Tuesday, July 10, 2007

101 postmations

THE ONE-HUNDRETH-and-ONEth post!!!!!

And now, some revision on chemistry. Yes, dreaded, preaded chemistry.

'End point' is defined by:-

The point of titration of a solution and another solution whereby one is an acid and another is an alkali respectively is combined together in the correct proportion based on numbers seperated by a colon as used in writing ratios for mathematics so that the total number of hydrogen ions floating around the aqueous will be totally neutralised by the other hydroxide ions in order to produce lots of dihydrogen monoxide molecules and salt molecules which do not taste salty at all and also at the same time to change the colour of any indicator solution like p-dimethylamino-azobenzenesulfonic acid which is also known simply as methyl orange which will turn into orange colour to show pH value of 7 that is also equivalent to neutral as in not acidic nor alkalaic just like how water is to show that the neutralisation process has been completed.

Right. Has everyone passed up their PEKA?

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