Friday, January 5, 2007


[Published by JingTao at 1:53PM 14 Jan, because Sarah forgot to publish it]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BIRTHDAY girl soon to be.. ALISON NG!! the one at the FARR right co vering her mouth. keke.. WE three have been frens since form TWo. And i REALLY REALLY like ALison cos she gives life to everyone she met or talked to. ( CHEEKY MONKEY! laugh for no reason. tells jokes which are statements and leaves me and michelle * the girl with the book* sweating. virtually.) And she has a bubbly happy character. Some explosions of anger.. but that shall not be mentioned. lol. All the guys are waiting on the list for her.. but the problem is she doesnt KNOW there's a list so she doesnt choose anyone. lol. WE LOVE HER!! so we wanna wish ( ME THE MORE) a SUPERRR HAPPY birthday and a GREAT POOL PARTY which i will be attending but not swimming due to excess stress from form four therefore limbs cannot function, that it will be a SUCCESS!! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAL!!

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