Thursday, May 28, 2009

Heartless (loveyakris)

Yeah so I gave up putting them on my blog and turned to Facebook instead.


Ill give a short description here, then.
Basically, I woke up late (as usual) and Sharon (the sweetie) brought us to Shogun where we had a little short snap-session in the THEN empty parking lot. Walked to Shogun so as to be "punctual" so Jimmy wont dulan. It was jam-packed!! I was kinda taken aback. Haha. Truth be told, Id rather eat Mc Donalds. Cos im lame. >_> So anyway. We went in, and started eating! And admittedly, the food is PRETTY good. This Japanese buffet has some pretty good AND creamy mushroom soup. Which isnt what I should be praising a Japanese buffet for having. But anyway. It WAS a little too peppery. But beggars cant be choosers, so losers will just have to be soup-slurpers. I dont know what the heck im saying, its 1.15 a.m. and im dead tired, so excuse me if im incoherent. Anyway. I just put on 55kg. Nope, i didnt type the number 5 twice, I just feel that way. Heck with it. Then I went to the arcade and immediately got myself some tokens to play the combat game at the back alley of the arcade without caring where the others are. I was so SET on playing that game for ages k. Yes, im sad. Then i went to look for the girls, and we went to Deeper and Harder (I SAW THE NODAME CANTABILE BAG I SWEARRRRR!!) and FOS. :) Tried on clothes, the usual. And Sharon and Chloe found the clothes of destiny. Or something equally mind-blowing, but I cant really remember now because Im kinda blur atm. Oh and we saw some beachy girl pulling along some poor victimised guy, and they were in uniforms. Oh joy. Not related. Then we went to watch I love you, man. It was funny here and there, but overall a pretty much boring storyline. I recommend watching it if you have nothing better to do and have too much money to spend. Yeah. After that we went our separate ways. This outing was PRETTY low-key I must say. OR it might've just been me being dead inside. YEAHhh... that mustve been it.

so then i went home, ate bah chang (I could still eat okay.) and then went to play with my brother outside. Practised piano for an hour ++ and then headed to the TV for some more eye straining. Watched Mr.Siao's Chinese Class- a local show, and yet I recommend it as it is pretty entertaining-, followed by snips of Phua Chu Kang and then Life in the Fab Lane by Kimmora Lee Simmons (Haha love that show. The cheesy sound effects is enough to set me off) and then The Terminal on TV2. Tv2 rocks. Honestly. Anyway. The Terminal is a REALLY good movie. I would pay for that. HAhaha. Tom HAnks is da bomb. Honestly. Totally ended my day in a great note. But now im feeling dead inside again. Oh well. Will prolly keep feeling like this for a while. Till I go to PENANG! YES!!!!

Jimmy's cow makes a funny moo-ing soung. IT really just sounds like a cow on meth.

Like srsly.

And I just realised my description earlier is ANYTHING but short. >_>

bebs, bobs and teeny tiny tots.

My mozilla has just crashed three times. Record much.

Minging 535234266 (lazy press shift button)

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