Sunday, May 24, 2009

purely pictures. with captions lah. duh.

i like the colour of this.

(Picture taken down due to copyrights)
mah friend from holland laughing at my antics.
(Picture taken down due to.... well....funniness)he made those. he is.... origami-rose-tipped-ear-ed dude who has a weird hobby. of making origami roses. >_>
mummy took it. looks nice.
mommy took this too. really nice. like some dragon... or tiger... eating light?
neighbour's nice orange flowers. Which are prolly poisonous.
Barbie's Husband, Ken (his real name) and Rebecks.
Ken's Wife , Barbie a.k.a Clarissa (her real name as well )
Sarah Yong over-delighted at the appearance of garlic bread.
Galen. LAU. LAU? LAUU old d
Thanks clar and ken for providing such a scrumptious, high classed yet economical (?? just trying to make it sound more impressive) supper for CG. :)
Rebecca in lurve with tha chocies.

Me and Galen engrossed in checking out the selection of chocs. Greedy me already eating one.
The.. Thorton chocs? i dnno wht them's called.
Jorn and Fiona acting cute. FAIL. no la. pass.
This girl hor.. super naughty wan.. but super cute lor.
And weird thing is, my bro can put her at ease and make her not so naughty. she follows his orders. KOR KOR HAHA
Fiona ; 4 , Jorn ; 9
Now that im gone from HF, the job of taking of kids is passed on to my brother (*punches fist in air* YESSSSS!!!!) But he's doing a pretty good job.
She super hyperactive lor. Like she made of sugar or something
Swiss Roll from Serendah. apparently famous.
Moms yummy tum tum chocolate cheese cake.
I take bad pics of it tho.
My messy table. (the mess has spread to the floor)
Just look at the hotness it radiates. *melts
The outing at One U. I look pregnant. HEck with it. I dont care.
These "jackoons" (me included) taking pics of the Caramel Banana Waffle.
Whoa. CBW. look at that thing. makes u wanna die a little bit inside, eh?
top view.
Okay. so these two half-naked *wince* dudes dressed up as some kinda gladiator i presume, comes over and takes pics with us. ME and sacha declined lol. cos.. we were freaked out.
Like "WHUUTT the toot????!!!!" lol funny tho.
I probably encouraged them to come over by snapping their photo at first. my fault.
Chloe n Sach meh two darls.
a poor dead poodle, frozen white, with its corpse laying in the middle of the mall floor. We left it there anyway. It deserves some.. personal time. reflect upon its short lifetime as a poodle balloon.
Cool moving pic. i have no idea what they were doing. Scolding me for snapping pic?
Sacha and Chloe meh two darls. (yes they my darls. all of em')
Taking pics in shops which have "Pictures Are Not Allowed" signs stuck in front smack-dab in our faces. Yet we ignore it. Love the glasses.

I like taking pics of the clouds above. THE SUN. THE SUN. WAHH THE SUN.

Im so bored. That's just pants, that is. Plus I think one of my friends is a slag AND a minger. Minging minger. But today was absolutely fantastic. With knobs on. Heck. Im trying to speak like ppl in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. MY dad prolly saw the cover of the DVD and was horrified. I like their accent. And all those odd words they use. PANTS? lol. what... Naff....RESULT!! LOL. gosh. i love that show, honestly I do.

Niway. OVer n out. spend the last few hours posting these pics and msning in between. Its 1.15. Early, but im already tired. Sigh.. Should I sleep? ill decide later. Everyone around me seems to becoming either emo or dead. Why... why?

bebs and bobs
and tuts

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