twas fun. much. We sunbathed. to get dry that is. Then changed into me new BodyGlove shirt and denim skirt. Then it was FOOD time and i was kinda hungry. But food was good. Alot of jokes made over the table. All the school and LEO club (except SENSITIVE BOY) and one of alison's church friends sat at that table. Then we went to the pool room to play "snooker". The boys played one side while others played some weird game. SOME ppl were busy DISCUSSING physics. lol. Then we all played this hu gets the most balls as in LITERALLY the SNOOKER balls and some fingers were bruised in the process. Music twas played and pictures (ugly-me) twas taken. After much fun, alison distrubuted goodies and we said bye to the church ppl. 6.30. Then we went to KTM station and off home. Dropped Tze home and hailed a taxi. Me, MH and JC talked in the taxi. And ONE of us will b willing to do SOMETHING to SOMEONE if that SOMEONE asked. Me and Jc nudged. seems like someone had slept on his lap before. lol. Dropped me off and now writing this post. All in all has been a GREAT day except for now straw-like hair, dry skin and headache becos did not memorise the songs. and have not done homework too. and i know this aint my blog. But this post is for all of us. :) byeeee... i STILL dont like seeing guys topless tho.


JingTao said...

lol, you really must change your view about topless people

yes. playing in the water was fun. I like it very much. When are we gonna do it again??

try paragraphing the next time?

sartay sarah said...

i dont paragraph and we are never gonna do it again. and ill never like topless boys EVER.