Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My Life is Indeed Average.

Short post, this one.

I was lounging around reading the newspaper when the phone rang. Lazily, i asked my brother to pick up the phone. After listening for a while, my brother shook his head at me and said that he didnt understand what the person was saying. Sighing loudly, I walked up the stairs and took the receiver from my confuddled brother.

Let us call her The Woman On The Other Line.
the conversation went like this:

TWOTOL: Hello. Good evening madam. Im from the @@$#^@#$%#^ (some name i didnt catch) company and i am doing a survey on the @#$#^#% (more stuff i didnt hear, i wasnt paying attention) on the technology support and development @#$#$%^#$ in your neighbourhood.
Sarah: Ok.
TWOTOL: I was just wondering if there is anyone at home who is aged 16 and above that i can talk to concerning this survey? I am only going to ask a few questions.

*Sarah thinks quickly*

Sarah: *Speaks in a babyish voice* My mummy and daddy not at home... They working...
TWOTOL: Oh... Okay.. So do you know when they are coming back? *Speaks as if she is really talking to a kid below the age of 16*
Sarah: I donno wor.. Maybe nine thirty, ten?
TWOTOL: Okay, thanks yeah? I will call back later okay? tell your parents okay?
Sarah: *still mimicking a baby* yesh yesh.. bye.

*Sarah puts down the receiver and starts guffawing*

And THAT is the story of how I avoided a survey and became the master of imitating a child's voice.
OOOHhh yeah. You SOOOO gotta hear my child-like voice. LOL

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