Wednesday, June 6, 2007

poem me poem

MY POEM MAN MINE MINE MINE! its unexpected so if ur easily turned off, dont read it. :) ALL GIRLS OUTINGGGG!!

The Love Poem
As I was walking to school one day,
And dragging my feet every step of the way,
I bumped headfirst into a solid thing,
And looked up to see a human being!

But wait, what was this? A girl! A girl!
So hot she was, she made my mind swirl!
The wind was blowing in her hair,
Here and there and everywhere?

Her glowing complexion, shone on by the sun,
Her sparkling lips, beauty not to be outdone,
Her slender figure, in swaying grace,
Made my heart beat at a fast pace,

I stood there, stammering, my palms were sweating,
Of a witty phrase, my mind was thinking,
To impress her and make her see Im the one and only,
And not some peasant, of no class and lowly.

Summoning my courage, as she drank with a slurp,
Before I could speak out, she let rip a “BUURRPP!”
Embarrased and blushing, she said “Excuse me, would you?”
My smile widened and I let rip my loud “BURRRP!” too.

She giggled and laughed, and smiled a shy smile,
I made the right move, as I realised after a while,
Never so proudly before did I stand,
As we walked into the sunset, hand in hand.


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JingTao said...

That sounds like a first-time meet love story - way to go, Sarah.