Friday, January 12, 2007

presents! =)

[EDIT at 5:27PM 13 Jan by JingTao] : reformatted and realigned the images to make it tidier =)

hey! it's my b'day in about 30 more minutes!! and today was so niceeeeeeeeee and happy!! except for the huge pile of homework! is rough n tough especially add maths n the science subjects! anywayz, got presents from friends too!! here are some pictures and i'm in the bestest club ever which is CARRERS CLUB!! =D

1. present given by sandwich!! the nicest present of all!!

2. alison's present...guess what's inside? hm..anywayz, take the pic of the wrapper since she keep showing it around and complimenting it!

3. jing tao's present...thx!! i like it a lot but kinda's in my room btw!

4. chocolate given by qi xian...thx n it's in my fridge. hehe thx u guys for ure presents!

appreaciate it a lot espeacially just for remembering my b'day! and i can't wait for tmr!! going out with my bestest fwen of all!! (not that u guys aren't, k) and can't wait for my dinner tmr with the view of klcc!! i'm so excited!! 5 more minutes!!
Happy Birthday to ME!! May all My Dreams n Hopes come true!! hahahahaha XD
good nite y'all n thx again!

sarah, the song was nice n wasn't bad at all! thx u...sob sob..i'm so touch! hehe



JingTao said...


p.s. the chocolate = evil plot by QiXian to make you his species [muahahaha]

JingTao said...

oh ya. Forgot to mention. Why you never use Picasa to make it briter?