Monday, June 15, 2009


So guess what? I nearly upped and died half an hour ago. Know why? Well. I decided to type out in full my English oral so that I could memorise it, right? So yea, I was done and had just finished typing the last word in the conclusion. Srsly. As I moved my mouse *imagine this in slow motion* towards the little floppy disc icon to save my document, all of a sudden, the world turned black.

And it wasnt because I had suddenly become blind, or fainted or anything. Nah. It was a blackout. For amoment, I thought I was gonna get hysterics, thinking of all the time I spent on that stupid oral only to have lost it at the last moment. Calming myself, I went to take care of my brother and put him to sleep (haha sounds like Im gonna kill him or something). So by handphone light, I formed shadows on the wall and spun tales and stories of the magical creatures of Iguwaawaa, the land of monsters who chewed off your ears if you do not sleep when you are told to. (It didnt work on my brother tho. boo. I personally thought I was convincing). I could practically imagine myself in those.... feathery tribal crown stuff with those...indian shoes thing and that,....sack clothing outfit. Yeah. Sorry. I dont know the terms. Anyone care to enlighten me? please, go ahead.

So then when my brother was finally drowsy, I went downstairs and put the candlelight in front of the bathroom door and took a bath by the candlelight. It was a new experience. Tho... a very dark one. Anyway, I just realised it really isnt that dark at night. When I looked out the window, I ACTUALLY - just for a minute- didnt feel afraid of the dark. Ive always thought the dark unleashed untold horrors. (no kid.) Anyway, I was writing some stuff down by candlelight and suddenly in my mind, I could actually relate to the people waayy back then who didnt have electricity. The pen in my hand transmogrified into a quill and a pot of black ink appeared before me. The book in which I was writing in became a scroll. O.O Shakespeareth era mucheth. Hahaha!!

Oh and the BEST part is- my parents thought I caused the blackout.

hello.. I may be a trouble-maker but that DOESNT give them the right to accuse me of all wrongdoing. HEY! I AINT GOT SUPERHUMAN POWERS!
*ELECTRICMANNNNNNN, DONT SHAKE MY HANDDDD, mmm mmm!!! (hums an off-key tune)*

It went like this:
*world turns black
*Voice comes from staircase
Sarah: .....ey. Look out the window. Whole block blackout lah. How can I cause blackout wan, YOU THINK I PLAY WITH WIRES AND ELECTRICITY AND PLUGS DURING MY FREE TIME AH??!!

Im out.

bebs bobs *fade

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