Wednesday, June 6, 2007


hey y'll!! can't wait 4 sure it is an all girls outing?? if it is, YES!! anywayz, this holiday somehow seems very short n lotz of things i haven done yet! hmph!
had a crazy dream n all of u were in it!! LOL! jing tao too, surprisingly..n it was christmas n jing tao was giving us presents! then he said to me 'i got ure fav drink' and i said 'huh? i have a fav drink?' then he gave me the very big n heavy present which was filled with lots of cans of BEER!! i was soooo speechless and then....i woke up! haha..what a stupid dream!
second story...I'M SO IN LOVE!! oh my gosh!! i can't stop thinking about him n if u see me day dreaming that means i'm thinking about him!! hehe. nth much to decribe about him seeing that he is a fictional character! geez..why do i keep falling head over heel over fictional ppl! help me!! i have to snap out of this!!
going to fwens who i know them for life house later to do pastry things n i'm going to see the fwens who r not worth being fwens with! sigh! why is it so hard to forgive them? maybe it is because they hurt me too much! have to go there n put on my fake-o face so that i look happy!
signing off now! enjoy ure holidays while it still lasts!

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