Wednesday, July 4, 2007

According to the dashboard.. post is the hundredth post!!!heyyyy! aint i supposed to get a shower of confetti or something?? SERViCEEE??? Anyway yes i was sick, poor me. I felt horrid the whole morning until during Bio i couldnt take it and decided to go to the Sick Bay. But on the way there, surprise surprise!!! I had to vomit. lol.ti know i know disgusting, but really it was some form of food poisoning. Dunno from where wan... sheesh. so i lay there until SOMEBOSSYBODY said i cant lie there forever and i decided to go back to class. Second day of sickness was extremely tired and had to haul my self up the stairs like climbing mount everest or something lol. Fast forward to today, parents teachers meet, was a blast. I got blasted. Hehe. no la. my marks , a few of em suck and teachers didnt tell my mom anything horrid about me so im still alive. Now gonna do chem peka, add maths, akauns and MORE add maths. Boo hoo hoo what i horrid life i live. Tao just took off his braces and he thinks his teeth are SOOO white. *rolls eyes in disdain* WHATEVER LA OKAY. i know ur teeth is straight and all but, please, dont expose it to the innocent world. Must be the lighting clouding ur judgement. no la.. eehehe.. congrats la! :) off to slavery now. boo hoo what i horrid life i live, no im being dramatic.

cheerios cereal. :O

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