Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Loved Outfit?

I can SAFELY say that up till now, today has been a SUPERB DAY.

Nope. I didnt finish studying all the chapters of Chemistry or something.

Nope. I didnt meet my true love. >_>

Nope. I didnt manage to pwn someone. Oh wait. I DID. HAHA!

many thanks to the great VICTOR. UR GENEROSITY was MUCH APPRECIATED!!!


I havent hung out with guys (oONNNLlllyyy) for quite a while.
so today when we set out to Rakuzen, I was surprised to find only Victor, Chee Keng, Nigel and I to be the ones present!

We sat down to order and chat and all those amiable pleasant things guys talk about. (sarcasm)
Anyway. I REALLLLY Enjoyed myself. :) Eventho i kept giving food to Nigel. They eat real fast. >_> it didnt help that my food came late too. Pppfffftt...

Karen. HAHAHA.

THANKS ARtHUR CHIA TEK TOO for handing me the chopin song MUSIC SCORE IVE LONG SINCE YEARNED FOR. THANK YOU. :) on the other hand, i wasted ONE BUCK because of my stupidity (related to the photostat machine.) oh well.

So yeah. thennnn today I wore a HUGE I LOVE SCIENCE Tshirt with Black pants and red earrings and a red ring on my pinkie. Im listing it out in detail cos it seems ppl like me best in that? LOL!! Odd. Lulu and I were suddenly on friendly terms, somehow. He wears lipbalm.
Im disgusted. OH NO NO NO LIPBALM Is machooooo... hahahahaa

Then i stayed back to see Sharon do her THANG (which she did, quite well, at that.) Anddd watch everyone else have dance practise... Left forty minutes before it ended cos i was getting sleepy!! Me and two other guys intruded on the practise. Pretty fun to watch. Hanni is a good teacher. But he gets lost himself sometimes too. -_- lol. funny. But yeah. If they didnt win for their dancing, this group will probably win for their hotness factor. Guys and girls alike all hot wei. (cept' lulu. but he's a hot girl.... )

And then i walked home singing aloud Korean songs and scaring Indian gangsters. (srsly..)
Now im here after practising piano...
And Ive just realised its Thursday.

despite my happiness...
I think im gonna die. :(

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