Monday, December 29, 2008


Aite, im gonna make this real short and sweet.
See there was this incredibly smart , athletic girl i knew.. WAIT. WHAT? im making it sound like she died lol. okay. HERE I START AGAIN.

There is this incredibly smart, athletic girl i know. She was born 29 Dec. And she passed PTS. Knew her something like my whole life in church. HEHE HAPPY BIRThdAY RACHEL LOW MY DEAREST! im sorry i dont keep in touch in you and that i cant sms you cus im in singapore, but i hope this gets to you anyway. I love you !!! :)

Jia Wei, another talented CG leader, both HOT and lovely. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you tOO! i hope you have a gREAT ONE. ill never forget both ur birthdays cos like. yeah lor. HAHAHA. HOW TO FORGET MAN?!!!

ANYWAY I LOVE YOu BOTHh, singapore is great tho i have yet to try out the facilities as there is just too much to do. I have driving test coming up soon, planning to only start studying for it the night before as Singapore is too distracting, what with the multiple TV channels, sights and whatnot wei. CANNOT CONCENTRATE. ALL THE MELAY FORGOTTEN LIAO. HAHA kk off i gooooooooooo

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