Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Serving of Pessimism, Please.

I'd never thought I'd change.
But Ive come to realize that, well, I''ve changed. O.O
Come to think of it, Ive just become an exaggerated version of myself back in secondary school days.

The only difference is that now I have one more characteristic to add to myself.
Im rather pessimistic now.
Funny thing is, pessimistic not to others, but only about myself.

I think life is full of disappointments and unfairness.
I think love is stupid and a waste of time.
I think friendship is fake and unreliable.

While you may think I sound like a TOTAL wet blanket, you should try thinking through every single one of the statements Ive just said. Surely you've been at a stage in your life when you thought the very same. I didnt ask to be like this. I started off as an optimistic person, but as you get older, things get more complicated. People of this world corrupt your child-like mind, challenge your faith, look down on your beliefs. You become more guarded and wary, less open-minded and trusting. The world does these kind of things to you.

Before you start to reprimand me for only adding to the despair in the world, let me tell you why it is better being pessimistic. First off:
1. You are less likely to get disappointed. - and when you are less likely to get disappointed, you actually become a happier person. When you have all that negative mentality in your life, when something good comes your way, you tend to appreciate it more. On the other hand, if you were brimming over with optimism and troubles and struggles came your way, you would most likely be wearied and depressed because these obstacles seem major to you, when to a pessimistic person it would be a normal thing.

2. You think more rationally. -Rather than being up in the clouds, always hoping and wishing for the best, being pessimistic actually brings you down to earth and plants your feet on the ground. You rationalize. You think logically. You dont set up for yourself an idealistic playground world where unicorns play and rainbows are found everyday. You tend to think more carefully, and learn how to prepare yourself for foreseeable situations. Hence, you are better off in life. If you just take everything as it goes and have a happy-go-lucky attitude, you will be unprepared for the hits and disappointments you will face in the future, and trust me, life is full of those.

3. Being pessimistic does not mean you have to look like Scrooge. Nor does it mean you have to go around dissing everyone's hopes and dreams. See, that's just a stereotype. A pessimistic person can still be happy. A pessimistic person can still laugh and play. Let's just say we're probably a bit more stable and firm-minded then optimists. No offense.

So yeah. Just a little (or not so little) blather and a rather serious-toned post on why pessimists > optimists. Sadly for us, optimists are liked better, probably because some people think their overly bright and cheery attitudes could rub off them if they stayed close for long enough.


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