Sunday, June 3, 2007

Feature Update

In case you hadn't noticed yet, we have some changes! (follow the arrow, please)
Yes! Now it's easier for others to know that it was YOU who have written the wonderful post you have written underneath the new header. Hooray!

As the lead admin of this prestigious blog, it is my duty to constantly introduce new features which will benefit the rest of the members of this blog and also interest visitors to make them constantly clobber the admins for membership here at this prestigious, amazing, wonderful blog.

Yes! As you have just seen above there, we I have moved the post author and time to the top of the post, just right below the post title. This makes it easier for the rest of us to know who wrote that, especially when it comes to l o n g , colourful posts written by the gals.

In addition, we are now going to feature ONE YouTube video once in a while at the top of the sidebar to keep you entertained and coming back for more. Our first issue: Sarah's Additional Mathematics Drama. It's just unlucky for me that I don't have a video-able camera right now, but that can be fixed soon enough. Beware Sarah! JingTao will begin to publish tons of video replies to you!

Another new feature: The "You're Coup You Know!" Scoreboard.

Came back from my one-week-vacation-at-grandma's-house. For 4 days I worked at my aunts' stationery shop, attending phone calls, smashing the cash register ($), banging the Whoops! terminal and lifting tons-heavy mounting boards. That's the life of a guy in a stationery shop. Nobel-prize-winning novel coming soon.

Once again, the admin(s) would like to thank the rest of the members for their continued support towards this prestigiously amazing blog, and would like to thank everyone who has dropped by here to spend some time listening to our long stories.

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