Thursday, December 4, 2008

Im pretty much a noob.

PEOPLE!! I dont know WHAT I did, but somehow Ive managed to delete EVERYTHING from the blog except for the posts.... Soooo Jing Tao, RESTORETH the blog and just put some really nice red Christmas template for me okay? Ive kept on trying but to NO avail whatsoever. Anyway, JING TAO NEED YOUR HELP!! Chatbox, and all those links things, please restore them and apply the red Christmas template for me okay? Just ANY red Christmas template. With Santa and reindeers. :D AND THE CHATBOX!! WHERE DID IT GO!!!!!!! What did i do????? *sob sob sob sob sob*
So I've found my dress.... But problem is its the last one in that shop, and it looks kinda old..
So now its either I wait until NEXT tuesday to try to get it, or I go allll the way to Damansara Perdana to get the other dress. Sigh.. AND I really dont feel like applying make up on my face for the prom. ESPECIALLY. NOT. MASCARA. thats a freaky make up thingie. SERIOUSLY it just freaks me out. Hmm.. Ive got shoes.. NExt ive got to pluck my eyebrows (I dont see a need to, but mom and sis making me do it), find a bag, jewelry... andddd HAIR!! :D
BTW, get back to me on MSN whether i shud wear my specs or not.

TAOOO you can tell me too if i shud wear my specs or not. I dont feel like getting contacts. Heh :) BYE NOW! Thanks dooooddddeeeess. IM SO SORRY ABOUT DELETING EVERYTHING! Never will i TRY EVER AGAIN. >_>


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