Friday, December 24, 2010

Is it just me?

People grow apart. It's just the way it is.

There was a time when I lived in a fairytale. "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!" I said, really meaning it. I even thought it'd carry through. With all my heart, I wanted for it to last. But it ended. We grew apart, went our separate ways.
No bitter feelings. Just the slightly awkward atmosphere when we accidentally meet, having that awareness of how much we've missed out on each others' lives and how close we used to be.

Why does it happen?
What makes it happen?
Life, apparently.

This doesnt mean that I foresee the ending of any friendship I start. I just reluctantly know somewhere at the back of my mind, that there will be a time when we can no longer be how we used to be. So all I can do is cherish what we have here and now, and hope for the best. I may not be an optimist, but I see the best in everything only when it is worth it. I am aware of the possible future disappointments, but I do not see it as predetermined.

Sometimes, that is all we have left to hold on to. =)

Random interjection: When did my posts EVER get so wordy and....intense? GEEZ. GONE ARE THE DAYS WHEN ALL I USED TO POST ABOUT WAS FLYING PIGS AND GRAZING COWS. Sigh. I miss those days. But trust me, they're probably around corner. I can never stay down too long. What's got me worried is the LENGTH of the time I can stay my depressed and withdrawn self before I finally return to happy ol' me. I think this is where I pick up the Bible and start doing some REAL reading. =/ Oh help me, Lord.

Anyway. Ive just lost any motivation I earlier had to drone on about life and its mishaps and its misfortunes. Sometimes it just gets too depressing. It's CHRISTMAS FOR GOODNESS' SAKES. LIGHTEN UP. (sorry, talking to myself) So yeah.

And sometimes I cant understand why church groups have cliques. I know there's this thing where some people click better with some than they do with others but do they SERIOUSLY have to shove it in everyone's faces by posting it on my Facebook wall complete with sickeningly cliche captions?! Come ONNNNNN.


I'd like to wring a chicken's neck and then cut it off and then roast it in pure anger sauce and garnish it with furious herbs and serve it on an impassioned plate.



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