Tuesday, May 26, 2009

in the end

its almost 4a.m. and im going to college tmr. O_O and staying there till one from eight thirty a.m. oh.. 5 hours flying away. lets see what im about to do in college...


as expected, i woke up at 11 a.m. to discover I wasnt about to go to college anytime soon. Spent the morning playing piano and sleeping. ANNDD trying to dance. trying. note. i said "TRIED" okay. ppfftt.
Then mom came back and I had a smackilicious meal of pasta and rojak. Weird combination but anything works for me.
THEN now im in college waiting for the taylors placement centre in subang to fax stuff here. Bah.. Ive been here since two something. and now its like four something?? anyway. I bought the movie "seven Pounds" and am preparing to wake up tmr with sore red eyes and attend the lunch at one U at Shogun with other HB1-ers. Haah I worked up the courage to ask mom for permission to go to that as well as Sarah Yong's Canticle Singers performance thing. YAY. Activites lined up for me this whole month. Gonna be a busy bee.
Hopefully not too busy tho.
Ive not done more than two things that im meant to do these holidays on my to-do list. I cant cancel it off because its thing I need to do DAILY all throughout these hlidays. What nonsense. Sigh. I just realised...
There is no use in me acting cool because people became friends with me for being the weird whacky hilarious crazy me in the first place. Therefore, in conclusion, I should always act like myself. LOL. Im done with people asking me to be ladylike and sheet. OR QUIET. Just so guys will like me. Well theyre only bloody WORTH it if they like me as I am, RIGHT GIRLS? I dont have to change for anybody. unless its because I have bad qualities that will bring me down in life. Then that one, of course, HAve to ubah to daun baru la right... OKAY. off to check if documents have arrived and then just bum around while waiting for Victah to fetch me?? Im wearing a daggy blue Methodist PJK shirt and ugly shorts. and apek flip flops.

I FEEL SO GLAM WEI. I love wearing crap to college. it gives you the sense of rebellion and fighting against the law indirectly, y'know?

Yeah. only good lil girls like me do these kinda stupid things just to feel bad. Sad case. LOL.

bebs bobs tuts tots

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