Friday, April 6, 2007

good friday

today will be the BEST day of this whole week!! glad the week is almost over n today is good friday n my wonderful God b'day! what a lovely day! going to do lotz of stuff today n start reading a book (i hope) cos everyone seems to be reading a book n make me feel like a lazy bum (esp. u, sarah!) hehe...having a playful mood too! =p

by the way, yesterday was BAD thursday!! n most ppl agree with me!! the atmosphere was gloomy n started out with me being sleepy n someone didn't bring something..i forgive u! just that i was dissapointed n not angry, k!(that 1 i was just pretending..good leh my acting skills..hehe). some ppl also pissed me off when they were not supposed to be where they were not! if i get in trouble, they will be so dead! off with their heads! XD

anywayz, i like myself now then last time...being more open-minded n not caring what ppl think of me..i mean like WHO CARES?? that's their opinion n i like being crazy n silly! don't like being serious..not good 4 health! but there is 1 person...which i cares what he/she thinks..maybe that's why my feeling towards him/her is not there anymore. n maybe i would like to find someone which i wouldn't care even if i acted silly! someone who talks a lot n is active n doesn't care what ppl think of him/her. should i tell the person or not? this have been on my mind for like 4 months now n i haven decide! (this is what u guys don't see which goes inside my head) hmph!

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